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  1. Yesterday
  2. still no post battles reports greetings Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Is there any way to replace high caliber gunfire (such as Kremlin and Vermont) with the Shikishima gun SFX? I tried doing it myself for probably 4 hours straight and I have realized I have no clue how to create game modifications. Hell, I'd even be willing to pay commission for it if possible. I'd rather pay $20 than 32,000 steel. Much appreciated ❤️
  4. All right. Don't know when though
  5. Not really, you don't have to go that deep. WoWS is using a proprietary code generator based on bindings to generate the Flash code. Check out the tutorials
  6. v.10.5.0 #04 (17-06-2021): - akt. ikonek konturów: Radio & Hydro Identifier - akt. Alternatywny wskaźnik liczby punktów życia nad kompasem - akt. Licznik przeładowania - akt. Flagi historyczne z XIX wieku - akt. Flagi o historycznych proporcjach - akt. ostrzeżenie torpedowe v1 - akt. Markery wybranego celu: Czerwony - akt. Stonowane specjalne kamuflaże - dodano Arachne Azur Lane Modpack - dodano Odznaki w bitwie v2, v3, v4 [można je teraz instalować razem z ostrzeżeniem torpedowe i Markerami wybranego celu]
  7. v.10.5.0 #04 (17-06-2021): - updated contour icons: Radio & Hydro Identifier - updated Advanced HP bar indicator - updated Reload timer - updated Historical flags from 19th century - updated Historical Proportions flags - updated torpedo warning v1 - updated Target Lock Markers: Red - updated Chilled Special Camos - added Arachne Azur Lane Modpack - added Ribbons v2, v3, v4 [can be installed together with Target Lock Markers and torpedo warning now]
  8. BADoBEST told me today that he is trying to add a menu for his OTM, he is working on it, but gave me no ETA>
  9. I also use OTM by Badobest and I have a problem with the eyes. Is there a way to increase HP Bar and The Font (the use of alt do not increase them only adds player names)?OTM does not have a menu. Maybe there's some XML in which to increase? Please be excused if I am not very clear. I am using a translator. thanks
  10. The old version is discontinued, otherwise I would keep it. Maybe Alt markers is solution to you? It has own config where you can set the font size.
  11. I used OTM by BADoBEST for a year now because of the big fontsize and no playernames. I have eye problems and the mod helps me a lot seeing ship distance and name better. The new 10.5 version of the mod changed it completely and made the font a lot smaller and very hard to read. The HP bar is also much much smaller. Could you maybe add the old version of the mod as an option? Thank you!
  12. v.10.5.0 #03 (17-06-2021): - dodano Wielka biała/szara flota - akt. skórki RoTFS - akt. Prawdziwa noc - usunięto Odznaki w bitwie, Efekty trafień dział z Arpeggio
  13. v.10.5.0 #03 (17-06-2021): - added Turn all camos grey/white - updated RoTFS skins - updated True night - removed: Ribbon badges, Arpeggio Gun Hit Effects
  14. Last week
  15. hello aslain always thx for your mod heres the thing, currently on 10.5 update the ribbon badge are changed as numbers of hits pops out (like combo on other games) maybe thats the reason why Ribbon Badge mods aren't work I'm using v2 of Ribbon Badge mod but i guess other versions would be same please take a look at this what happened I always thx for your mod dude
  16. there used to be a default sniper zoom mode, but the recent version of the modpack doesn't have it, can you put it back?
  17. v.10.5.0 #02 (16-06-2021): - naprawiono Alt Markers - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain, Panzerschiffer - akt. ikonki klanów - dodano Nazwy statków w języku rosyjskim - dodano minimapka od BattleFrame
  18. v.10.5.0 #02 (16-06-2021): - fixed Alt Markers - updated contour icons: Aslain, Panzerschiffer - updated clan icons - added Names of ships in Russian - added minimap by BattleFrame
  19. How would I go about nudging the positions of the panels; preferably downwards? Everytime I'm in battle, if I have the counters for my potential damage or spotting enabled, they'll overlap the top ship of the enemy team; however if they aren't enabled the entire list moves upwards by the exact same that would normally be occupied by those counters.
  20. v.10.5.0 #01 (16-06-2021): - akt. ikonek konturów: Hualala - akt. minimapka od AutoSpy - akt. Kontrolka sterowania okrętem v1 - dodano Wygląd doków: Czarna dziura, Dorm, Twitch, Dockyard, Unreal Official: Miejsca, Operacje - dodano Wszystkie okręty na drzewku badań - dodano Alt Markers - usunięto kilka skórek okrętów, Kontrolka sterowania okrętem v2
  21. v.10.5.0 #01 (16-06-2021): - updated contour icons: Hualala - updated minimap by AutoSpy - updated Cruise control: v1 - added All ships in tech-tree: Exactive - added Alt Markers - added Dock appearance mods: Black Hole, Dorm, Twitch, Dockyard, Unreal Official: Maps, Operations - removed few ship skins, Cruise control v2
  22. The Full packages with the UI has been removed until are updated by their authors. You have to wait. No eta.
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