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  1. Download 2 still has old version #1 instead of #2 All the best Zoe
  2. Download #2 is still giving us version 1 @Aslain
  3. It works fine in safe mode though !!!! ?
  4. Hi Aslain I know this is not game-breaking but when you open the boxes that you get in the The Last WT Event, the modpack appears to stop the sounds from opening boxes working. I know this will probably be bottom of your priority list but on my stream tomorrow I will be opening 100 boxes cos I'm a CC, and it would be really nice not to have to start the game in safe mode to be able to do that :) Many thanks Zoë Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Bump - This is still wanted and payment is available.
  6. @Aslain Started it up. Loaded on the right screen :)
  7. I've never had a problem with the AV with Aslain's before ?!?!?
  8. Well I just tried WoT #17 and it's back onto the right monitor :) YAYYYYY !!
  9. Glad it's not JUST me !!! and YES - The progress bar does the same with me - 1/2 on one monitor and 1/2 on the other
  10. Well I have tried moving it and closing then re-opening etc etc etc and nothing makes any difference. I have even deleted the original and re-downloaded so it's a totally new executable and it still did it !!
  11. Thanks but it's not a windows thing. Not one single other application does this at all. Also I have Win7 although that probably won't make much difference. My main monitor is default for everything and always has been. The 2nd monitor has only ever been used for popouts e.g. when using OBS
  12. Just tried it but you haven't updated yet so plz ignore this screenshot which is absolutely worthless !!!
  13. I have a 2 monitor system. My 2nd monitor is rarely used, normally just when I stream. For some reason the installer has now decided to ALWAYS open on the wrong (2nd) monitor so I have to turn the monitor on just to run Aslain's !!! I've included logs but not sure what use they will be as I have not even run the game at all since installing #16. The previous version I had was #11 I think. If I drag and drop the window onto the main monitor it works fine but the next time I run it, it's back on the 2nd monitor again ! Many thanks Zoe Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. If the above is NOT POSSIBLE, another possibility (although a lot more work for us) would be if the impact point on the enemy tank or on the ground could be marked with a red dot for a few seconds after the shot lands. This option would require a separate quote please :)
  15. EDIT 29th Aug 2020: We now REALLY want to get this mod done, and a friend has volunteered PAYMENT up to a certain amount to get this done. Once complete we would expect the mod to be kept up to date and it WOULD be given to Aslain for possible inclusion in his modpack. I am serious - a PAYMENT is available for someone reliable to make this for us. @Aslain If you know anyone who might be interested in doing this, please let them know.
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