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  1. everything is up to date so far. and there are no issues. the only thing that's triggering issues right now is when i run WoT with mods. Win10 is up to date. all drivers are up to date. the only major change this year is my laptop's keyboard getting repaired, so the SSD and harddisk was briefly unplugged for a month while it was in the shop. if the issues stem from there then i would be getting BSOD outside WoT...except for the sole reason that it really only happens when i run WoT with mods now. the WoT files were moved from an internal HDD to an external HDD. so to re-summarize: -i moved WoT files to another HDD (should have no issues) -drivers and Win10 are up to date -modpacks installed are as up to date as possible -game is up to date -game refuses to run with mods and freezes/crashes on loading screen, occasionally blue-screening after that. -game still refuses to run mods after a complete reinstall of game client and modpack -game runs perfectly normal on safe mode/vanilla (complete uninstall of modpack). noticeable lack of BSOD. -therefore the game client has nothing wrong with it -if hardware/drivers are the cause to the BSOD, i should be getting BSOD even when not playing WoT. but it did not BSOD, even under noticeably heavier usage (eg: running BFV, opening 20 tabs on chrome while running WoT vanilla, whatever). therefore it is not a driver/hardware issue. -therefore the source of why the mod is not working remains unknown -Ress notices some "weird code" on my older logs. perhaps that's related to the issue? did i get everything @Aslain @Ress ? ps: will be travelling to UK for a week so might not check the forums as often.
  2. shouldn't be the case since it can run exactly the same mods before. hell, i'm actually running LESS mods now. so for some reason what was able to run before 1.5 (the last time i played before recently) somehow ceased to run now.
  3. yeah but it only happens when i run WoT with mods. i do everything else and no BSOD so far. i wonder if WG devs ever come to check this forum?
  4. installed #7, and did not install Battle observer nor PMOD stuff. game blue-screened the comp under 5 mins in the loading screen. DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION
  5. @Ressturned off Battle Observer. game still crashed with mods. i am now officially confounded tried running the game vanilla (uninstalled modpack) and it runs just fine, so the issue is positively in the modpack.
  6. noted. am downloading #03 now. will get back within...2-3 hours, judging by how throttled the downloads usually feel (if not actually are). completely missed that PSA about Battle Observer, my bad. will try installing the modpack without it this time....whenever the modpack finishes downloading PS:i have no idea what's that code saying. did we accidentally stumble on SerB's virtual rasp?
  7. it was when i posted that. anyway #2 looks like it only has updates to parts of the mod i never used, so would updating the modpack really affect my situation?
  8. ver #01 right? already did that earlier on my prev comment. attached are the logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. already did a reinstall or game client and new modpack. game was okay (i can see the garage load up) until the prompt where i have to restart the game due to installing audio mods. after that the game crashed as usual. had to do a soft-restart because the comp was stuck on the loading screen to the point i can't use task manager to force shut down WoT
  10. correction: yea might be something wrong with my WoT. i just got hard crashed into a blue screen from loading a match. that aint natural
  11. just now updated my graphic driver and modpack. game CTD'd on loading screen without the error report msgbox this time. i'm fully aware that moving the files between HDDs shouldn't cause this issue, so the issue should be within the game or modpack itself...i have removed all mods that have any "XVM" written on it (repair timer, map mod, reload sound mod) and it crashed with the messagebox appearing this time. in the opinion that something might be wrong with the mod itself since game can still run in safe mode
  12. i just noticed that there should be a micropatch tomorrow that "adds a folder for mods". i wonder if that's related to this issue?
  13. -no dupes on client -file integrity checked -can run on safe mode -already re-added to firefall exception -not a system drive. -antivirus is defender, so that should be a non-issue -ccleaner is useless. -deleting the cache at %appdata% didn't help also already updated the game and the modpack due to 1.5.1 being out but still crashing. this pops up as with before:
  14. game instantly crashes on loading screen. sometimes it doesn't and gets stuck on the loading screen until i force-close it or restart the computer. a pop-up box says that it's something to do with XVM not working. modpack is latest version. i'm on the asian server. the only major change i did is moving the game files to another HDD to free up some space on the old one. i updated the modpack after the moving. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip the game runs ok in safe mode.
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