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  1. for the time being yes imade a topic in the korean forum icons in battle panels and minimap - General discussion and problem solving - Korean Random
  2. there seems to be a problem with xvm installing fonts when the fonts are already on yer system and u have to delete all fonts from yer system before updating modpack then going through the temp folder and installing each one again . its not 100% fixed as i still have missing fonts from the xvm damage log and side of players panel as u can see in the screenshot. ive also noticed on the minimap square icon and tank name is visible when a tank becomes unspotted which is weird as i dont have last spotted marker selected
  3. fonts u need to delete are xvm symbol damagelog 2 dynamic , but wat i did is went through every font and deleted all non windows fonts
  4. u have to go into yer system settings and delete all 5 fonts from xvm , then reinstall modpack . seems to be a conflict when u install fonts and then update modpack that they dont overwrite original fonts
  5. bear inmind u dont have to select hp circles for minimap from the modpack as the hp circles r in the game itself
  6. this was also sent which fixes the minimap icons @bubs79 https://kr.cm/f/t/70275/c/512207/ - delete the two mods and res_mods folders - clean the cach and restore the client - install only one mod https://modxvm.com/ru/ sother-xvm/ (XVM TEST) - check
  7. @bubs79 you need to remove all these fonts from the system. Especially XVMSymbol and its copies ---- all fonts needed for the mod are installed automatically here \mods\temp\com.modxvm.xfw.fonts\fonts got this from someone on the forum and it worked so basically go into yer control panel and settings go to fonts and look for any fonts that r linked to xvm and delete them then reinstall the modpack.
  8. ive copied and installed all those files , got my icons back but as above my mini map icons are boxes instead of circles , dont know y these files arent installing , i run modpack under admin rights and have no av installed
  9. nope i cant find that folder this the only folder under temp i have C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\temp\com.modxvm.xfw.native
  10. ive got same problem but i dont have that file in that folder
  11. recently got this laptop few month back upgrade from my last one msi apache pro ge72mvr 7rg not bad results tbh big difference when using rt
  12. the numbers etc r back on the panels and circles on the mini map , so looks like thats sorted watever it was , the thick hp bars e still there when i have selected thin
  13. ive deleted everything in appdata under wargaming did a check repair , ill try modpack using amdin rights see if it works , just strange ive noticed it the last few modpacks , i never said anythinga s i thought it be just because of new update and wud be done by xvm , silly me
  14. is this a wot issue or is it a local issue through my fonts settings in windows? how would i go about fixing it as im not too clued about this stufflol
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