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  1. Alt + the number 9 on the number pad changes the MoE Extended display.
  2. I did some experimenting with different combinations of mods and when I don't install any of the individual tank skins, I don't have the replay problem. EDIT: Upon further testing its when I have individual tank skins installed along with the Gnomefather/zorgane gun sounds that causes the issue.
  3. I played about a dozen replays with the default XVM config without that issue where I have no HUD and the map is black. I then also tried multiple replays with the sirmax config included with XVM. I still didn't have the issue. It leads me to think its a conflict with mods. Maybe it sometimes takes playing several replays before the issue shows up and that's why you couldn't replicate it.
  4. Its fine without mods. No problems with replays. I'll try default XVM and see what happens.
  5. I uninstalled #17 again and reinstalled it. After watching two replays, the issue returned. Every time I selected clean install. Everything in the Mods, Res, and Res Mods folders were deleted except for the empty folders. This issue has persisted since version #13 of the modpack. I know you said it must be local, but if its local, what haven't I tried? I don't have the issue when the modpack is uninstalled. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. The issue came back with version #17 after watching a few replays today. The first few replays worked fine, then all replays had the same issue again. No map, no HUD. Clean install of the mod pack. Everything in the DL_cache folder was deleted before the new modpack install and I selected the option of a clean install. I reinstalled the same version of the modpack(#17) with the same options. After that, the replays were back to normal again.
  7. The issue went away with version #16, but I had it happen with versions #13, #14, and #15. Every time was a clean install.
  8. It started with version #13 and I've done a clean install every time. No idea what kind of local problem it could be.
  9. When playing replays the last few modpack versions have no HUD info, no OTM info and the map is black. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. I've been getting this error for the past several versions of the modpack. I think it started after the latest TeamSpeak3 update. Is there a fix for this? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Before I was told to uninstall the mod pack before installing the updated one to prevent problems. It still doesn't fix the issue with the WoT Mod Cleaner deleting replays when replays are not selected for deletion.
  12. I don't know who creates and updates the WoT mods cleaner application in the modpack. However, I've twice had the issue where it deleted all of my replays when the replays and screenshots boxes were not checked. It happened today and also happened last month. I use the application because I have my own XVM icon pack and it makes it easier to delete them after uninstalling the modpack to update to a new version. Who do I contact about this issue? Also, I'd recommend against using the WoT mods cleaner until the issue is resolved.
  13. I didn't attach logs at first because every single person in my clan who uses your modpack said on TeamSpeak that they had the same issue last night. The issue continued through multiple battles through the night. It also happened in all of my pub battles that had a Type 59G and other people in my clan reported the exact same issue. I just assumed you forgot to add the icon. 20190524_2203_china-Ch01_Type59_33_fjord.wotreplay Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. In the Aslains Contour Icons with Arab Numerals the icon for the Type 59G isn't available. I know Wargaming didn't give you much notice. It was just unusual last night seeing to many tanks without contour icons.
  15. Wargaming changed their mind several times over the years on if the mod was legal or not. Until recently, they said it was legal because it didn't show anything that you can't get from a legal zoom out mod or from communication with teammates. Now I wonder if they will ban communication with teammates next because it gives an unfair advantage. lol
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