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  1. Hey! .. since Update 0.8.4 there is a new unique historical Commander, Nikolay Kuznetsov. This captain has - like Yamamoto Iso and Bill Halsey the option to mount an individual banner on top of the ship he is commanding. "Historical Proportins flags mod " has problems with those - incorrect images are displayed for the US and IJN commander - for the Kusnetzow the banner is completely missing. Choosing "Japan Navy flags" mod or any other flag mod solves the problem. Think that "Historical Proportins flags" does not yet include the Kusnetzow banner and fails because of that. Maybe update / disable the mod until the issue is fixed. Cheers, Grim
  2. Just installed ModPack v8.3.1#13 and tested it - mod is working again. Many thx Aslain !
  3. Ahh ok - will do. Just give me a second.. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. .. are you talking about these ? _Aslain_Installer_logs.zip
  5. ... unfortunately the "Return commander to his ship" mod is not working any more in Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.3.1 #12 (you can use its features but it does not save the chosen primary captain you select any more). It was still functional in Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.3.1 #11 so this is just a minor bug I guess.
  6. Ok - got feedback from WG - it is true that the mod frequently sends hidden updates using the chat - but that behavior did not cause the ban. I have just been a bad guy So - no problem at all with "team aware". Looked up the "team aware" mod in WGs ModStation (WGs official mod repository) - they also offer it for download so it seems to work properly. Ignore the previous post please. Cheers, Grim
  7. Hi there, .. just added the "team aware" mod to my via Aslains installed mods. Cane across a strange problem. Just a bit after I added the mod I received a chat ban from WG. After that I was able to see what the reason was ( no - I was not swearing , insulting or using any foul language ). But getting banned displays a message every time you try to use the chat and transmit a message. So I am able to see what caused the chat ban. It seems that "team aware" transmit informations that are not displayed - at least one message every minute when it is installed. You can only see it if you are banned since you get a notification lke in the attached pic. And this "broadcast" from "team aware" seems to be a violation of WGs chat rules. Recommend updating or removing it temporary from the mod pack. Opened a ticket with WG asking why I was banned - usually they send you a part of their server log that shows why. But since it is Christmas / NYE they need a bit more time than usual. HF - GL & take care! Grim
  8. You are Welcome. Glad i could help. Cheers, Grim
  9. Hi, .. there is no "page" about this mod - but usage is quite simple. If You installed it correctly: - Choose a ship in the port view (my empty Iwaki A for example) (if the mod works as it should you find a "Primary crew is not set" remark in the commanders location. - Put a commander in - for example my Iso - Klick on the captains options arrow - choose "Mark crew as primary" - If you go back to port now Iso is commanding the ship and the remark in the commanders location is "Primary crew already set" - Putting Iso back to another ship opening the Iwaki A in Port again the "Primary crew is not set" remark is gone. -> You have a "Get primary crew back" button displayed instead -> Click it and the previously chosen commander is auto-assigned. Quite simple. Hope this helps. Cheers, Grim
  10. Thanks again. Hope Monsrtofil will code a more compatible version soon. Would be nice to have a kind of "autoassign" bound commander to ships - just as the WoT pendant of this mod does with tank crews. What i mean is - select a ship - WoWs assigns the bound commander automatically. And you only have to use the menus for alternative selection. Well - lets see how this mod develops.. Thanks again for adding!
  11. Many thanks @Aslain for integrating simple crew in Aslain's WoWs ModPack v7.11.0 #03 ! Perfect work - as always
  12. Hey Guys, .. last version was incompatible with the carousel - blocked choosing ships - guess that's why aslain removed it in Aslain's WoWs ModPack v7.11.0 #01b. Just checked ModStation - an official version is now available for WoWs v7.11.0. Tested it on a plain installation. Installed solo its working again. Attaching files from the plain istallation. Cheers, Illgrim
  13. Noticed you released ModPack v7.10.0 #05 containing Monsrtofil's "Simple crew" mod -> downloaded installed and tested it - works perfectly. Many many thanks! Perfect
  14. Installed it via Modstation on a plain res_mods then worked with the 4 files downloaded - worked but only solo without other mods.
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