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  1. I enjoyed having it, easier to know right away when grinding lines... I have 364 ships, and easier than to go to modules of your ship to see your required XP and earned XP. Any chance you can add two versions of it in the installer to let the user chose? Or is it more hassle? Its this file right, that shows XP? markup.xml
  2. Hope Badobest v3 panel comes back.......
  3. remove preferences.xml or reinstall the game. Previous mods might be interfering with other mod settings.
  4. There will be a hotfix to the game, its the update + server issues on EU that I know of. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/128030-psa-0811-disconnect-back-to-login-screen-fix/
  5. There hasnt been ANY time to repair mod... Time that shows damaged modules until repaired is the GAME. Btw to show HP and nameplates in the game WITH disabled modules, you need alternative interface enabled to full.
  6. The dropdown has been there for ages... At least 4 years.
  7. Not what I asked.... The voiceline was extracted from the game and worked. But they changed the audio commandlines, so it didnt recognize the commands. Mod file was updated and worked.
  8. Think all of these have a server timer included.
  9. When using different mods, the settings from every mod can make the game either loop or not load any mods. Had it before, but you delete settings for all ships. If you still have the file you can add all your ship settings at the bottom.
  10. Well it is in the HP panel mods
  11. So I haven't seen this mod for a while, why isnt this still in the modpack? Un-updated or defined as illegal mod? This mod dropped out Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.8.5.0_00.... Why?? Its not listed in the changelog.
  12. Age of Empires 3D etc is working on the carousel, if you dont want weeb I mean.
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