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  1. Yesterday
  2. Excellent! I didn't think I'd be the first to think of it!
  3. Mod is supposedly being worked on or already ready for release. 🙂
  4. Given the 30 day window to reset all the crew perks/skills if someone knew how, could you write a mod to do this for us with one click rather than having to do it for each and every crew member? I have 100's; I bet some have 1000's. That's a lot of clicking even if you do have 30 days to do it.
  5. That's best I can do at this moment: I have no idea how to change colors for the vanilla team hp panel and hp bars on player's panel. I don't know... but I think I will not add it for now, since I don't like partial results.
  6. i would love a mod that let me snapp the camera to where gun is aiming if i look around and it could insta zoom in like the shift key but looking whit gun centered
  7. Provided in chatbox: OLD_CAV_11_ACR_[A_F_1]Today 0:15 I found the file it came up this time. Languagespack_EN_TXT_1.20.0.7z It will be fixed in next modpack update.
  8. The shitty old mod won't return. There's a new one already made though 😉
  9. Yes...I'll be the guy to ask it. With the return of free equip demounts with WoT plus, can the mod also return? Excited for the days of limited credit expenditures to return...
  10. Last week
  11. You need to show the file that you're getting the 404 error on - otherwise it'll never be fixed. 🙂 Drag the window away, show what is underneath it. Or write the file name.
  12. Message reads: Download failed: File not found (404). check your connection and click Retry downloading the files aging or click "NEXT" to continue installing anyway. that the message I get any way every time I do an mod up so far #5,6,7
  13. I will think about it, but like I said, it's difficult to implement in current reality, yet not impossible 🙂 Poke me in a while, in case I forget.
  14. Thanks for the answer. And tell me, will there be an option in the team color selection installer in the plans?
  15. Have a read here, it explains which file you need from your WoT folder, and the program you need to use on the new computer, with the file you saved.
  16. i usually need to intstall the modpack to a fresh computer that hvnt install modpack before, so everytime i do that, i hv to select all my config again. it is hard to remember every selection i made. Is that possible to saving my config to a file or copy one or few files to remember my config, so that i dont hv to select all things again and again? Cheers.
  17. I was just referring to the fact that teams are often not balanced. It's simply a fact.
  18. Not at all. Careful the tinfoil doesn't squeeze all the oxygen and blood out of your brain. 🙂
  19. v1.20.0.1 #07 (30-03-2023): - przywrócono: Edytowalne zestawy filtrów czołgów na karuzeli - usunięto do czasu naprawy: AFR - Usuń: Style 3D na pojazdach [King Tiger (C) ze specjalną skórką 3D staje się niewidzialny], Automatyczny reset misji osobistych na Object 279 [błąd z resetowaniem misji drugorzędnej]
  20. v1.20.0.1 #07 (30-03-2023): - re-added Editable tank filter sets for carousel - removed until it's fixed: AFR - Remove: 3D Styles on vehicles [King Tiger (C) with special 3D skin goes invisible], PM autoreset for Object 279 [bug with resetting the secondary mission]
  21. In the old times it could be easily done in XVM, but after some changes to game client (and XVM) it's difficult, so I don't have Blue vs Red color scheme in modpack anymore.
  22. I still see no logs from you which is critical in solving problems. If you don't want to see 3D styles, it's worth to try Limpid Stickers mod instead.
  23. confirmed that Annoying Features Remover remove 3d styles is causing the king tiger not to show at all, not on minimap, not in battle.
  24. indeed there is no king tiger on the minimap at all. i do not have the tank, could you maybe attach a replay where a platoon member is in the tiger? + the logs
  25. No, I don't use the unique 3d styles 🙂would defeat purpose of removing.😉how this ends up also removing the maker from mini map is the weirded part , in the screen shot he should appear right in front on my tank, both field of view and on mini map.
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