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  1. You have to find out yourself, there is too many mods to tell anything for sure.
  2. No solution. Maybe try to not play with mods in epic battles.
  3. Unable to reproduce, loaded same mods and I can connect.
  4. v.9.4.0 #10 (27-05-2020): - akt. Stingy by Default - akt. Usuń wszystkie flagi sygnałowe ze wszystkich okrętów - akt. minimapka by AutoSpy - akt. Alternatywny wskaźnik liczby punktów życia nad kompasem - akt. Szybki dostęp do flag sygnałowych - akt. ikonki klanów [EU,RU] - naprawiono: symulacja morza: duże fale + Okulary antyodblaskowe + Usuwanie mgły
  5. v.9.4.0 #10 (27-05-2020): - updated Stingy by Default - updated Demount All Signals from All Ships - updated minimap by AutoSpy - updated Advanced HP bar indicator - updated Quick access to signals - updated clan icons [EU,RU] - fixed sea simulation: Big Waves + Anti-glare + No Fog
  6. Thank you, found and fixed a bug thanks to you. Please wait for new modpack.
  7. Please follow up the guide from my signature, once I have your logs I can check the problem. The best is to run wows logs archiver app, and attach the zip it creates.
  8. If it were possible it would not introduce what introduced.
  9. It's already included in the latest modpack.
  10. v1.9.0.3 #06 (26-05-2020): - updated Show own hp bar on the bottom of battle UI - updated contour icons: man1aq, Hawg [corrected wrong icons], Aslain [corrected too small tank names], Nikodemsky - added Bud Spencer crew voices [DE]
  11. Team panel is right, there is one more wrong icon on your player's panel: it's Pz. S35 which is medium tank.
  12. Ok, that has been fixed too, after your recent report.
  13. Fixed, I will include updated version in next modpack.
  14. Here is the website: https://proships.ru/stat/main/ PR would be more or less like this: < 900 - Very bad < 1300 - Bad < 1700 - Normal < 2100 - Good < 2500 - Very good < 3000 - Unicum
  15. Addon author gave me some solution, that may fix it for you all. Try to edit elements.xc and replace the line with consumables with this one: {"consumablesPanel": {"$delay": 6000, "$interval": 5000, "y": "{{py:math.sub({{py:xvm.screenHeight}}, 80)}}" }}, It will force the new position every 5 seconds, shouldn't hit fps too much.
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