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  2. yes thank you i found the problem now
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  4. hello this very well the option that says % in the battle but I think we should just put that out the % as saying probability of winning the % behind the bar tanks in the game gets and so I can not use a greeting
  5. Please focus on one thread, not create new ones.
  6. How do you expect me to guess what mods you are installing in custom mods folder? Whatever you have there is not compatible or bugged.
  7. You'll find the information you want there, you need to save one file: \World of Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  8. Is it possible to keep settings I have selected in the installer when I make clean install of Windows on another computer? thanks
  9. Antywirus blokuje pobieranie plików. W moim przypadku ESET Internet Security. Również pierwszy raz pojawiło mi się to przy tej paczce. Wyłączyłem ochronę na czas instalacji i poszło bez problemu. Ach no i na koniec pracy sam instalator wywalał błąd w Windowsie a przy wyłączonej ochronie zamykał się poprawnie. Może to więc wina samego instalatora?
  10. Attach your logs (see my signature). I will check it in a few days, tomorrow is WoWs update to anyway so no point to do it now.
  11. My mod install pack version is v.8.2.0_11, and when i installed the crook UI + Ship Model pack, other models seems does not work, i cant see the ship expolorer in the homepage of the game. hope it will fixed quickly :)
  12. Depends on mods, some of them (but not too many) have a menu in hangar where you can deactivate them. The majority of mods don't have it, and to disable them you either delete their files manualy (hard way), or reinstall the modpack without them.
  13. Could you please explain how to activate / deactivate some mods after beginning to play? Thanks :)
  14. How do you activate different mods after clicking 'finish'?
  15. I guess, that the problem is with antivirus. I had similar, but I receive information, that the web page was blocked by AV. So I turn off (I trust Aslain) AV and instalation is OK.
  16. several that can not be downloaded
  17. Yesterday
  18. well its harder to spot noiw.... besides you dont have to use the drop-down menu to access stuff... IF you are streaming the ONLY thing you need to not access is the Inventory in the drop-down menu...... Dont see the need for this.....
  19. I'm getting the same thing. No configuration change from modpack, which behaves normally. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  20. what could be causing this in the hanger got a few custom mods installed as well and if i don't install mods from the custom folder its ok Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  21. During the DLC download stage? Could you provide a screenshot of the file it's trying to download?
  22. Good afternoon, I have that problem when installing, how can I fix it?
  23. v1.4.1.2 #02 (22-04-2019): - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen - akt. Ikonki klanowe dla XVM (bez RU) - dodano Pomocnik Misji Osobistych
  24. v1.4.1.2 #02 (22-04-2019): - updated session stats Yasenkrasen - updated XVM's clan icons pack (except for RU) - added Personal Missions Helper
  25. Folder still empty. Yesterday I played 60 battles plus some CW. Looks like this is not working. I know that it worked approx. 2 years ago with another modpack.
  26. Yes I do this, but it's a little annoying as sometimes all the mods I normally use aren't checked for installation.. it's a tedious process. This is why I ask as a request if something can be done, an ingame toggle to stop the auto mounting during Frontlines. Either that, or is there a mod that you can click a button and makes EVERY TANK in your garage drop its equipment and camouflage? Scenario: I lost my toolbox, where is it? A button to put it back into my depot would be nice. ;x
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