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  1. I didn't attach logs at first because every single person in my clan who uses your modpack said on TeamSpeak that they had the same issue last night. The issue continued through multiple battles through the night. It also happened in all of my pub battles that had a Type 59G and other people in my clan reported the exact same issue. I just assumed you forgot to add the icon. 20190524_2203_china-Ch01_Type59_33_fjord.wotreplay Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. In the Aslains Contour Icons with Arab Numerals the icon for the Type 59G isn't available. I know Wargaming didn't give you much notice. It was just unusual last night seeing to many tanks without contour icons.
  3. Wargaming changed their mind several times over the years on if the mod was legal or not. Until recently, they said it was legal because it didn't show anything that you can't get from a legal zoom out mod or from communication with teammates. Now I wonder if they will ban communication with teammates next because it gives an unfair advantage. lol
  4. I just updated the recruitment info.
  5. I saw that version 10b of the modpack fixed that issue. You probably need to update from version 10 to 10b.
  6. I think I found the issue and fixed it. There were only a couple mods or options different for this install than my previous install. The Show active Personal Reserves was a new one I installed this time. I was able to read part of the XVM error in the fraction of a second it was displayed. I guess that the downside of having a NVMe SSD. Then I looked through the XVM.log. It said something about a problem in widgetsTemplates and referenced widgets.xc I saw the Show active Personal Reserves was in there. So I replaced widgets.xc with a copy from a recent boot drive backup form the previous version of the modpack without the Show active Personal Reserves mod installed and everything works properly and is in the right place. I guess there is an issue with the Show active Personal Reserves mod.
  7. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest modpack multiple times. Every time the counter over the damage panel appears at the top of the screen and not over the damage panel. It happens in both replays and in the game. I even tried other players replays to see if it did anything different and the counters over damage panel always appears at the top of the screen. Also, the Show Team WN8 with Win Chance never appears on my screen and I have it set to be at the top of the screen. I also get an XVM error, but it disappears so fast I can never read it and apparently I can't screenshot the battle loading screen before the countdown. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Today I tried the 5 different links for the latest modpack for WoT version 1.5 and can only get one of them to work. The others timed out or said that the server was not available. Are the hosting servers overloaded due to the release of the new version of the modpack?
  9. I disagree with some of that. 1. Premium ammo has been available for credits for a long time. I can still make a profit playing the E100 and some other tier 10 tanks firing all premium ammo. I can make a profit playeying lower tier tanks firing mostly premium ammo. I also earned a bunch of gold in the past from clan wars when the gold values of land was higher and from tournaments when tournaments had higher payouts. Before Clan Wars 2.0 showing up 3 nights a week for at least 1 clan wars battle earned me enough gold to pay for premium time for the month in the monthly payout and sometimes still have gold left over. 2. Until recently, most premium vehicles weren't as good as their same tier counterparts. They allowed players to spend money or gold to reduce the time to train crews and earn credits. Even now I can still beat a less skilled Defender or IS-3A driver/player in my IS-6 or IS-3. I used gold from clan wars and tournaments to pay for premium tanks and premium time. In several of the non OP tier 8 premiums I use to be able to sustain a 55-60% win rate over 100+ battles. A Defender or Skorp G won't make a below average player a top tier player all of a sudden. 3. I use to earn a lot of bonds in a short period of time playing grand battles, ranked battles and tier 10 tanks. I've made it to Silver in ranked battles playing tech tree tanks and no clan wars reward tanks. In addition to that, Wargaming gave out several thousand bonds and the T-50-2 to players that have been playing the game for more than a few years. That was enough for many players to buy purple equipment. You don't need to be a no lifer to buy purple equipment. Also some of the crew directives give you almost the same bonus as purple equipment over regular equipment.
  10. When the mod no longer showed the way guns are pointing on the minimap outside of your render distance, Wargaming NA said the mod was legal because it only showed information you could get from teammates in game chat or through TeamSpeak or from a legal zoom out mod. It didn't give you any information you couldn't get from team mates or other legal mods. That was their reasoning behind it the mod being legal. Wargaming changed their position on the legality of the mod several times since then. I got banned for it after two higher level Wargaming NA employees told me it was a legal mod. I contacted the employees that said it was legal and also sent support screenshots from the forum where the Wargaming employees said it was legal. Then Wargaming cancelled the ban and removed the history of the ban from my account so I have no strikes on my account. I think I posted something here about it happening a couple years ago. It all started when I filed a support ticket about a teammate that was making many racist remarks about other teammates in chat and I sent in screenshots. Wargaming was inconsistent about the legality of mods from month to month and from server to server. It wasn't until the fair play policy where they were much more consistent on legal mods.
  11. Bavor


    I tried the latest nightly build of XVM for WoT 1.5(8999) and all the XVM stuff worked in the garage, but the only thing I could get working properly in battle was the over target markers. Others are reporting frequent crashes in battle. Its worth waiting for the mods and XVM to be properly updated.
  12. Like I said in the first post, "The location of the shell velocity mod is right on top of the MPH indicator for the French wheeled vehicles and blocked the numbers that indicate your speed." Its right on top of the numbers in the speedometer on the screen near the aiming circle. Moving it down the screen a bit would help. I'll see if I can manually edit it to move it to an appropriate location.
  13. As I said above, "I don't have log files because I uninstalled the mod pack and reinstalled it without the shell speed mod." It looks like it was the XVM sight, but in the earlier version of the modpack I'm not sure if it was in with the rest of the XVM sight stuff or a separate option below it. I was hoping to keep it on the side and just move it down a little.
  14. I'm not talking about the XVM sight. There is an option in the modpack to enable a mod that shows your shell velocity for whatever ammo you have loaded. It sits right over the speedometer for the wheeled vehicles.
  15. The location of the shell velocity mod is right on top of the MPH indicator for the French wheeled vehicles and blocked the numbers that indicate your speed. I tried clicking on it and dragging the shell velocity numbers with the cursor and that didn't work. Do I need to edit a file somewhere to change the position? I don't have log files because I uninstalled the mod pack and reinstalled it without the shell speed mod.
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