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  1. v.10.1.0 #11 (02-03-2021): - updated Advanced HP bar indicator
  2. v.10.1.0 #11 (02-03-2021): - akt. Alternatywny wskaźnik liczby punktów życia nad kompasem
  3. Thanks. I will look at it next month ok? I already tried to make it but started to feel bad. I'm very sick and even making a modpack update 1.12.0 on 0day will be challenging or impossible.
  4. Auto-logowanie w WoWs dziala mi poprawnie, takze jak cos to pisz do supportu WG.
  5. The consumables files from the topic you linked are from may and august 2020.
  6. v.10.1.0 #10 (27-02-2021): - updated Gun calibers in millimeters and inches - updated contour icons: Aslains, Hualala - updated clan icons - added Ribbons v2
  7. v.10.1.0 #10 (27-02-2021): - akt. Kaliber dział w milimetrach i calach - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslains. Hualala - akt. ikonki klanów - dodano Odznaki w bitwie v2
  8. Installed same mods it appeared for me, try to delete preferences.xml (it will reset all your game settings).
  9. Hard to tell, but it may take very long time to remove all signals if you have them mounted on a lot of ships.
  10. Please be more descriptive, add screenies etc.
  11. v.10.1.0 #09 (22-02-2021): - akt. Kaliber dział w milimetrach i calach [by Odo_Toothless] - akt. Czasomierz ostrzału [naprawiono wieszanie się gry przy uruchamianiu powtórki] - akt. Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface - akt. ikonki klanów - rozdzielono Powrót kapitana do swojego okrętu i kapitanowie w pokoju treningowym na dwa osobne mody
  12. v.10.1.0 #09 (22-02-2021): - added Gun calibers in millimeters and inches [by Odo_Toothless] - updated Shot Timer [fixed crashing when launching replays] - updated Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface - updated clan icons - splitted Improved Primary Crew and Crew in training room into two separate mods
  13. Somewhat I doubt they would agree for something like that. :(
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