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  1. Plik damagelog.xc, "enabled": true, zmienic na "enabled": false,
  2. OK, usune ikonke w kolejnej paczce.
  3. W logach nie ma bledow. Proponuje zagrac bez ATAC!, ten mod niektorym osobom robil problemy. Ponadto upewnij sie ze masz aktualne drivery i sprawd czy gra bez modow tez nie robi problemow.
  4. Zalacz logi (info w podpisie posta). W ktorym momencie wyrzuca z gry dokladnie, czy objawia sie to jakimis komunikatami?
  5. XVM is downloading icons to that folder too AFAIR, but only top clans. There is zero chance that you got them from the modpack, if you unchecked them. Attach me new logs.
  6. Looks like it's caused by this: 2019-04-20 12:35:15.707: CRITICAL: [Exception] [Compound] Failed to load model vehicles/russian/R108_T34_85M/normal/lod0/Chassis.model! Compound building failed! You're not installing any tank skin. Maybe your game files got corrupted, perform game files check.
  7. Sprawdz czy czasem cos nie blokuje polaczenia, bo np. blad 404 powodowaly niektore regorystyczne ustawienia routerow u uzytkownikow, wiec nie zdziwilbym sie ze 403 moze tez. Ew. uzyj jakiegos VPNa, zwykle pomaga w problemach z polaczeniami. np. darmowy windscribe.
  8. Attach proper logs, see my signature.
  9. Unchecking is removing the mod, as long as you proceed with the re-installation, not just open the installer and uncheck it, then terminate the installer. It's also mandatory to check option to remove previously installed mods.
  10. v.8.2.0 #12 (19-04-2019): - akt. Zaawansowana Minimapka - akt. ikonek klanów
  11. v.8.2.0 #12 (19-04-2019): - updated Minimap Extended - updated clan icons
  12. I put your two zips the custom folder and both were installed including atlas files you mentioned.
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