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  1. BUMP AGAIN - This would still be nice
  2. That looks fantastic to me !!! Thanks very much indeed. I'm sure she'll be thrilled when she see's it :) I have sent her the link !
  3. Tragic sent me this pic to use if someone can do it :)
  4. Heya 🙂 Something that MANY MANY people have been complaining about is the Tragicloss Commander for Team Clash event on the NA server. Loads of people are very disappointed that WG would not allow her to be in game wearing her Dino Onesie. WE NEED a mod that will change her in-game skin to a DINO pic of her 🙂 NOT this pic - This is just to show for those that do not know of her - If someone can do this I will ask her for a pic she really likes 🙂 Many thanks Zoe
  5. BUMP - Would REALLY like this now !!!
  6. Heya :) Please see screen shot. It explains it better. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Well there's files in there from 2017 so it's not a regular thing :D
  8. Heya :) Is it safe to delete all the files in "Aslains_DLC_cache" and "Aslain_Modpack>DL_cache" without affecting anything ? There is 500meg+ of stuff in there that seems quite old. Many thanks Zoe
  9. Hi there We (a group of people) are looking for a mod maker who can do something similar to what can be seen in the image below. We would also want it to do a similar thing on normal aiming in other tanks as well (not just for artillery). As stated above, payment is available. Please let us know a price. Note that the crator made by the shot is simply a red dot in the 2nd image. Many thanks Zoe
  10. I had been playing 3 or 4 standard random battle in the Concept 1B. Hanger was Hangman "Last Battle". I will try it later without Hangman installed.
  11. Game crashes when Battle Hits is stopped. Many thanks Zoe Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Yes I am aware that NA is v1.10.1.1 and EU is still v1.10.1.0 - This is not the issue. I downloaded Aslains v1.10.1.1 #01 and the file is labelled as such............. and installed it. However when I start the game on the NA server I get this....................
  13. Download 2 still has old version #1 instead of #2 All the best Zoe
  14. Download #2 is still giving us version 1 @Aslain
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