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  1. Good to hear! Keep us updated! As for me, still having this issue...even with a 1600 watt psu. I will install WoT on an 2.5" SSD instead of the M2 PCI-e ssd and see if it helps.
  2. i will try that or simply get used to this annoying feature :)
  3. Will do. I can say that neither the CPU or GPU is even close to heat levels that would cause a crash like this. Thats why i suspect the m2 drive, on the functioning rig i use a regular 2,5" ssd
  4. Exactly THIS happens to me as well, every now and again the game crashes upon entering battle and my computer restarts. My setup is completely different from OP, i have Intel Cpu, nVidia gfx and a 1600 watt psu. It cant be that the our PSU's cant handle the load. I run WoT on two computers, and this only happens on one of them. Running similar setups. tried follwing; disable onboard audio - didnt help (using headset with separate dongle) disable UPS software and connection - didnt help removed nihilic audio services from startup. Idk what i can do more. This reset causes the preferences file in Wargaming folder to reset as well.... Maybe its mod related after all? or some peculiar bug with WoT itself and certain computers and setups. One thing that crossed my mind is that the my m2 PCI-e ssd drive is overheating.
  5. Hi, i have had a quite annoying bug (or not) with the reticle when standing on ridges or slopes. Maybe it part of the game but if it's not i would like to have help fixing this. See picture. The aim circle is lower than it should be. Any ideas? thanks
  6. ok, sad that they wont fix them. In my case i have only experienced crashes just before the battle starts, which also causes my computer to reboot. I dont know if it's related to the Gun mods.
  7. Is the mod still usable? or are the crashes frequent? if so, when do they occur? Thanks
  8. RacJel's mod doesn't work either. It just won't show up in a battle. I have PM'ed him.
  9. Hi just wanted to share that neither of the in battle statistic mods works Thanks
  10. Yeah, I really appreciate the hard work he put into keeping the mod updated. And I wouldn’t be able to play the game without it
  11. Happens to me as well. It’s on WG’s side not Aslains modpack.
  12. Try clicking statistics and then back to results, it worked for me yesterday.
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