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  1. Oh wow glad (well not happy glad haha) to see others have the same issue as I. Also confirming that disabling xvm works for me aswell. Thanks for the affirmation and reply guys, hope to see this fixed soon & thanks for the great work you do Aslain! see you on the battlefield o7 -T
  2. Hello guys, Require some help on some issues. After the latest patch, i redownloaded the newest modpack and have not added or changed a single mod from the modpack. earlier today when i tried to get in a game, the following bugs plagued me: 1. as shown on the pic, i cant see any info on the bottom right corner. 2. when i pressed "shift" to switch into the sniper zoom mode, it locks my turret in place and i cant rotate it. let me know what info is needed and the step i need to take, thanks in advance o7 -T
  3. i see, i couldnt even reach my hangar.... did the report show any weird inconsistencies or some useful information?
  4. Heya Aslain, New user here so forgive me if i missed some basic info, but ive downloaded the mod the other day and when i tried to run it i always get stuck on when loading the game. it also disables me to change to other windows when it is stuck. i have tried safe version and it works as intended albeit none (i think) of the mods are on. Looking to hear back from you, cheers 07 Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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