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  1. Uninstalling the game is too much, in the worst case just launch the game in the safe mode (in WGC), it will load the game without mods, or reinstall the modpack without given mod, there is no other way saddly. You can also backup the spaces folder in res_mods for both types of waves, and if you are then copy it over manually depending if you like the big waves or small waves, it requires some manual work.
  2. No news, well you can install both mods manualy, but there is a conflict and the signals mod will get bugged, so I will not allow for this in the modpack. You can ask Ollin about it: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/119001-01010x-enderupl-port-interface-mod-modsapimodsinstaller/?page=6
  3. v.10.10.0 #19 (02-12-2021): - akt. Panele boczne: BADoBEST v1 - akt. ikonki klanów - dodano celownik statyczny: Horizon
  4. v.10.10.0 #19 (02-12-2021): - updated Side Panels: BADoBEST v1 - updated clan icons - added static crosshair: Horizon
  5. No, you are installing Shura minimap that's why XVM miniamap is unchecked, I just explained you earlier 🙂 Playing and installing as admin is mandatory.
  6. You are installing Shura's minimap mod, that is canceling any choices in the XVM minimap, I don't recommend playing with Shura minimap, it's very old and outdated mod, use XVM minimap but saddly it's the only way to display various types of the minimap images. Nothing can be done if the 50m circle isn't working there anymore that mod is dying... If you are installing XVM, then use XVM's crew return, no need to install external mods like the one from Oldskool. Are you installing and playing as admin? I saw connection issues, something there is blocking the connection for some mods, it may cause problems with various mods.
  7. v1.14.1.4 #03 (02-12-2021): - akt. Arty Log - akt. Ikonki klanowe dla XVM [NA, EU, ASIA] - akt. Marker przyjaciół - dodano opcję 2-rzędowej karuzeli do moda Trików
  8. v1.14.1.4 #03 (02-12-2021): - updated Arty Log - updated XVM's full clan icons pack [NA, EU, ASIA] - updated Friends Marker - added 2 rows carousel option to the Tricks
  9. Did you read the guide? Please run the wot logs archiver and attach the zip here.
  10. Nope it's not that, please read carefully the info that is in the link from my signature. Also attach proof that it's not working, like a screenie from the battle + replay from this battle.
  11. Attach logs first, I will try to search for potential errors. Howeve keep in mind that this mod comes from a 3rd party modpack, and all I can do is to pay attention to keep it up-to-date and that's it.
  12. W zasadzie to dodam tylko 2, bo 1 to bez sensu gdyz tyle to sama gra ma, i mod nie potrzebny, 2 to tez minimalna wartosc dla kompaktowej karuzeli.
  13. Ok w tym przypadku w kolejnym modpacku dodam 1 i 2 rzedy do trikow, zeby kazdy byl zadowolony 🙂
  14. W modpacku, wybierz jedna linie i kompaktowa karuzele, po to jest instalator aby nic samemu nie edytowac w jakichs plikach.
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