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  1. Here is the FPS Limiter. I can imagine that somehow you have the 30 fps limiter selected. If not, include your logs.
  2. It would be best to include your logs for a problem like this. If you need assistance with this, see my signature for a link to the information on compiling your logs.
  3. XVM crew auto return works perfectly for me. All I did was to set "enableCrewAutoReturn" to true instead of false in the hangar.xc file.
  4. The Crew Auto Return in xvm isn't set to true when selected in the modpack.
  5. Yes, all statistical data is erased/reset on the account. So battles played, win rate, damage dealt etc is set to 0. So when XVM collects the account statistics it will also reflect the new battle count, damage dealt, etc and calculate a new WN8 etc. The above is my understanding of the matter, I have never done a reset on an account so I can't personally verify....but I believe it to be the case. Maybe someone who has actually done a reset can verify.
  6. Make sure that you are installing the modpack as an administrator. In case you aren't familiar with this, right click on the modpack exe file and then choose "Run as Admistrator". Re-install the modpack as before with all of your selections. There is a small possibility that Windows is deciding that it doesn't want to allow the modpack installer to completely install everything where it wants to. By running as Administrator, you are telling Windows to install it and because you are the big chief/boss you authorize everything to be installed. Then, Windows simply does it without making any decisions on its own. If you already knew the above and have already done that, then I am out of ideas.
  7. There aren't any links here and I don't know of any scammers on this website. What are you talking about?
  8. Personally, I don't have any idea of the answer. If you don't get the info you need here, I suggest asking your question on WoTLabs Forum in the Core Skills and Mechanics section. Good luck!
  9. Without the necessary logs from you, we can only guess. But, here is my guess.....check and see if you have inadvertently selected an fps limiter in the modpack. If this isn't it, please provide your logs. That will be a great help in helping you solve your problem. For info on how to create the logs, see the link in my signature below.
  10. Please provide your logs. If you need instructions on how to do this, see the link in my signature below. Someone will have to test your setup in order to diagnose your problem.
  11. have you tried to repair the game from the game settings tab in the game center?
  12. I am an arty only player and I use Battle Assistant. It is extremely rare that I don't see the shell tracer or explosion etc. I see it happen maybe one or two shots every 50 battles or so. Not very often at all. It is a puzzling issue indeed. Edit: I just remembered that I use the 64 bit version of the client. Maybe that is a difference....just a thought.
  13. The issue with arty tracers or explosions being invisible at random times is a strange one. Lots of people have reported that one. I had the problem sporadically as well, but I haven't seen it in probably a week or so. But, I never found any rhyme or reason because it happened so randomly. But I can probably help you with your TOG II issue. You probably have it set to reserve or some other filter in your garage is blocking it. Most of the time this happens it is because the player has it set to reserve. In the screenshot below I have indicated the "set to reserve" button. Un-check that and your fabulous TOG II hopefully will be visible in your garage.
  14. Thanks for your answer. Maybe it was a bug and it got fixed in the micro-patch. Time will tell....
  15. Are you saying that when you are playing a normal tank (non-arty) that you sometimes don't see the arty shell tracer or the arty shell not hitting anything?
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