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  1. I couldnt reproduce it, logs weren't conclusive in this issue.
  2. Attach logs, see my signature, show a screenie from a garage and battle with proof that selected mods don't work. Triple check if you're installing the mods to the proper destination folder and if you have more game instances in Wargaming Game Center, if you have more WoT installed, delete them and keep one only. Go to Game Settings in WGC and select Show show folder, and make a screenie of the whole window that will open.
  3. The installer is not bugged, so it has to be your pc, maybe you are installing a very big mod, like Crooks Modpack, which takes a lot of time to unpack to slow computers.
  4. No idea, you have weird extensive spam of INFO in python, and some errors, probably from XVM, but what is causing them, I dont know...
  5. There is nothing to worry, all these warnings are kind of false-positive, av don't like mechanizms used to display ads, like some javascript and showing these notifications.
  6. There were no changes to sounds in recent updates, so it's your pc doing this to you, not any particular modpack version
  7. To juz wina samego moda, ale mam pewien pomysl. Skasuj plik ContourIcons_Radio_and_Hydro_Identifier_9.11.0.7z i przeinstaluj paczkę.
  8. mods are made for 1080p only, with some luck they can work with 4K but not everything will be positioned correctly as you can see. You may have to edit mods positions manualy, if they are provided with a config and positionig options. For the clock mod take a look at: mods\configs\AntonVK\configHangarClock.xml, as for hangman: mods\configs\HangMan\button.json
  9. To nie blad, musisz wejsc w opcje paneli ktore zainstalowas, czyli Badobesta i tam kliknac na jedna opcje ktora sprawi ze sie odwroca ikonki. Menu tego moda masz na zebatce kolo pingow.
  10. Nie wydaje mi sie zeby zmiany w modpacku #18 moga takie cos powodowac, raczej problem lokalny, moze cos skanuje pliku i spowalnia wczytywanie.
  11. v.9.12.0 #06 (13-01-2021): - updated Improved Chat by BADoBEST [fixed issues with player messages] - updated clan icons - fixed missing images in Camouflage Filters & Save/Load signals
  12. v.9.12.0 #06 (13-01-2021): - akt. Ulepszony Chat od BADoBEST [naprawiono problem z wiadomościami graczy] - akt. ikonki klanów - naprawiono brakujące obrazki w Filtry kamuflażu i Zapis/Ładowanie flag sygnałowych
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