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  2. Hello, today i have downloaded and installed newest version of ModPack, installed but problem is that many mods doesn't work even when i chosed to install them, they were working normal on previous version but not now. Mods that doesn't work: -Circles (maximum drawing isn't red, but yellow) -Lines (vehicle direction, camera direction) -Alternative minimap mode ( Alt to see enemy players name, nothing changes when pressing/holding Alt) -Default XVM hitlog -Damage log from XVM team -Efficiency counter on top of screen -Advanced info on carousel -Team win chance -Splash sphere for SPG -Flight time -Team hp -Repair timer Only few mods which i selected are working, i am using same mods for about 6 months, everytime i installed new version everything was working perfectly, but with this i am having these issues. I tried to reinstall mod many time, tried to use Stable and Development build, every installation i choose to delete caches, python and xvm logs and all previous mods. Is anybody else having this issue with non-working mods or is it something wrong in my game? Thanks for any advice, btw really appreciate your work with this modpack.
  3. I am enjoying this mod so far first time trying this out and so far learning to update it a few times now lol. Which mod is it that can turn this off its annoying as hell when I use a TD I see the inside of the tank yet when I try vanilla this is gone I just get to zoom in I tested this last night. I need to get this back to where it was before but I just used this to test it. Thank You
  4. Still not working with the port mods but works without them.
  5. 1. IIRC all that mods keeps that settings at appdata.... 2. If you saved mod settings from appdata then it should work.
  6. What do you mean everything else? Show it on screenie, also attach logs, see my signature.
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  8. v.9.3.0 #01 (08-04-2020): - naprawiono błąd instalacji paneli bocznych BADoBEST - akt. ikonki klanów [RU,EU,NA] - cofnięto panele boczne Hakabase do wersji poprzedniej
  9. v.9.3.0 #01 (08-04-2020): - fixed installation bug with BADoBEST panels - updated clan icons [RU,EU,NA] - reverted side panels: Hakabase to previous version
  10. During the game startup, I can select the Central US server (it's in English) but everything else is in what I assume is Polish. I'm pretty sure I selected English when I was downloading the modpack. How can I change everything back to English?
  11. Od dłuższego czasu: Około 3-6 miesięcy - Modpack - a zwłaszcza XVM działa mi tylko jak go przeinstaluję przed uruchomieniem gry. Jak nie zrobię tego, to pokazuje się standardowy xvm z WOT, a opisy przy ikonkach przeciwnika są lustrzanym odwrotnym odbiciem. Nie pokazuje szansy na wygraną itd. Logs archiver nie tworzy nic. Załączam inne logi python.log xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  12. Looks like it may be sporadic as to the overall cause. Hopefully Aslain can work his magic and resolve :)
  13. same, removed the "carousel extended" and that did not fix. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  14. I have quick demount unselected and everything else in port mods, must be something else
  15. I found the problem mod for me: Side Panels by BADoBEST v1. All the others I use work except that one.
  16. I assumed it was the quick demount, since WG made significant flag changes.
  17. Having the same problem, however Arctander's workaround did not work for me. Edit: I don't use Carousel Extended and still can't get into the game.
  18. I believe it is just the Carousel extended that is causing the issue. I still have others checked, and everything is working ok now.
  19. After a bunch of trial and error, when I disabled everything in the "port mods" section and was able to get in to the game. If it helps, these are the port mods which I had been using (I've left them all unchecked for now,) and the game is running again, though Hakabase panels aren't showing.
  20. same i uninstalled and it went. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  21. Ah, thank you!!! Just tried it, chose a 2 lane carousel, nothing fancy and it popped up. Obviously, I overcomplicated the whole thing :)
  22. The tank carousel or probably any XVM option should add them.
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