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  1. THis is driving me crazy tho... PATCH ALREADY!
  2. So ya, I often crash to the desktop (game over) when quitting out of a battle. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Same here... uninstalled everything and starting from scratch.
  4. OK cool... I will not waste ore time on trying to "fix it" then. Thanks for the reply and info and thanks for the great mod. -OG-
  5. Please excuse the noob question but I am a bit confused about all the working parts to this. I see Aslains mod has " - updated Expected Tank Values v30" I see that http://www.wotstats.org is also using v30. I have uninstalled / reinstalled aslains mod. I have removed and re-added account.modxvm.com/ in my WOT account management. In game I am still seeing v29 stats. So did some poking around and saw this on the modxvm support page and found some posts saying this: "afaic, XVM won't update to v30 at all and will use their own expected values from now on." It is my understanding that we need to update at the modxvm site to update the ingame stats we see in aslains mod. Does this mean we have to live with diff stats for wn8 going forward? Thanks, -OG-
  6. Bingo... went into the game recital settings and had to change it for both "normal" and sniper. Very odd as I have never had to go in there before. Thanks!
  7. So... I am still not clear on whats happening with Jimbo's crosshairs. When I look at the image preview I want V1 with the nice circles.... but both seem to result in V2. I have completely removed all mods and added again just in case but all I can get is V2.
  8. Is there a way to export my settings to a new PC or share with my friends? Maybe a text file from the install?
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