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  1. warning low bridge !!!! but I continue to drive into it with a high vehicle , dam ive lost the part of my vehicle
  2. im just wondering has anyone tested it with only battle assistant installed?
  3. I must admit I almost cried when I seen u had removed battle assistant lol , if there was only 1 mod allowed to use in the game it be battle assistant , I installed it manually last night and it seems to be ok so far , maybe its a conflict with another mod who knows , those pesky gremlins again
  4. getting this download error in the installer for the echo of war engine sounds
  5. go to the authors mod page and download it from there that wat im doing as the small bug is bearable to play with , id rather play with the small bug than the horrid wg version
  6. definitely wg messed up the original ba , don't know why they never used the excact same way as original ba , but also confirm I removed ba myself and never had any issues ,
  7. ive also had this issue same as darth it only happens every now and again, I actually thought it was just a graphic glitch so didn't report it , I also use battle assistant wonder if everyone else is that is having this issue is using ba
  8. its like u jump in yer race car then have to jump back into yer daily runabout lol
  9. yeh I did mate , much better thanks
  10. @Aslain did u change the values ? I noticed after installing the new mudpack that I didn't need to change the values myself and the numbers float slower which is much better , if so thanks a unch mate
  11. just wondering if its possible to have an option in installer to change the max range in markers alive and markers dead (rising damage amount) and rising dead icons , I change the range to 500 instead of 100 manually on each selection , to me it helps ingame knowing where damage is given to enemy at certain points of the map . just a query if not worth it im happy enugh manually chaniging the values myslf
  12. tbh ive not had the issue for a while now , usually play around 10-12 hours a day , probably just one of those pesky gremlins
  13. ive had this excact thing happen to me its rare though , I can go days without any problems then one day itl happen and sometimes happens twice in that day , ill also add I don't use any ping spam blockers, if it happens again ill attach logs of the time it happens
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