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  1. keep em coming... hoping to see more amd gpu participants ^^
  2. no problem with entertaining a few Q's but let's stick to the topic for now... encore results...
  3. then maybe you can both contact wg's and nvidia's support with regards to said sli issue in wot... maybe they can meet half way and discuss a fix for that...
  4. maybe it's an nvidia sli issue... or a driver issue at that... have you tried contacting nvidia with regards to what you and others are experiencing using nvidia cards in sli?...
  5. what nvidia gpu are you using on sli?... have you tried contacting WoT support with regards to your sli problem?...
  6. waiting for intel xe gpu release to see how they fare in WoT...
  7. still near my 9k range... from the looks of it... it's still favoring nvidia cards (on amd and intel processors)... hoping to see users with 5500, 5600, 5700 amd video cards...
  8. tried using repair extended instead of repair izeberg... mod settings menu is missing on both... ^^
  9. anyone with amd radeon cards?... as have posted initially... 9k range on mine (2600x + rx580) 9k range on another user (3800x + rx580) need more results for amd cards... ^^
  10. found a thread on TPU where the user has a 3800x proc. and same gpu as mine rx580... with also the same range of results rt on/off... here... and someone posted there... lol... still favoring intel processors... ^^
  11. anyone with specs similar to mine esp. radeon rx 580 card?... or other amd cards... want to compare results as almost same processor (non x variant) with albeit a different card (nvidia 1660 ti) has an encore rt score of almost 17k while mine is at 9k hehehe... though i am running a dual monitor set-up (main monitor is a tn panel at 165hz refresh rate and the second monitor is an ips panel at 75hz refresh rate)... even though i am running it on the main monitor (full hd and full screen) and the other stuff like open browsers are on the other monitor... i think it affects the score... did a screenshot when i did the guide to this... and the resulting image has a 3,840 x 1,080 resolution... and another result from albeit a bit slower system than mine is higher again than my results... ^^
  12. my bad... will do... go to this website: wotencore don't worry... it's official... and i think the site is in russian language... but the installer is in english... just click the orange colored button and download the installer or click here to download (4mb+ file) then install... i think it's another 1gb+ of download file for the enCORE RT application and installation... after installation... launch go to Graphics Settings this is the RT OFF setting RT ON Setting click TEST... results located on where you installed enCORE RT under screenshots folder... .png files...
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