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  1. recently got this laptop few month back upgrade from my last one msi apache pro ge72mvr 7rg not bad results tbh big difference when using rt
  2. the numbers etc r back on the panels and circles on the mini map , so looks like thats sorted watever it was , the thick hp bars e still there when i have selected thin
  3. ive deleted everything in appdata under wargaming did a check repair , ill try modpack using amdin rights see if it works , just strange ive noticed it the last few modpacks , i never said anythinga s i thought it be just because of new update and wud be done by xvm , silly me
  4. is this a wot issue or is it a local issue through my fonts settings in windows? how would i go about fixing it as im not too clued about this stufflol
  5. hi as u can see from pics stats r missing on players panel also the other picture i selected thin lines on player panel and its showing thick also icons missing on the minimap Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Confirmed. Removed damage received mod is causing the. Hang Works perfect now . Just got to double check with all other mods I use
  7. I'm just reloading modpack without damage received. Will confirm Was gutted as did my best performance lol
  8. Just in game had crash . Loaded back in with different section removed. Will try damage received next
  9. That narrows it down then. If it works with just xvm. One way I'm going to try is do it by section Example sound mods . But I got a strange feeling it's night sky I'm not on game yet to test but shud be on shortly.
  10. Works perfect in safe mode.. I've tried removing some mods that I see in the logs. Such. As hit marker danger lights engine and gun sounds but still got the issue. I'll keep trying myself aswell and try to pinpoint wat mod its causing it as I've also read a few others have the same issue
  11. @aslain if i stay alive long enough game crashes no,y in frontline this is last log on python log maybe an xvm issue 2021-08-16 22:54:34.250: ERROR: Missing font "xvm" in ".root1.instance5.com.xvm.vehiclemarkers.ui::XvmVehicleMarker58.instance132.instance133.instance134". Search log: Searching for font: "xvm" [Device] Movie resource: "xvm" [Device] not found. Imports : "xvm" [Device] not found. Exported : "xvm" [Device] not found. Registered fonts: "xvm"[Device] not found. Searching FontLib: "xvm" [Device] not found. Searching FontProvider: "xvm" [Device] not found. Searching FontLib without [Device] flag: "xvm" not found. Searching again without [Device] flag: Movie resource: "xvm" not found. Imports : "xvm" not found. Exported : "xvm" not found. Registered fonts: "xvm" not found. Font not found.
  12. i have the same issue , ive tried removing different mods but just cant find wat one its causing it
  13. after first kill u cant rejoin battle , when exit battle the game crashes logs attached Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. after deselecting and reselecting sound mods , only 2 sound mods that i removed were crew sounds {family guy} and the ut announcer and i got into battle and play with no issues, reinstalled crew sounds and still worked so looks like there is an issue with the ut announcer mod
  15. hey ive disabled xvm thinking it was that but i am getting stuck at battle loading screen , the bar at bottom is at the end but only way to exit is to close the game. logs attached Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  16. as title running installer and says download failed file not found
  17. have u tried deleting all the folders from this folder C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\Aslain_Modpack\DL_cache i have to delete these folders manually everytime there's anew update on any of the mods in this folder maybe try doing that before running the installer
  18. thanks i just dont like the other engine sounds , zorganes seem not to work with day after tomorrow gun sounds and the other is just a rambling noise and goes silent when zoomed out
  19. what happened to the day after tomorrow engine sounds?
  20. ill turn off battle hits in the ingame options see if thats the cause , as i just had that crash heres the logs and screenshot Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  21. think ive had the same problem , its happened twice , when battle finishes and the game looks to go back to the garage the tank appears in middle but have the layout of the battle still in picture example player panels damage panel etc are still in the picture and the game just freezes . and i have to close game via task manager , not happened for a while but ill keep an eye out if it happens again and post logs
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