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  4. Thank you, and thanks for all the work you guys put in!
  5. Thanks! Danger lights was what i was looking for :)
  6. Last Spanish Translation WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.4_03 v2.ini
  7. apparently it is difficult to see colors for me thanks for the info, it will be fixed in the next release
  8. On your screenie you have two different hp bars, one from XVM and one from a non-xvm branch, decide on one only. Proximity warning: two mods, Danger Lights and ATAC!.
  9. lol... yeah, + only goes so far I will look at those settings, but they sound like they are for they tank symbols on the mini map. I'm looking more for what the "Minimap Zoom" set to very large looks like, but without having to press a button... just being that size standard. With all my settings, it is somewhere between medium and large when set to max. I might just have to go with a lower resolution, but that will mean tweaking everything else to get it to how I like it to look again... thought it would be easier to just adjust the max map size. I'll di
  10. I'm experiencing consistent problems on two systems installing the latest Aslain WoT Modpack (as of 11/28/2020). This has been an issue for many versions, over the past few months, for me. I'm not sure if it's system specific (unlikely, given it's two systems), the mod pack itself or possibly the installer used to unpack the the mod pack. It could also involve AV or some other security issue that I haven't identified or worked around. Details follow: System 1: i7 9900k 64GB DDR4 1080 Ti WoT installed on an Intel750 u.2 drive BitDefender Internet Security 2
  11. When attempting to change the garage carousel LED highlighter, if I select RED it changes the highlighter pane to VIOLET, not red. Thanks, and I as a new user am loving the mods! Great work!
  12. Faktycznie odznaczenie etykiety Rezerwowy rozwiązało problem. Dziękuje. Pozdrawiam.
  13. Last week
  14. WoohO! Found the setting for the hitpoints, now I only need to find to "proximity warning" thingy.
  15. I've gotten the HP bars there, but the HP bars where as wide / same size as the "tank box".
  16. Hi. The mod has it, but i dont know how to set it up. Im afk so i cant attach until later. There where three dots that lid up when tanks where spoted in each "circle" of the minimap. The HP was mentioning the hp of the team and enemy team with like 1000/1000 and counted down when damaged. Had it before the uninstall / reinstall so the function is there, just dont know what setting to use.
  17. Attach screenshot and mark what do you want on it. The screenshot has to be with mentioned mods.
  18. Hello! I reinstalled my computer and unfortunately i didn't take a backup of Aslain. I've gotten most of the settings "as they where" but two things I cant manage to get right... 1. the "HP" of each enemy was a nice "as wide" as the tank name bar. 2. There where some kind of "counter" for endemis within each "line" on the minimap" in shape of dots, and the enemies within shooting view was lit on the minimap. What settings am I looking for?
  19. Please find updated CZ translation: WoT_cz_translation_1.10.1.4_03 v2.ini
  20. Try resetting activation tokens on modxvm.com Make sure you are not using anonymizer in game. If you've used it, it disables stats after 2 battles, and then you need to wait 12 hours.
  21. Unfortunately my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall the Aslain modpack. I can't get the in game stats back. I have the modxvm.com activated and activated the proper functionalities in the modpack (as far as I know). Is there something I might have forgotten?
  22. Hello there, i have a Problem with the Replay Manager. About 4 weeks ago the replay manager stoped displaying new games and i was unable to determine why. Then i´ve deleted all the replayes that were saved before. After i played the first game after that, that replay was there but the second and thist and so on werent. Is there anything i can do to correct this behavier? Greetings fron Germany DoomedSpaceSeal
  23. Zapewne zwyczajowo czogi dodane do filtra rezerwy. Logi mi sie tutaj nie przydadza bo to problem lokalny.
  24. Witam, Od kultu wersji modpaka od około 2 miesięcy zauważyłem brak niektórych czołgów w garażu. Wygląda jakby karuzela trzymała jakiś filtr który jest nie dostępny do odznaczenia z interfejsu. Zauważyłem brak 3 czołgów jednak filtr wskazuje brak 5 (134/139). Brakujące czołgi to Chiński med 121, Rosyjski light LT-100, Brytyjski light GSOR. Do tych czołgów mam dostęp tylko przez drzewko badań. Załączam logi i zrzuty ekranu przedstawiające problem. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  25. Po formacie komputera wszystkie mody działają winny już był chyba system.
  26. How about pressing + on keyboard? You don't like this method? You can always take a look these XVM minimap options:
  27. Is there a mod that allows for more mini map size options? I run max resolution and manually adjust the UI scale in the settings file. I am looking for a way to make the mini map at least a little bigger without having to lower the resolution or change the entire UI scale since I have everything else right where I want it. Does such a mod exist and I'm just missing it?
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