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  1. Means something in your network/computer is blocking the mod access to internet. Might be as well the lack of admin priviledges.
  2. Aslain


    Basicaly yes. There might me some tiny differences i.e. different ship skins, or less russian sound mods. I would say I have more things in certain mod types. If you have any special needs I can add stuff from modstation as well, there is zero problem about it.
  3. WG zabugowalo tak gre, i musza to sami naprawic.
  4. When it's installed as administrator the game has to be launched as the one as well. Otherwise certain mods may fail to run.
  5. Jaki blad? Paczka ma sie dobrze, najpewniej blad spowodowany lokalnym komputerem, czyli oprogramowanie, antywir, itp itd. Paczke robi jedna osoba, nikt wiecej :)
  6. v1.6.0.1 #01 (19-08-2019): - akt. XVM 8.0.1 [9291] - akt. Ostatnie Trafienia - akt. Wszystkich modow od Oldskoola, CHAMPi, Rajcela - akt. Statystyki sesji Awfultanker
  7. v1.6.0.1 #01 (19-08-2019): - updated XVM 8.0.1 [9291] - updated Final Shot - updated Awfultanker Session Stats - updated all mods by Oldskool, CHAMPi, Rajcel
  8. Download thread has been hidden for now until I resolve the not working XVM
  9. v1.6.0.1 #00 (19-08-2019): - wstępna kompatybilność z WoT - akt. Powiększony limit wyświetlanych modułów
  10. v1.6.0.1 #00 (19-08-2019): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated Tooltips Count Items Limit Extend
  11. Advanched Tech-Tree mod is in the modpack.
  12. v.8.6.0 #06 (18-08-2019): - akt. ikonek konturów: Panzerschiffer, Aslain - akt. mxstat - przepakowano plik z portem Submarine Hub
  13. v.8.6.0 #06 (18-08-2019): - updated contour icons: Aslain, Panzerschiffer - updated mxstat - re-packed port Submarine Hub
  14. W podpisie posta jest info.
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