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  1. v.10.1.0 #11 (02-03-2021): - updated Advanced HP bar indicator
  2. v.10.1.0 #11 (02-03-2021): - akt. Alternatywny wskaźnik liczby punktów życia nad kompasem
  3. Thanks. I will look at it next month ok? I already tried to make it but started to feel bad. I'm very sick and even making a modpack update 1.12.0 on 0day will be challenging or impossible.
  4. Auto-logowanie w WoWs dziala mi poprawnie, takze jak cos to pisz do supportu WG.
  5. The consumables files from the topic you linked are from may and august 2020.
  6. v.10.1.0 #10 (27-02-2021): - updated Gun calibers in millimeters and inches - updated contour icons: Aslains, Hualala - updated clan icons - added Ribbons v2
  7. v.10.1.0 #10 (27-02-2021): - akt. Kaliber dział w milimetrach i calach - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslains. Hualala - akt. ikonki klanów - dodano Odznaki w bitwie v2
  8. Installed same mods it appeared for me, try to delete preferences.xml (it will reset all your game settings).
  9. Hard to tell, but it may take very long time to remove all signals if you have them mounted on a lot of ships.
  10. Please be more descriptive, add screenies etc.
  11. v.10.1.0 #09 (22-02-2021): - akt. Kaliber dział w milimetrach i calach [by Odo_Toothless] - akt. Czasomierz ostrzału [naprawiono wieszanie się gry przy uruchamianiu powtórki] - akt. Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface - akt. ikonki klanów - rozdzielono Powrót kapitana do swojego okrętu i kapitanowie w pokoju treningowym na dwa osobne mody
  12. v.10.1.0 #09 (22-02-2021): - added Gun calibers in millimeters and inches [by Odo_Toothless] - updated Shot Timer [fixed crashing when launching replays] - updated Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface - updated clan icons - splitted Improved Primary Crew and Crew in training room into two separate mods
  13. Somewhat I doubt they would agree for something like that. :(
  14. Yes I know, but it's not possible, Modstation is using help from a team of the game developers to create their installer, while I'm just a one person, and limited to what I have, and in my installer I cannot introduce such thing like greying out. They have a custom made installer, if someone create something like that for me I would be very happy, but there is no one that can do it for me.
  15. Not every mod author is easily reachable, the best is to visit the mod site, which is usually a WG forums, so it's easily to see the modders profile. The number after hash is mod number in the installer, you can see the numbers when you open mod preview and click on a mod. The numbers are changing when I add or remove a mod so there will be no list of broken mods, broken mods are usually removed. The number usually coresponds to the line number in c:\Games\World_of_Warships\Aslain_Modpack\Components_List.txt, just add 1.
  16. Вы должны были бы спросить авторов данного мода :) когда речь идет о панелях от Рослича, он ответил так: Изначально была информация с учётом установленных модернизаций, без учёта камуфляжа и действием перков своего командира на все корабли в бою. Именно так игра отдавала эти данные. Некоторое время назад, всё изменилось. Теперь это характеристики стокового корабля, без учёта модернизаций. Как это победить, пока не нашёл.
  17. v.10.1.0 #08 (20-02-2021): - akt. pociski i smugi od Vito74m - akt. Flagi wysokiej rozdzielczości HD 8K - akt. Markery ostrzeżeń [dodano Azur Lane i Arpeggio jako zestaw alternatywny, wybory w grze od 2-3] - dodano Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface by YunTianJinShi [fixed by Area88]
  18. v.10.1.0 #08 (20-02-2021): - updated shells & tracers by Vito74m - updated High Resolution HD 8K Ensign Flags - updated Alert Indicators [added Azur Lane and Apreggio as an alternative set choices by Area88, no. 2-3 inside the game] - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Interface by YunTianJinShi [fixed by Area88]
  19. Sorry but cannot help you further with this, the reason is how I described it, no other option. You can trust me or not ;) Check your antivir or firewall. GL :) btw. you should attach logs, to help us troubleshoot.
  20. New english file: WoWs_en_translation_10.1.0_07.ini
  21. v.10.1.0 #07 (19-02-2021): - dodano Historyczny kamuflaż japońskich niszczycieli (z oznaczeniami i numeracją) - dodano skórkę dla Franklin D. Roosevelt Pizza - akt. Ulepszony ekran ładowania bitwy - akt. Flagi historyczne z XIX wieku - akt. Flagi o historycznych proporcjach - akt. Matchmaking Monitor
  22. v.10.1.0 #07 (19-02-2021): - added Historical IJN DDs camouflage with markings & numbering - added skin: Franklin D. Roosevelt Pizza - updated Advanced Battle Loading Screen - updated Historical flags from 19th century - updated Historical Proportions flags - updated Matchmaking Monitor
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