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  1. If you are talking about that compatibility issues with XVM, you cannot do anything. Either don't use XVM or BO.
  2. It's old modpack. Try latest one (#02 atm), and generate new logs if problem occurs.
  3. Guys try new modpack #02. @Pius Please don't attach separate files, I only need one zipped one, not anything else.
  4. Get new modpack, Awfultanker Session Stats has been fixed. It was authors fault.
  5. Try latest modpack, and generate new logs with that after the problem occurs.
  6. v1.5.1.1 #02 (16-06-2019): - akt. Statystyki sesji Awfultanker (autor naprawił kryczyny błąd) - akt. skórki M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (by Avalon) - usunięto zawieszający się dodatek "wieża z dodatkowym opancerzeniem" do skina Centurion Action X - te same znane problemy jak poprzednio
  7. v1.5.1.1 #02 (16-06-2019): - updated Awfultanker Session Stats (author fixed critical bug) - updated skin M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (by Avalon) - removed outdated turret with Spaced Armor addon for Centurion Action X "Dreadnaught" skin - same known issues as before
  8. Sadly the game crash reporst are useless. Are you installing any tank skins?
  9. Centurion Action X "Dreadnaught" (Avalon) turret with Spaced Armor The Crash is caused by that spaced armor addon.
  10. bugged Awfultanker Session Stats [EN]
  11. Without logs it's not possible to help. Try to reduce mods amount.
  12. Really? In your logs I see that Awfultanker tanker session stats produces some errors. I read in Awfultanker topic that his mod was causing this problem, and he fixed it, so I will include that fix in next modpack.
  13. Nalezy nie instalowac Battle Observer.
  14. I still updated skin T-54 > T-54AM since I had an older version in the modpack.
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