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  1. I'm getting the error indicated in the attached screenshot. Clicking on "Try Again" gives the same result. Installation log attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip D'oh. I just realized that my WoT executable is running. Gah. 🤪 Worked fine once I stopped the executable, of course. OMG. /facepalm. No one could tell I just woke up, huh?
  2. Update: Installing today's Aslain update fixed the issue with the WoT exe not initiating the autologin mod, so I can now start the game conveniently without copy/pasting my password into the game every time I want to play. It did not, however, fix the issue with the WG launcher not initializing Aslain's Modpack. Nothing I do makes any differencee; if I start with the launcher, the game does not load any part of Aslain's -- it's just a vanilla version of the client. Loading with the WoT exe initializes the modpack, and everything works perfectly.
  3. Note: I tried to run Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe, but it could not locate my log file (even though I can see them inside the Aslain_Modpack folder in my WoT subdirectory). If you need the log file(s), please indicate which and I will be glad to post it/them. This morning I moved my WoT installation to a faster SSD. The new WoT installation runs flawlessly regardless of how it is started. I then uninstalled Aslain's using standard uninstall from its old location, and reinstalled it with the new location properly selected. Now, when I start WoT using the WG Launcher, Aslain's does not start at all. If, however, I start using the WoT Launcher that can be found in the WoT subdirectory, the modpack loads perfectly. These results are 100% repeatable. If not for the fact that I have to re-enter my email/password each time I run it from the WoT launcher (autologin fails every time), I would just do it that way. It would be much more convenient to run it through the WG Launcher and have it autolog me in (as I have for years). Finally, I uninstalled Aslain's again, and reinstalled it. Same result. I looked at what I think is the main logfile (_Aslains_Installer.log) and it says that everything installed OK. I ran a cursory search of the bug reports here, and didn't see anything that looked like this. Any idea what is going on, or how I can fix it? Thanks!
  4. Quaksen, thanks for overstating the obvious. Most people don't read changelogs in the first place, even though some of us (me, for instance) do. People post here in hopes of finding workarounds to bugs in addition to posting "first discovery" of particular bugs. I think the point of these forums is to provide help to people who use Aslain's modpacks -- Now, to what is pertinent: has anyone found a workaround to getting carousel to operate in any way whatsoever? Your assistance would be appreciated if you've had an epiphany and know of a way. I'm (of course) waiting patiently for an update that corrects the mod's deficiencies in light of the new patch, but I'd really like to be able to see my tanks in the carousel even though the mod hasn't been updated officially. Thanks in advance!
  5. Just confirming that turning off mods that modify consumables fixes the "synchronizing discounts" problem. I had the problem with both Arasgranpa and WIllow2000 mods. Did not try any others.
  6. Same issue, but with Aslain's icon set (see pic) - tried to just copy the jpg into the text box., but got the mssg that I didn't have permissions to use that type of extension?
  7. Actually I'm also having the exact same problems (that I forgot to list) as the people who hijacked my post... Thanks for reminding me, guys. :) Hopefully an update will pop today. Thanks for all the incredible work on this, Aslain -- this is one of the most flawless indie installers I've ever seen, in 30 years of computer gaming!!!
  8. I'm having numerous problems, same with both Aslain's 4.1.3_95 and XVM and related mods are working fine, it seems. With the latest modpack, I did everything suggested in your "reporting bugs" thread here in the forum (I think). Here's what isn't working/showing up in-game: -Damage Panel GambitER (on left) -Auto-equipment Mounting is not functioning at all -Mastery Marks in Carousel/Tech Tree (not there) -Update Checker for Aslain's XVM Modpack (not giving a message in-game)- -Colored Messages by YasenKrasen (English) -Session Statistics by YasenKrasen (no readout/analysis in-game at all) Have no idea how to proceed from here. Any help would be appreciated. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. Today's modpack fixed this CTD problem for me as well. Thanks, Aslain!!! :wub:
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