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  1. Hi, since i started using some mod i cant use the chat window, i have to use the mouse and click inside it to be able to type. I know i've heard about this before but cant remember which mod is the culprit. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, i enjoyed this feature but it has been non-functional for several months. Any idea if it will be fixed or is it disabled for good? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello all, is there no more mods from Racjel?
  4. Last modpack worked fine, why is this not working? is it infected with some virus or other threat?
  5. Did just check one of yesterdays replay and it works so maybe i had to restart or something! Thanks anyway, Quaksen, for fast reply 🙂
  6. Yes of course 🙂 i cant see it colored anymore. Any ideas?
  7. Reticle is just white and does not change to green and red. Any ideas? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Hey! Since last patch i have an annoying issue that is when pressing ALT the game freeze for 2-3 seconds. Any ideas? Attached logs.
  9. Hello, i just updated the latest pack (#22) and after playing a battle the gun sound is gone, ie..no sound when firing. Attached logs.
  10. Ok, will check with him in that case. Thanks a lot for your time!
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