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  1. You won't find repository for all the mods in one place, and the one you mentioned has no repo. Mods are made by various people and it's up to them if they provide something like this, they usually don't do that, with few exceptions.
  2. Ktorego klienta uzywasz 32 czy 64bitowego? Masz logi z tego i z tego, wrecz jakby zamiennie uruchamiana gra, raz z jednego raz z drugiego. Instalujesz XVM wiec nie uzywac 64bitowego gdyz nie bedzie dzialal do konca poprawnie. Zrestartuj komputer tez, byc moze jakis proces gry wisi w pamieci. Pojawiaja sie tez okresowo bledy dotyczace moda AutoAimIndicator+, prawdopodobnie wieszajace gre.
  3. v.8.9.0 #04 (18-10-2019): - akt. Flagi o historycznych proporcjach [wlaściwa] - akt. mxstat - akt. mxmeter - akt. ikonki klanów
  4. v.8.9.0 #04 (18-10-2019): - updated Historical Proportions flags [proper] - updated mxstat - updated mxmeter - updated clan icons
  5. That last warning you posted, you cannot do anything about it as XVM hasn't been ported to 64bit yet. They're still working on it, and it won't happed anytime soon.
  6. Try to uncheck it, or use different value (i.e. x2)
  7. v.8.9.0 #03 (17-10-2019): - added Camouflage Filters - added flag mods by MajorRenegade - updated contour icons: MajorRenegade - updated Helpme - updated mxCamo
  8. v.8.9.0 #03 (17-10-2019): - dodano Filtry kamuflażu - dodano mody flag od MajorRenegade - akt. ikonek konturów: MajorRenegade - akt. Helpme - akt. mxCamo
  9. Try to deocmpile some mod, i.e. Chat Filter, and look how paths looking like there, then try them in your mod.
  10. Ok thanks. Many mods failed because they cannot access their configs, the path is broken. For whatever reason, must be Mac thing, since when I launch same mods like you have selected in Windows on 64bit client everything is loaded properly. :/
  11. Please post all required logs, not just python. Keep in mind I have no Mac so I cannot verify it on Mac enviroment, I can however check for general issues/possible installation bugs or bugs in mods in given mod setup.
  12. Maybe write a guide how to generate it.
  13. You didnt include required logs, but to me it looks like you are using old modpack, make sure you're using the most recent one. XVM is not working on 64bit client currently.
  14. v.8.9.0 #02 (17-10-2019): - akt. panele boczne: Hakabase, Roslich - akt. ikonek konturów: Panzerschiffer, Aslain - akt. Wielka biała flota - akt. Stonowane specjalne kamuflaże - akt. Wszystkie okręty na drzewku by SenaHibiki & juger65 - akt. wszystkich modów od Garfield - akt. Wygląd dowódców Merdmaid's Wrath - akt. Ulepszony ekran ładowania bitwy - akt. Modules port - dodano Zmiana kamo amerykańskich okrętów (i niektórych Pan-Asia) na wersję z bety - dodano Historyczny kamuflaż japońskich niszczycieli (z oznaczeniami i numeracją)
  15. v.8.9.0 #02 (17-10-2019): - updated side panels: Hakabase, Roslich - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer, Aslain - updated The Great White Fleet - updated Chilled Special Camos - updated All ships in tree by SenaHibiki & juger65 - updated all mods by Garfield - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders - updated modules port - added Custom Battle Loading Screen - added Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements - added Historical IJN DDs camouflage with markings & numbering
  16. Apparently all Haka panels will be updated.
  17. You didnt attach logs, and panels by Hakabase are 3 different ones. Either way wait for next modpack, Panel v3 will be updated.
  18. Then why you don't make a proper report (logs) ?
  19. It's caused by the Modules port mod. I will try to fix it tomorrow.
  20. I see no reason for this behaviour. It's definitely local thing, or XVM is messing up with you, which is not surprising since it's unfinished.
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