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  1. Okey! Thanks for clarification :)
  2. Hi, is the mod Old Shop UI by goofy67 gone? If so, does the old version work ? Best regards
  3. How do i select Clean DL folder? i cant find that option. Nevermind i deleted the content of the folder manually :)
  4. Hi, when installing modpacks 01 and above playrs panels above tanks are missing completely! SOLVED; another HAWG mod caused it.
  5. For everyones information; problem gone with
  6. Noticed that the lag also causes the carousel to flicker, as if it was updating or something
  7. tried several, all the same no matter what
  8. ok, thanks for checking. Maybe too many tanks in the garage
  9. Hi, i have a slightly annoying problem that only affects the Garage and not the battles thank god. And it only affects my main account, not the one i use as a recruit for the referral program. It happens every 5 seconds, a slight lag/stutter for half a second or so. Still makes writing and other garage things annoying. Please help.
  10. Great :D edit. 20 games and didn’t notice any fps drops at all.
  11. strangely enough it works in Frontline
  12. The recent addition of the handy hp bar on bottom of the screen overlaps the consumables panel. Is there any way to fix this? THnk
  13. Hi, there are several interesting XVM settings/mods in HAWG REBIRTH PACK. Is it possible to incorporate these into your modpack? https://wgmods.net/1813/
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