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  1. Interface2037

    Aslains XVM hitlog header position

    Yes I know but I’m used to have it in a particular position and I have added several macros that makes the stats panel rather long. I tried another solution and installed the default xvm hitlog, which are uglier but can have the header position changed by the simple edit to Y.
  2. Interface2037

    Aslains XVM hitlog header position

    Yes I thats correct. But the problem is that I have racjels ingame panel over that exact position. Before I could make a simple change in the template file and change Y to 85/65, making that edit now doesn’t move the header position.
  3. Where can I change the header position? After the latest update the position is too high and overlaps Racjels ingame stats. thanks
  4. Interface2037

    In-game lag after 10-15 battles

    I’ve tried running without mods and the lags are still present so it’s definitely on WG’s end.
  5. The damage log is also misaligned and unmovable.
  6. Interface2037

    XVM hitlog position

    I’ll fix that. Check the screenshot to understand what I’m talking about. I figured it out. I had to change the hitlog file (moveinbattle to true) you can can delete this thread if you like.
  7. Interface2037

    XVM hitlog position

    Do you need all logs or only the XVM config files? Btw I miss the old hitlog which I which could change position of the Template file. Are they going to be updated?
  8. Interface2037

    XVM hitlog position

    Simple perhaps, I want to change the position of the default XVM hitlog. Right now it’s overlapping PP and clan icons etc. I know it’s in the template file but whatever I change it doesn’t make any difference. Any ideas? See attached screenshot on how it looks.
  9. Interface2037

    Modpack and game issues

    It was helpful when invited to platoon so you’d know where they were from.
  10. Interface2037

    Buying camo, inscriptions etc bugged

    Probably. I just have to wait until this is fixed. I don’t know if it is on WG’s part or some mod.
  11. When I go in to the customization hangar to buy camo etc it’s completely bugged. The gold icons just flicker and it’s impossible to finish the camo purchase. Any ideas? Hangman bug?
  12. Interface2037

    Various Bugs

    #6 causes some XVM related issues that forces me to use #5 again. The following occurs; Ping/number of players at loading doesn’t work. XVM carousel doesn’t work (i have three rows and only one is showing) I haven’t tried playing with the latest modpack. Thanks
  13. Interface2037

    In-game lag after 10-15 battles

    I've tried disabling several mods to no avail, i strongly suspect the Day After Day sound mod. Haven't uninstalled that one yet.
  14. I've encountered an annoying issue. After about 10-15 battles the game lags every 60 seconds, it's not ping issue. To make it disappear I have to restart the client. Any ideas? I've checked the logs but can't find anything out of the ordinary.
  15. Interface2037

    PPs are a bit strange.

    Too bad they removed client language fetching, kinda liked that.
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