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  1. Hopefully you doesn't do all the wok for me... that's not necessary... i'm fine with the actual status :-)
  2. BTW: The counter changes after the first oponent tank is "scouted". So it is only a few seconds and further no problem ;-)
  3. No prob.. i can live with this "delay" ;-)
  4. It Works :-) At the beginning there is a 0:0, but a few moments after starting the match it changes ;-) Thx!
  5. Yepp... the 15:15 is what i wanna to see ;-)
  6. This combination (with PMOD) works So i think i have to decide with option is more important for me. A nice HP-Bar or a "correct" way of counting ;-)
  7. Don't get this combination running :-( The problem is the marked option. Game shows frags :-( Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Have seen it .. installed it .. ... works perfect ;-) The only "prob" is, that i cannot get these HP Bar running with showing "living tanks" instead of "Wracks" ... But this is another issue ;-)
  9. Nearly perfect... Is it possible to make the SLF-symbol in purple ?
  10. Realised :-) You're great... Thx a lot ;-) Time to donate again ;-)
  11. I liked this coloured Tank symbols in BO... is there a chance to realize it in another way? regards Rainlords
  12. No prob.... Playing w/o BO is better than playing vanilla ;-) Last patch it was XVM we had to wait for... I think BO will be fixed faster ;-) Still great work Aslain ... thx for that
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