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  1. Spanish file updated. WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.0_03.ini
  2. How can I remove the health bars that are visible in the player panels? I have never selected them. Thanks. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Can you give us the new english file? I've seen at least one new key. Thx.
  4. Thanks Aslain, I run to consult it.
  5. Left: standar buttons filter; Right: buttons filter after install Aslain ModPack ( ¿XVM? ) I don't know if the additional buttons are installed by XVM Mod or by another Mod creator . If any of you can inform me I appreciate it. Well. I would need two things, if possible. One: A Button to filter "Only tanks that have won at least one battle". I have a lot of X5 Reserves for second win and would like to know which tanks to play to take advantage of these reserves. Two: I have experience for more than forty years in programming, I've made
  6. Fixed some bugs WoT_es_translation_1.10.0.4_10b.ini
  7. Spanish. Clean and revised. WoT_es_translation_1.10.0.4_10.ini
  8. Here it is. All completed source in order to compile the Key Lists Utility App. Need be compiled with Embarcadero Delphi 2010. It does not need any external module or include. Greetings. Redraven59 (xXxREDRAVENxXxsSsRAMMERs) P.D.: Aslain, If you see it necessary, we can open a new thread for this topic (App) and leave the translation free, because this of the application is an accessory to the translation. AppCompleteListWithAnotherList.Source.And.Exe.v2.zip
  9. I have done a search for equal doubles and I have found one more es.HDminimap_main==Mod Principal (Nota: Desactiva el XVM minimapa) I correct it in my file, you also correct it in your file.
  10. No problem. But I have to prepare a version that only includes the common functions that it uses, of a large own library of common functions that are not necessary (and that are my professional work). I will prepare and share with us here.
  11. Fixed a few additional (minimal) bugs WoT_es_translation__1.10.0.4_03d.ini
  12. After using the Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. installer I have found a few errors in the Spanish translation that I have already corrected. WoT_es_translation__1.10.0.4_03b.ini
  13. Spanish translate. WoT_es_translation__1.10.0.4_03.ini
  14. Last revision of Spanish file (using new App) WoT_es_translation_1.10.0.2_06.ini
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