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  1. Sometimes we have to mend our ways. You can install Game center Check official forum for that atleast to solve the problem inhand. or its ur call entirely you have all directions which can be done at ur end.
  2. Navigate to WoT install directory > mods > > com.modxvm.xfw <<< Delete this folder Consider cleaning WoT cache > (Deleting Appdata WG folder) and Integrity Check Through launcher if its not working. Maybe residual of previous mod pack causing this for you. GL. Safe mode is in Game Center. There's an arrow sign next to play button click it then select safemode. Safemode is like vanilla WoT client none of the installed mods will come to play. For Integrity Check Open Game center. Click Game setting on top left side. should be an option to check and repair.
  3. Handful of mods working with above said solution. Yes of-course can use safemode.
  4. just to add another tank, same goes with nameless also
  5. Thank you for trying :) GN from this side. Good day to you.
  6. I assure you have tried Balcalc mod only solution or nearest one i got is what i mention. That is a possibility TBH. But if it was that trait should continue with selected feature also right.
  7. Hey there @Quaksen I believe BalCalc is related to ballistic calculation to hit target near or far. Problem is when i keep my reticle somewhere in sniper mode and exit to arcade mode reticle jumps down. its like i have to keep looking in sniper mode to make sure shot will hit. it should be on same spot na isnt it? may it be arcade or sniper unless am moving turret or tank.
  8. Hello there, Can someone tell me what mod is this in WG modpack selection ? My reticle keeps bumping while keeping cursor on a position and exiting to arcade mode from sniper mode. same thing happens even with vanilla game. I think i found solution which is included here. ie Adjust range scope. i tried pmod horizontal stabilization also in-game horizontal stabilization there was no change. Please let me know is this something new or some already existed mod in Aslains modpack. If not include please add this mod. Thanks and regards.
  9. Hello there, Game crashes to desktop with message outdated driver or drivers simply fails. "FPS limiter" causing this. Started noticing just after recent update which is V may close topic asap :). Regards
  10. OK and Culprit was.......... Hangar clock and calculator by AntonVK. Nature of problem was so weird that really annoyed. I would like to emphasize again with this mod (maybe just for me) game works fine but if one minimizes client while entering or leaving battle it just crashes. Thank u Aslain for following. Have a great day and Speedy recovery o7 :) Removed logs and screenshots for safety. May provide anything if needed. May close this thread as solved.
  11. Ok running installer again with only xvm section. And surprise its not crashing now with only xvm selection unchecked pmod and tank icons lemme try putting back.
  12. Hello just reproduced Added Reports_XFW created after crash with this
  13. Hello there, Am having this problem since many days as you were not well hold it back. "Game Crashes to Desktop when its minimized while going in or coming out of battle." It works absolutely fine when its maximized. To make sure its not XVM problem I tried some modpacks even Aslains modpack's previous version but still its crashing. While other modpacks are running fine no crashes while minimized coming or going into battle. Logs are attached with this message plz lemme know what am doing wrong. Sorry to bother you Thank you in advance.
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