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  1. The exact thing happens to me as well. Certain tanks seems to cause it. I have to ctrl+alt+delete and close the game and then restart and enter the battle up to a minute later.
  2. Another thing When you have my logs. Can You see why I always have click inside the chat window to begin typing. Usually it’s just start typing but this issue takes away some focus when I have center the mouse and click inside the chat window in order to type. thanks
  3. strange. must be a conflict with some other mods. can you post a screenshot on how the icon looks?
  4. Same here and i manually have to click the chatwindow to type.
  5. ok. i have your XVM config but i cant see any icons. Maybe its a conflict between OldSkool Enemy Spotted status and they overlap.
  6. ok, thx. I appreciate your hard work on the modpack.
  7. @aslain, do you think they will implement the winchance again?
  8. Deleting the said folder doesn't help, still crashing.
  9. Out of curiosity, do you find this mod useful? haven't tried it yet.
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