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  1. I download and update every release because I want to generate a little revenue for Aslain. I do this even though some updates only have changes to mods that I don't use. I have a pretty fast pc and a decent internet speed so it takes less than a minute for me to do it. At a minimum, I would definitely download and install all updates that include any changes to any of the mods that I use.
  2. I haven't removed Damocles yet, but here are my logs just in case you want to look at them. Oh...the sight doesn't work..that is why I am posting. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Maybe your firewall is blocking xvm. Just a thought/guess.
  4. aha.....I learned something new today. I knew that you could select it separately and I knew that I could see the marks in the hangar, but I didn't make the connection between the two.
  5. Marks of Excellence Extended causes it. It is updated by OldSkool...so you were right about it being from him.
  6. Actually, I checked and I don't have OldSkool's Marks in Hangar installed, but I did have his Spot Messenger installed...but that doesn't cause it either. I don't have anything from OldSkool installed at the moment as far as I can tell. I will investigate a bit more.
  7. Or maybe it isn't really there and it's only a figment of our imagination..... Since I have clicked it a few times, I suppose that when I get an invoice in the post for extending the rental period of something random like a dishwasher I will know why.... Thanks for the explanation!
  8. I don't consider this an issue or a bug....just a curiosity perhaps...but I have this little button on my screen. When I mouse over it, it says "Extend the rental period". Nothing happens when I click on it. I don't have any rental tanks in my garage. I even cleared the carousel filter in case WG had given me a free rental for some reason. I didn't notice it until today, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been there before today. Anyone else have this and do you know how to remove it? Thanks in advance....
  9. From what I found out, Krakonos isn't a skin but an award camo from WG. Looks like it might have been a NA only camo.
  10. Here is the FPS Limiter. I can imagine that somehow you have the 30 fps limiter selected. If not, include your logs.
  11. It would be best to include your logs for a problem like this. If you need assistance with this, see my signature for a link to the information on compiling your logs.
  12. XVM crew auto return works perfectly for me. All I did was to set "enableCrewAutoReturn" to true instead of false in the hangar.xc file.
  13. The Crew Auto Return in xvm isn't set to true when selected in the modpack.
  14. Yes, all statistical data is erased/reset on the account. So battles played, win rate, damage dealt etc is set to 0. So when XVM collects the account statistics it will also reflect the new battle count, damage dealt, etc and calculate a new WN8 etc. The above is my understanding of the matter, I have never done a reset on an account so I can't personally verify....but I believe it to be the case. Maybe someone who has actually done a reset can verify.
  15. Make sure that you are installing the modpack as an administrator. In case you aren't familiar with this, right click on the modpack exe file and then choose "Run as Admistrator". Re-install the modpack as before with all of your selections. There is a small possibility that Windows is deciding that it doesn't want to allow the modpack installer to completely install everything where it wants to. By running as Administrator, you are telling Windows to install it and because you are the big chief/boss you authorize everything to be installed. Then, Windows simply does it without making any d
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