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  1. its the same with v3 panel too. Friendly panel isnt sorted properly according to dead ships.
  2. Replays is enabled by default now from WG... so if you need to disable Replays, then the MMM needs to be updated. For me it doesnt work in either folders.
  3. Damage indicator + the RPF icon
  4. your error says profile.... delete profile folder and preferences.xml It crashes because it cant open your folder/files. Try to delete them then try again. Also make sure your HDD/SSD has Admin or Windows user access to write and read permissions the content of the drive. https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/set-file-folder-permissions-windows/
  5. No idea dude, doesnt crash for me... So there is something on your end or some kind of issues that I'm not getting. Redownload the entire game, then try again.
  6. I have no issues using Haka v3.. been playing since the update for 30 min to 4 hours, no error or crash. remove these mods: mxMeter (in battle performance), Team HP bars, Score timer, Move GUI elements #1, Zeiss Incline Then test, because I dont have them right now.. and I have no issues.
  7. thats not the karma system..... thats the news notification..... and you wont see that unless you open the tab.. dont see anyone wanna mod something for that.
  8. also should be under issues/bug ;-)
  9. I always liked R3D ribbons, too bad its not in Aslain anymore... Can you add them back? Icon_Custom_Ribbon_R3D1.bmp Icon_Custom_Ribbon_R3D2.bmp
  10. well its harder to spot noiw.... besides you dont have to use the drop-down menu to access stuff... IF you are streaming the ONLY thing you need to not access is the Inventory in the drop-down menu...... Dont see the need for this.....
  11. You have incompatible mods installed or you have edited something that makes the mod stall. Stil camera works for me, and I have almoist instant zoom, no issues for me. camerasConsumer.xml
  12. search for <StandardAnimator> <time>
  13. I have gotten the files from Modstation, if this helps adding it to your modpack. Crew Perks by DragonTM.zip https://www17.zippyshare.com/v/XftKSmwM/file.html
  14. I really want this in a next update! Tried to mod the battle_elements, were unable to successfully add it to your mod.
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