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  1. See this in the Armoref Patrol: Problems logging into the game on September 22
  2. Thank you very much, RaJCeL, now works fine 😘 Again thank you very much for your work.
  3. Good morning guys. It seems that the Events remainder Mod it does not work. @RaJCeL Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Hi guys. Here you have my translation to the Spanish language. ☺️ WoT_es_translation_1.18.0.1_02.ini
  5. When you can, it's not urgent. Thank you very much for your great work.
  6. How can I uncheck the Advanced Tech Tree option? without losing the rest of the Garage settings It's a single radiocheck Thanks
  7. One question before I start doing experiments. I usually use XVM mods and other NON-XVM mods but I want to try removing the XVM mods and see how the game appears to me ... and then go back to my XVM settings as if nothing had changed. Is this possible? Do I have the XVM settings in a file that I can back up? I don't know if I'm explaining it right: Remove XVM, test and restore my XVM 😬
  8. Thanks 🙃 I will try to investigate more if I find a cause or a pattern that repeats 😜
  9. Sorry, but here I am with another topic that seems to be a bug. Highlighting the selected tank works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't; It doesn't depend on whether it's a premium tank or not. It doesn't depend on whether you have a crew or not. It doesn't depend on whether you have already consumed the daily bonus or not ... I have not been able to know when or why it does it well sometimes and not others. Can you help me? . Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Wow. I love this carrousel. Thanks I've a dream: If it showed the Field Modification it would be perfect 😁
  11. Looks great! I'm going to try your MOD to see how I see it in my garage! What is the name of the MOD in the Aslain installer?
  12. I would like to be able to see the status of the Field Modifications of a tank in the garage or on the carousel in a quick way, especially whether it is complete or not. Would it be possible? 😛
  13. Wow, ok. Ufffff ... two mods I've been using for a long time. Thanks, do you know if they will fix it? Edit: Yeah, I disabled "A little ..." and already works correctly "Vehicle Exp Extended" . .
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