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  1. ah great was wondering y I cudnt see shells firing from my tank . I thought it maybe had been the engine and gun sound mods
  2. strange that my xvm minimap works with Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
  3. update yup gun sounds aren't working engine sounds r ok
  4. im just installing the mudpack just now, ill be installing the engine and gun sounds , iil check to see if they work and get back to u, bear in mind ive just did a full recovery reset on my laptop and fresh install of windows ,
  5. zorganes gun sounds don't work with the engine sounds , u have to use world of war engine gun sounds (same author of the engine sounds mod)
  6. ive just tested the beta part and it works fine
  7. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433-1021-yasenkrasen-colored-messages-session-statistics-eng-14062018/ look for beta features , download that folder , and put the 2 files into the appropriate places
  8. its part of the beta , aslain removed it from mudpack as it wasn't working correctly , u can go to the mod author site and down load the beta part of the mod separately and add the files into yk folders
  9. any notice on when battle observer will be back ??
  10. master ambush it is called , theres not been an update on it wether its legal or not , I asked aslain about it before and no point risking accounts with a mod that's not been confirmed either way
  11. these 2 sound like little kids , ah somethings not working I'm going to another mudpack blah blah blah , such an immature response , all I can say is good luck on getting problems solved quickly on other modpacks when u run into problems .
  12. i also did a full pc defrag , ive not defragged this laptop since I got it 2 years ago , oh wow it feels like new again wat a difference
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