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  1. Think all of these have a server timer included.
  2. When using different mods, the settings from every mod can make the game either loop or not load any mods. Had it before, but you delete settings for all ships. If you still have the file you can add all your ship settings at the bottom.
  3. Well it is in the HP panel mods
  4. So I haven't seen this mod for a while, why isnt this still in the modpack? Un-updated or defined as illegal mod? This mod dropped out Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.8.5.0_00.... Why?? Its not listed in the changelog.
  5. Age of Empires 3D etc is working on the carousel, if you dont want weeb I mean.
  6. Ship icons arent the same as the carousel. Ship icons can be added via modstation if you want.
  7. Crosshair works, you need to enable it in the game
  8. well you wont need a mod like that if you research ship for ship.. And if you want to use FreeXP its basically around this: Total is like 840K ish Experience T10 ~280k T9 ~210k Tt8 is 150k T7 is 100k T6 is 60k t5 is 30k T4 is 10k
  9. They can probably do something with the ship armor viewer that's out there and make GIFs of it, but extract 320 ships and add it... Takes time, and dont think someone will do that.
  10. Would rather have like World of Tanks, armor layout when hitting a target, not before shooting. Before shooting that comes with experience and how you are as a player.
  11. delete preferences.xml, there are files that store your information and mod information that screws it up. or just reinstall the game and dont move any old files into the new installed game. Had the same issue with damagepanel not working, its buggy files.
  12. Hi. So it was way back I noticed ProShips had an option to run the game at a higher process level, think the game was set at high or above normal. For me it worked back then and still does now, but now I have to manually do it every time. Do you know if it was engine_config or preferences/scripts that was modded? It was called in the modpack: Run WoWs with higher process priority
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