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  1. v.9.9.0 #03 (03-10-2020): - added ports: Twitch, Black Hole, Halloween Pack (2017/2018)
  2. Must be Regen, damage or class panel if they are up-to-date. There must be some lap-over, that either shares or conflict with shared functions. I'll try some combinations and see what triggers it.
  3. 1. Doesnt terrain hit when set to off, and collision set to off.. wouldnt that remove it? 2. You can edit the file, but use CTRL+SHIFT+Backspace to unlock the camera if you wanna see more around you.
  4. It is, tried different combinations of mods and HP panels, I have ONLY issues when Hakabase panel is installed. Without it, I can have my game running for 5 hours and still no FPS drop and no interface issues. Somehow that mod has some faulty coding that uses to much performance to run.
  5. its what you can live with.... radar range isnt that important... its muscle memory! Do you want 20 FPS or radar range? Until the modder or some fans can properly mod Hakabase HP panel... you are stuck with compromises. Your choice, make something that you can live with and hope someone fixes that mod.
  6. use BADoBEST v1 if you need a HP panel, have no issues with it. Its only Hakabase. You might need to delete preferences.xml because of old mod settings. @peppesbodega2
  7. because thats what that mod does.... remove it then........ You installed it, so you chose it! https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/100415-0970-multi-lang-replacing-pictures-and-names-of-unique-commanders-with-historical-ones/
  8. You are using mods that is changing the name and the picture.... And you posted it in request, not in issues.. and there is no issues, the only issue is that you are using a mod. If you want the names etc to match, remove the mod.
  9. yes thats only you. Remove the mods, do a clean install and maybe delete the preferences.xml.
  10. The only thing you can is to install the loading screen videos and make adjustments in preferences. <replayPromoVideo> false </replayPromoVideo> And you can use this login screen mod too it works. But it will take some time for the game to load anyway, because its WG. Kriegsmarine_pack_uncut.rar
  11. Its just Hakabase Combo Panel, it either needs too much performance or it has memory leak in it. Mouse cursor is so laggy you can see the FPS drop to 30 FPS. I have tried only the Hakabase Panel, after some time it reduces my performance.. will result in 50 FPS eventually. When using BADoBEST panels etc I have no issues, and do have like a solid 144 FPS after 15 matches. I know, I asked him, and he couldn't figure it out since he doesn't have the proper modding skills. And my PC is like 7700K 4.9ghz and 2080ti with 3200mhz memory, my PC is more than capable.
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