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  1. Thanks for explaining. Though I have to answer this with yes.: Most tanks are show up as basic grey countour icons, only very few Fv4202 for instance are pogs icons.
  2. In Garage only? The Pogs icons are contour icons, not Garage Tank Symbols. Though im still not saying they are game relevant. One can simply not install them for now or use others. Will try again.
  3. Hi there, thanks for all the work as usual. I'v encountered an issue in the 01 Version and as the title says the installer fails to download the POGS icon (404). (First one: MAX FSR RLD VR) Not a complaint, especially since its so early, just wanted to let you know. Since its not an issue in the game I doubt logs are much use. Thanks and have a nice day. E: Updated to v01
  4. Did you try the borderless windowed option yet? That seems to work for some.
  5. Yeah sorry about that, I normally do. I had boosters active while it suddenly crashed and wanted to use them. And since it hasnt crashed since then and using modpack 5 now, there is no point right now to create logs.
  6. Ok, didnt seem to crash anymore using pack 5 instead of 6. Thats... interesting.
  7. Ive got the issue as well now. Interestingly I didnt have that issue with pack 5 but now with 6 it currently started. Trying to go back to 5 now.
  8. Maybe i will, later though just found out it can crash returning to garage normally too. And afaik error occurs with other modpacks like quickies with xvm as well.
  9. as topic, but not always just sometimes. Thanks for your work. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip I think only when I return to Garage after dying in battle, not after surviving an ended battle.
  10. Hi, as usual thanks for the work and hope youre having a good holiday :D I recently unlocked the Conqueror and also got enough credits and Garage slots available but when I click to buy it nothing happens. Neither from tech tree or store, right click purchase etc. Also whenever I close the game it reports as crashed. I tried temporarily moving the mods in the res_mods away but it kept starting with at least some mods and same issue. Whats the right way to remove the mods but not loosing my configs for Aslains installer? A "clean" install should either circumvent the problem or
  11. Just reporting in, removed garage mod, still crashes (logs P1)
  12. No without the website, dont have any sound modpacks either, I think. (Just being to the point, thanks for looking into it as usual)
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