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  1. It has a menu button in the hangar on the bottom corner.
  2. No idea, unable to reproduce it on my pc, when loading same mods. Try to reduce mods amount.
  3. Have you enabled replays ? Maybe ask the author here https://discord.gg/Tds7WBs I know that he is currently reworking that program. Current version in the modpack is without auto-detection of replays folder because WG changed the path to replays, and they are saved in various places now, like in bin32, bin64, directly in game root.
  4. Piszesz w sekcji World of Warships. To nie wystarczy, w battletemplates nalezy zmienic layer na top przy hitlogu.
  5. Yes, we have asked you to remove this mod, because it was suspected for crashing in your mod setup. Try Patreon, it's possible to donate one time, just sign up, donate, then cancel donations.
  6. You are still installing Arty Log. It was suggested to you to remove it from the installation.
  7. Dzieki, zalacz tez logi kiedy faktycznie wystapi problem, i upewnij sie ze uzywasz najnowszej paczki w czasie grania.
  8. It will not work if you dont select replays folder.
  9. Great, so it was one of the updated mods. Looks like they fixed their issue.
  10. v.8.4.0 #06 (17-06-2019): - dodano celownik Nomogram: cały biały z pajęczyną - akt. ikonki klanów - akt. ikonek konturów: Decase - akt. oblokowanie portu Azur Lane - akt. Kancolle Voice Modifications by Rswifhand
  11. v.8.4.0 #06 (17-06-2019): - added crosshair Nomogram: all white with spider web - updated clan icons - updated contour icons: Decase - updated Azur Lane port unlocked - updated Kancolle Voice Modifications by Rswifhand
  12. v1.5.1.1 #03 (17-06-2019): - dodano ikonki konturów: Nikodemsky - akt. XVM 7.9.6-dev [9186] - akt. PMOD v1.41.2 - akt. Ostatnie Trafienia - akt. Odznaczenia na żywo w bitwie - akt. Battle Observer 1.22.2 - akt. PYmodsCore - akt. Zmieniacz kamuflażu - akt. Kolorowe komunikaty "Chat + Kill-log" - akt. Obrazy minimapki ze spotami dla Arty/TD/Pasywnych zwiadowców - akt. Celownik XVM - naprawiono skórkę M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (by Avalon) [instalowały sie ikonki] - Battle Observer jest wciąż niekompatybilny z XVM
  13. v1.5.1.1 #03 (17-06-2019): - added contour icons: Nikodemsky - updated XVM 7.9.6-dev [9186] - updated PMOD v1.41.2 - updated Final Shot - updated Real time in-Battle achivements - updated Battle Observer 1.22.2 - updated PYmodsCore - updated CamoSelector - updated Colored chat messages "Chat + Kill-log" - updated Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts - updated XVM sight addon - fixed skin M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (by Avalon) - Battle Observer still not compatible with XVM
  14. If you click on display unaltered icons in WOT's OTM it will display default icons in hangar, and my icons in battle (except for OTM).
  15. You cannot fix mirrored icons here. It was possible couple years back, but not any longer. If it's too annoying to you, you can reisgn from icons in hangar and see default icons only.
  16. I will fix it in next modpack, but if you don't want to wait, reinstall the modpack with option to clean DL cache.
  17. In your logs I found some error from SpotMessanger mod, and this exception (exceptions are usually related to crashes): 2019-06-16 21:24:06.069: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/client/account_helpers/CustomFilesCache.py, 519): Traceback (most recent call last): File "scripts/client/account_helpers/CustomFilesCache.py", line 512, in __prepareCache File "scripts/common/Lib/shelve.py", line 239, in open File "scripts/common/Lib/shelve.py", line 223, in __init__ File "scripts/common/Lib/anydbm.py", line 85, in open File "scripts/common/Lib/dumbdbm.py", line 250, in open File "scripts/common/Lib/dumbdbm.py", line 74, in __init__ File "scripts/common/Lib/dumbdbm.py", line 86, in _update File "<string>", line 1 'NB2HI4B2F4XXG5DBORUWGLTNN5SHQ5TNFZR ^ SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal but got no clue where is this coming from (either some mod or game client itself)
  18. Add that website to exceptions, it's your software doing this to you. They hate websites that displays ads, and this is how it ends up.
  19. I will upload version without that files in this mod.
  20. Of course WG support will tell you to not use mods when you got problems, this is the first thing they will suggest. That way they don't have to lose time helping you, it's like a jackpot. The user is using mods, great, not out problem ;) Anyway it's hard to understand you, but I get it, you are lecturing me, well at least trying to. I will not discuss about it especialy when there are language issues. Going to bed now. Have fun.
  21. Have you tried without Battle Hits? Try without Hangman as well.
  22. Yup, nothing I can do. I reported it on xvm devs forums, I hope they will do something about it.
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