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  1. as soon as i press start battle game crashes Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. yeah tht was the problem i have no clue where i got tht from thank you aslain
  3. done reinstalling your mod and thank you for fast Response much appreciate it
  4. okidoki ill do fresh install err remove all content from res mod
  5. game is crashing in battle it looks as when i go to change view in arty it just crashes the game its only in arty Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. yeah i have seen tht and thank you for your help keep up the good work
  7. ok i think thhis is the one fv304 i removed the atack and it looks like it has solved the problem not one crash since 20200827_1527_uk-GB77_FV304_38_mannerheim_line.wotreplay 20200827_1537_usa-A37_M40M43_23_westfeld.wotreplay
  8. ok ill try without atack and repair we will see whats going onand thx for fast reply
  9. so for me it also does crash few times but its only when i play arty so when i go to battle assistant view from topdown it just crashes and funny thing is it aslways a bad time when i am about to be spotted or shoot near tank in 150 m range here is pyton log python.log Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. i tried gun constraint after removal the problem is gone so it does look like there is some problem with it and btw ui annaouncer dont matter male or female are also a bit problematic it calls all kills in your and in enemy team
  11. wich in itslef is ok but it has also disabled regular autoaim it happenes in game so often that i highlight a tank and it does not lock at all btw snap isnt ilegal and even more it is tolerated by wg ilegal is aimbot to be xact leadin and other things that it does
  12. ut announcer and probbably girl i installed 33 with ut announcer and it work fine
  13. here ya go truy with theese debug.log python.log
  14. install only jimbos aims others are bugged and are freezing game good luck it works ok for me
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