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  1. Yup - It's been doing this for months but I kept forgetting to report !!! I ALSO have the problem that while darkened it appears in the wrong place until I hit ALT and then it will brighten and move to the correct place !! See: https://clips.twitch.tv/MiniatureRockyTigerBCWarrior
  2. Ohh ok :( - So is the XVM one coming back or removed permanently ? If it's coming back is it likely in the next hour or 2 ? (I ask cos I'm streaming tonight !!!)
  3. Does that get it's settings from the original XVM file ?
  4. Heya alll THere is a bug in the game where if you have someone in your blacklist and they are anonymised in battle, they can avoid the chat ban and still send you messages. Therefor I am asking is it possible to make a mod that would block ALL messages from people who are anonymised ? Many thanks Zoe
  5. Must be. I have never used any of the sixth sense mods as I have had my own for years :) Thanks.
  6. I just checked my setup - Somehow the "All seeing eye" mod was turned on. I had not done that. I have not changed my settings for weeks. Is using this some sort of default setting now ?
  7. The location that Quaksen said, no longer appears to work. Many thanks Zoe Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Heya Aslain :) Just to let you know that none of the download links work atm. All return a 404. Thanks Zoë
  9. It's been moved to the bottom on mine
  10. Looks like the new update (#03) fixed the in garage issue although at start of battle the MoE figures appear in the wrong place and then move to where it is supposed to be after hitting the alt key. Here is what I mean about not being in the right place though .................. At start................... and then after hitting ALT button......
  11. Yup - But for certain vehicles this is not even REMOTELY close
  12. I would like to suggest a mod that calculates the percentage accuracy of each shot taken. It would display a %age on screen, where if the shot lands on the outside edge of the aiming circle, the score would be 0%. If the shot landed exactly on the crosshairs it would display 100%. Half way in between the crosshairs and edge of the aiming circle would be 50% and so on. The reason is that this would show the true accuracy of guns as in what we get after the unpublished soft stats etc are taken into account, and not just the "published" accuracy stats.
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