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  2. Complete skill tree with 14 skills for buying!
  3. yea, tried it but still bugged for me, dont know if the auto container picker i use effectt hat blackhole port, but thank you for responding, yea i can understand it can be trouble some when they do some changes and it causes the mod to do strange things, but i know now. and will just hope some fix shows itself one day. thank you very much for the response.
  4. Try it, it should work, unfortunately the mod author have not find a better solution, it started to happen after certain changes to the game client.
  5. oh, my bad m8, i didnt see that, i will try this out and see what happens.
  6. If you have such issues without the mods installed, and reinstalling the game is not helping, then maybe contact the game support.
  7. Yesterday
  8. i tried to installed a lot of mod by Aslains Modpack but now i want to uninstall some MOD that i have try but don't like it i already deleted all files in "mods" and "res_mods" folders but in the game Repairs and Exterior icon fonts is disappeared (also quit game menu fonts is disappeared too) i have re-installed game many time and hope it will reset to a new launcher that have not been modification before i try to deleted all folders about WoT if i have founded and use "check and repair" in Game Center to download new files i've deleted but still not working, the fonts still disappeared what should I do?, please help (and sorry for my bad english, l lived in Asia and english is not my first language)
  9. Ok great, if it happens again, you know what to do with logs etc 🙂
  10. I originally installed 0_10 where I had the problem. I uninstalled 0_10 and reinstalled 0_10 without problems. I got message that 0_11 was available. I downloaded 0_11, uninstalled 0_10, and installed 0_11 without problems. I don't know what the original issue was, but it appears to be gone. Thanks
  11. Hi mate will there be an update of icon packs soon?

  12. This is known issue, its like that since a year or so. No solution to this, but you can use a workaround from the mod's description.
  13. i have been using the black hole port, and i saw with this patch an old problem appeared again in this black hole port. when going to open containers i get a side view of the ship and cannot see what gets opened up etc. this has happen before in the past and this patch seems to have triggered it again.
  14. v.13.5.0 #06 (21-06-2024): - Akt. instalacji do serwera testowego - Akt. Panele Drużyn od TTaro [Dodano karę za strzelanie w dymie do dymku podpowiedzi] - Akt. WoWS Paint [Naprawiono migotanie animacji, gdy pędzel/myszka są ukryte] - Akt. Ikonki klanów
  15. v.13.5.0 #06 (21-06-2024): - Updated the Public Test server installation - Updated TTaro Team Panel [Added a smoke firing penalty to tooltip] - Updated WoWS Paint [Fixed a flickering animation when the brush/mouse is hidden] - Updated Clan icons
  16. Tekstowo mozesz szukac sobie w pliku c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\Aslain_Modpack\Components_List.txt
  17. Last week
  18. Tylko skąd wziąć ten numer jak nie wiemy gdzie szukać danego moda? Autor ma rację, przydałaby się jakaś wyszukiwarka. Gdyby np tu na stronie byłoby tekstowo spisane wszystko, to po kliknięciu ctrl+f dałoby się wyszukać miejsce gdzie dany mod jest. Sam własnie szukam tego znacznika, bo miałem to kilka wersji temu pod przyciskiem alt, potem coś się zrypało i czas przeładowania nachodził na odległość ( w związku z czym obie rzeczy były nieczytelne) i teraz już nie mogę znaleźć opcji z ALT. Przy takiej ilości modów wyszukiwanie ich jest strasznie czasochłonne
  19. Idk if you ever found that mod for notes in the hangar/port, but if not, it might be worth revisiting the modding community or forums for updates.
  20. v1.25.0.0 #11 (20-06-2024): - Wstępna kompatybilność z dzisiejszym micropatchem - Akt. mod do usuwania lustrzanego odbicia ikonek bez XVM - Akt. Zmiana języka klienta gry - Akt. main_sound_modes.xml [komponent używany w kilku modach dźwiękowych] - Akt. Zamieniacz dźwięków załogi [dodano dźwięki z Tankfest24] - Akt. Odblokowywacz wszystkich dźwięków załogi [dodano dźwięki z Tankfest24] - Dodano nowy mod: Automatyczne odbieranie nagród klanowych (od AnNE_DoMini) [mod #1287] - Usunięto zbędne zagełęzienia na liście modów
  21. v1.25.0.0 #11 (20-06-2024): - Initial compatibility with today's micropatch - Updated the anti-mirror for non-XVM contour icons - Updated Change client language - Updated main_sound_modes.xml [used in few sound mods] - Updated All crew sounds unlocker [Tankfest24 voices added] - Updated Crew Voice Overrider [Tankfest24 voices added] - Added new mod: Clan rewards auto claim (by AnNE_DoMini) [mod #1287] - Removed obsolete branches on the mod list
  22. I don't know, he is sometimes updating his icons but I don't know when. @GolKosh
  23. I don't know if I'm in the right place, I'm wondering if there will be an update for GolKosh tank contours icons? I'm kind of lost when I don't have them 😞
  24. Attach logs, and screenshots where I can see your issues. See my post siganture with the guide.
  25. Loaded Aslain for the first time to Windows 10. I had errors on many font data sets and some color data sets. When WoT came up the camo and clan icon were missing from my tanks. I checked the camo rating and it showed no assist for paint. Where do I start looking?
  26. i have no idea how i missed that checkbox lol, thank you for the fast response tho
  27. When you install such external program, check the checkbox in the last stage of installation, to create desktop shortcuts for the apps. Then you will find where they are installed and can easily launch them. They are installed to the game root directory, usually to own folders, but sometimes directly as an exe.
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