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  2. Hey all, I'm new to to Aslain and not very techie. I run two instances of the game on one PC accessible via single game center. In case you're wondering why 2 accounts...originally I started playing when living int he US, then I moved to Europe and was forced to set up a second EU account in order to play with my EU friends. As you all probably know, there is NO possibility to move an account between servers. Thanx WOT/WG...but I digress... I recently downloaded the mod pack, set it up and works great on my NA server...BUT when I switch to the EU account Aslain is entirely missing. Downloading and setting it up while logged into the EU account made no difference. I imagine it's some kind of default folder designation/setting adjustment...but what the hell do I know. lol Anyway, any help explained slowly in laymen's terms as if to a "special" person will be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Delete d:\World_of_Warships_EU\profile\userprefs_DamageMeter.json
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  5. I was thinking about if it wasn't useful to know exactly, when an aircraft becomes available while it is under maintenance (or recovering so to speak). Right now the only info one gets is a yellow indicator that shows that an aircraft is under maintenance. Perhaps it means it's at least half way done? However, this fighter could become available in 40 seconds or 20 or maybe 5. If I knew in advance it was only like 10 seconds left I might wait for that one fighter to be with the squadron. Near the end of the match it can be pretty crucial to have one Torpedo Fighter more for it might make the difference between 1 or 2 torps being in the water. So far the reasoning for my request. Do you think it's useful or dumb or do you hate CV anyway? (I wouldn't care for the latter, though)
  6. i had the same problem, deleted preferences.xml, update to modpack 5 and now ik cant see damage meter at all. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. Send the error log to WG, they will help you. My guess your PC as Aslain says, drivers or some Windows Update, check for new drivers etc and try again after that. If it still happens try the response that you get from WG Support. You are using driver 451.48, but is that NVIDIA Studio DRIVER you are using? If so, thats the issue @2022fff
  8. v.9.6.0 #05 (11-07-2020): - dodano Ulepszone okno czatu dywizji - akt. minimapka modded by juger65 - akt. Asystent - akt. Info Panel - akt. Status dodatkowego uzbrojenia - akt. Wskaźnik dymu - akt. Zegar wyników - akt. Damage Log [naprawiono zapamiętywanie pozycji]
  9. v.9.6.0 #05 (11-07-2020): - added Adjustable Division Chat Window - updated minimap by juger65 - updated Assistant - updated Info Panels - updated Secondary Armament - updated Smoke Indicator - updated Score timer - updated Damage Meter [fixed remembering position]
  10. Even pressing the SPACEBAR while in game, no options come up or taken.
  11. Thanks a lot, it works when installing in ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\
  12. Dawno go nie widziałem w paczce. Jest z nim jakiś problem? Wersja od auxilium jest wyraźnie gorsza
  13. Happening to me too. Stuck in "Updating Garage" loop after battle (first pic). Same problems as in modpack update v1.9.1.1_12 I posted about in other thread. Also gets stuck upon loading into game (second pic) Did Check and Repair in Game Center and still happening. Battle played with FV-304 both times, before and after Check and Repair done. Using Modpack v1.9.1.2 #02 installed using Deletion options recommended in Issues and Bug reporting guideline. Zip file attached Game works fine after uninstalling modpack! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. Yeah, because I deleted preferences.xml, still having issues saving damage log location. Been reinstalling the mods with the clean res_mods folder. Awesome, thanks for the information.
  15. Found the cause, path to file with coordinates hasn't been updated by the author, I fix it, it should be ok in next modpack. Passed this info to Modstation admin as well.
  16. As you stated you followed the same procedure as always, you are probably doing it wrong this time, due to changes. Your installation path needs to be: ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\ And no longer: ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\buildID\ Could you verify you are not selecting the bin\buildID? If you are only selecting: ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\ Then you need to attach log files if possible
  17. Thanks for the reply @Aslain How do we trigger this "menu" configurator then for either mods? I am unable to locate this anywhere hence why I created this thread. Is the "Menu" option broken/missing?
  18. Hello, upon a completely fresh install of wows, and also a fresh install of aslain's pack (the same procedure i had always follow, quite probably more than 100 times with success), none of the mods (minus one) are working, their setting maps even don't appear. The mod installed are: hackabase side panel all tech tree arnak dog tag remover disable chat by aslain matchmaking monitor First seeing that they do not operate (*) i have re-installed aslain's pack in previous library/wows release, so those mods are in: ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\2643263 ..\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\2666186 The libray ( ..\2666186 ) corresponding to the newest release of wows, have received the last installation of aslain's pack. (*) the only mod that is working fine is matchmaking monitor, probably because the program is completely external and started in an independant manner from wows itself. Needless to say, i will appreciate help to solve that problem. Thanks for reading
  19. Hold on, I found something, I will try to adjust it.
  20. Hmm, well if that happen even with single crosshair installed then I don't know, to me it looks like issue on your pc only. Make sure you have latest drivers and hardware for any failures.
  21. For me it's remembering the position, maybe reset preferences.xml, also in next modpack I removed obsolete files, who knows maybe it could interfere in 9.6.0.
  22. In protanki you drag that icons with mouse and pick your order etc. It's even described on screenshot you attached.
  23. Please show me screenshots from your errors, hopefully in english language.
  24. Thanks for the reminder. The repair seems to have solved it.
  25. I even updated to the version 2 of the Mod pack and it's still happening
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