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  1. v.8.1.1 #07 (25-03-2019): - dodano nowy mod Perki załogi w bitwie (by BADoBEST) (mod ten zastępuje podobny mod z sekcji Panel informajci o okręcie) - dodano nowy mod pod sekcją OTM: Asystent (by BADoBEST) - dodano nowy mod dla portu: Szybki dostęp do flag sygnałowych (by AutoSpy) - akt. ikonek klanów - akt. mxstat - usunięto opcje z sekcji Panel informacji o okręcie (wybierz moda ponownie)
  2. v.8.1.1 #07 (25-03-2019): - added new mod: Crew perks in battle (by BADoBEST) (that mod is a replacement to similar mod from Ship parameters panel) - added new mod under the OTM section: Assistant (by BADoBEST) - added new mod for port: Quick access to signals (by AutoSpy) - updated clan icons - updated mxstat - removed section from Ship parameters panel (select this mod again)
  3. I never said YK update will fix your issue. ;) btw. attach logs, it's impossible to check it without them.
  4. Aslain

    Game resource path does not exist

    Yup, it's under the spoiler bar. One note, if you are using XVM sight, you have to install XVM Shell speed otherwise it will load default XVM. I fixed it in
  5. Aslain

    Game resource path does not exist

    Download proper modpack for your region which is not like you installed.
  6. I really feels like to remove BO completly from the modpack. This mod is in neverending beta, and the author doesn't care for the compatibility with other mods.
  7. Nie wiem. Ja nic nie zmienialem takiego. Jedyne co usunalem w pacze #06 to pamietanie ostatniego servera, bo przestalo dzialac, tak jak napisali devsi XVM w ostatnim dzienniku zmian.
  8. Aslain

    virus in mod

    it TOTALY DOESN'T MATTER if someone had no such issues before, seriously, it's not a factor. It's like Quaksen said. Various antivirs throws a false-positives from time to time and it's totaly normal too. They are simply using a heuristics which is known from a false-positives. Imagine it like you are having similar face to a thief, the police is searching for him and since your face is similar they will keep harrasing you nonstop or even try to lock you up ;) The installer has a new "face" with every update, and sometimes that face is matching a malware in av's definition database. So basicaly with every update of modpack the AV may stop thinking of it as a virus or trojan or whatever, but also with each modpack update it may start to throw a false-positives too.
  9. That YK tank panel has been re-enabled in newest modpack. The author of YK turned it off intentionaly. Ask him why ;)
  10. It's WG spam, they added it to debugging in As for BO errors, nothing really can do about it. Should have been reported to Armagoman too, on ru forums. I don't talk with him.
  11. You still have few errors, most of them are somewhat related to Battle Observer and some entry about XVM profile. So maybe try to remove it for now. Tried to wipe out XVM caches btw?
  12. v1.4.1.0 #06 (24-03-2019): - akt. ikonek konturów: Man1aq (wojtus11), Nikodemsky - akt. Pokazuj panel napraw na środku ekranu po wciśnięciu L.CTRL (XVM) - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen - dodano Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky - usunięto niedziałające opcje XVM: Pokaż Guziki z cenami czołgów na drzewku rozwoju i badaniach, Pokaż Odznaki mistrzowskie na drzewku rozwoju, Zapamiętaj wybrany server logowania [powrócą w przyszłych aktualizacjach XVM]
  13. Aslain

    Aslain's WoT ModPack

    v1.4.1.0 #06 (24-03-2019): - updated contour icons: Man1aq (wojtus11), Nikodemsky - updated Show repair panel on center of screen with L.CTRL (XVM) - updated session stats Yasenkrasen - added Advanced tips for skills [Polish] - removed XVM options that stopped to work: Show Price button in the tech tree & research page, Show The mastery mark on the tech tree, Favorite Server (remembers selected login server) [will be re-added in future XVM releases]
  14. Ok, how often does it happen? Try to play without Peronal Missions Helper.
  15. I have no problem with what you are installing additionaly :) Yet it may (but doesn't doesnt have to) create unexpected problems.
  16. Aslain

    mastery badge in tech tree

    Very well then, I will remove that options from the modpack for now.
  17. Aslain

    Problems with back ground music

    Yeah, something is wrong with this mod.
  18. Aslain

    Mark of Excellence Extended

    Ok, so when you are in hangar, press ESC key, and on the top of menu there are mods settings, click on it, and it will open a window with MoE E. options, with different styles from twitch guys and what not.
  19. Are you installing mods not from the modpack? Noticed at least one: mod_brr.pyc. Try without it. When you remove 3rd party mods, play a bit, then attach new logs if problem persist.
  20. Aslain

    Multiple Things Broken Since 1.4.1

    I loaded your mods setup and it work fine. Try to reinstall the modpack. Make sure you have latest modpack, and installing to proper destination folder. Your error JSONxLoaderException: Bad reference: ${"battleLabelSight.xc": "def.shellSpeed"} in "res_mods/configs/xvm\Aslain\battleLabelSight.xc:battleLabels/formats[19]" Object "./def" has no key "shellSpeed" was fixed in modpack #00 already.
  21. Aslain

    Asian Server error

    It will not work currently. You need to have separate client for ASIA atm. Because ASIA region wasn't updated to Region changer work fine only if all regions are on the same game client version.
  22. I'm guessing you are using PMOD, it always breaks on ASIA client when your server is not on the same game client version like the rest of regions. Uninstall PMOD untill you're updated to WoT
  23. Aslain

    Aslains XVM hitlog header position

    Rajcels panel is movable, drag it with your mouse.
  24. Aslain

    mastery badge in tech tree

    This should be reported to XVM devs. It's probably due to heavy changes on the tech-tree window. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
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