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  1. It will not display the proper value to a non mod user. But sometimes it registers players when using 16km torps etc, don't know if the player is using the HP panel, but it shows correct value then. If the ¨sharing data¨ is only triggered if mod is install on users, i don't know.
  2. This MOD will be like MonstroMarkers, I dont think this will be allowed to use. Seeing information about enemy ships like consumables and AA I think it will be bannable. And this isnt someone will use unless they are CV mains... the demand is really low.
  3. redownload the entire game, dont transfer ANY of your files to the new install and install the mods. Preferences.xml, profile folder and game_info.xml can make mods corrupted. Make sure these things arent in the newly installed folder.
  4. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-086/ Fixed a bug which caused the rudder not to return to the default state in case speed was changed while the collision avoidance system was active; Fixed a bug which caused the collision avoidance system to incorrectly choose the route to bypass islands; https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-086/ The automatic collision alert system will divert ships from islands more reliably, with manual control always being a priority. If you would have read the patch notes you would have known
  5. WG problem, nothing to do with the MOD section
  6. command..... meaning in battle chat and to notify team mates? There is so such thing. But there is NO mod other than whats in-game and in Aslain. If you use the Royal Navy voiceover it says torpedos a stern etc. There are torpedo warning noises in the modpack
  7. Its the browser, I have had that to, I'm using IDM program to accelerate the downloads to max the speed. If you are using Chrome, try to enable/disable this setting: chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading
  8. The downloads arent slow.. just saying.. Takes 10 sec with 9MB/s, so no idea what you are referring to... its not like 10 sec is slow anyway, go back in time and try ADSL speeds then we can talk Modstation are doing the same mostly, but for each patch update not mod update. No idea if Aslain would want that, costs him money to host the files instead of adding a new exe file.
  9. Download the game again and try that. Dont copy the old files, start a fresh install, dont save files like preferences.xml. Make sure your drive and your folders have your windows user permissions.
  10. Its available in Hakabase v5. 20190715 #05 ↑ Side Panel-BADoBEST V2 (by BADoBEST)
  11. WG is redoing Jingles voice lines it seems, so this might change.. So this will be the original voiceover lines he made.
  12. The minimap was way larger in previous updates, it covered up to the middle of the screen. I liked having a big minimap since im using big monitor at high resolution.
  13. yea i saw, was about to say it. Too bad
  14. Also can you link the counters to the ribbon placement @Aslain ? Like before, that would be great!
  15. follow the directions... and you wont have issues. Basically you just find the folder where your replays are saved. E.g. C:\Games\Wows\replays,C:\Games\Wows\bin64\replays, C:\Games\steam\steamapps\21394762\bin\123124\replays And then select the folder where the replays folder is in. E.g. C:\Games\Wows, C:\Games\Wows\bin64, C:\Games\steam\steamapps\21394762\bin\123124 It's called 'ForSteam' but works just aswell for the non-steam client. Addition It doesn't work when your replays are versioned. If they are you have to disabled versioned replays. Either with the mod you're using for that or change ´<versioned>true</versioned>´ to false in the engine_config.xml If you have one in the res_mods folder then change it there. If not it's the one in the res folder.
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