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  1. Seems like YK Stats Special addons are missing too even if that option is ticked in the installer.
  2. All of the sudden clan logos are missing on my tanks and others. Checked installer but i havent ticked any options to remove clan logos Any ideas?
  3. Hi, since todays update the Notification Center in the garage isnt working, shows no info (just blank, see screenshot), no YK stats, and i cant close it and pressing ESC does not work properly either. Not the only one with this issue, see post #2 Update 1.11 - Bugs and Technical Issues - Current Update - World of Tanks official forum UPDATE: after an hour of searching i found the culprit to be the mod scroll_3x.wotmod deleting it notification center works again.
  4. thx! Good work! Mods like these really makes the game better, not to have the nuisance of platoon request spam :)
  5. Hi! Last modpack introduced a great mod called Invites manager. Is it possible to change settings? now blocking invites is default. Thx and thx for adding this!
  6. It works now. No problems 20 games. Thanks for the fast update! Again we are reminded that you are number 1. Sorry for not attaching logs, I was busy in Steel Hunter. The
  7. i have neither Battle Hits or Replay Manager installed and get the same trying but the log archiver said "file is missing" and just hangs...
  8. any battle, Steel Hunter...randoms + team training battles
  9. Hi Started happening today after latest modpack...any ideas? CTRL+ALT+DELETE only solution EDIT. Reverted to #02 and it works again. Working on logs
  10. Hi, since the major update i've been missing a mod that i liked very much and i cant remember the name. It was a mod that told me which tank i spotted in the lower right above the minimap, showing assisted dmg etc. Was it Spotted Extended? Thanks in advance
  11. same for me just now :( havent touched that option!
  12. same here, takes about 2 mins to enter garage again
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