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  1. Here is the new translation to spanish WoT_es_translation_1.11.0.0_19.ini
  2. Aslain, please, put the english file, the file WoT_en_translation_1.11.0.0_19.ini!!! is the changelog! Thanks
  3. 1.- Crew is not missing, only its not visible in garage. 2.- In the official forum there are people who do NOT USE MODS and cannot see the crews; It may be that the problem is the WoT, not the mods
  4. Another one Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Edit: Re-install with no option Crew by spoter but the same effect, no Crew show in garage
  5. Spanish translate of WoT_es_translation_1.11.0.0_10.ini
  6. Aslain, the attached ini file not is the English version, its only the change. Can you attach the original English file?
  7. Last Spanish Translation WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.4_03 v2.ini
  8. Aslain, use this update of Spanish file. Some "]-------" too long and I correct it WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.3_07.ini
  9. Thanks, perfect. Aslain, a new version of translate; I have note some "]-------" too long and I correct it WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.3_07.ini
  10. As you have done before, in the changelog for the next update; thank you
  11. Ok. New Spanish translation available Note: Aslain, a little favor: could you put some credit for the new Spanish translations? It's a small thing, I think, but I would like ... We are human and ... WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.3_07.ini
  12. Translate to Spanish ES WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.3_06.ini
  13. The ini file in Spanish WoT_es_translation_1.10.1.3_00.ini
  14. This that you propose has two drawbacks, from my point of view: First, XVM developers could change the parameters present in that config file and it would be lost when replacing the new one with the previous backup. Second: people who do not edit the configuration files by hand would not have the possibility to choose different sorts simply because they do not know that possibility. In any case, thank you very much for your proposal. Diego "RedRaven59"
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