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  1. I have been getting these every Grand Battle as well. The crash reports are being sent to XVM...if they are reading them is another thing.
  2. The game client is failing to connect to the game server...it is interrupted. There could be many different reasons. Locally, it could be your computer's firewall or Anti-Virus blocking the connection. Try turning off/ or disable your anti virus first. If that doesn't make a difference, then turn off/ or disable your firewall. If it still doesn't work, then it might be your ISP (Internet Service Provider) causing the issue. Connect using a different internet connection. Make sure the different connection is with a different ISP and not the same as yours. Maybe your cell phone has a different provider and you can create a hotspot and connect your pc that way to test. Or maybe you can take your computer to a friend/relative who has a different internet company from you. If you haven't already done so, go to the World of Tanks North America forum and see if anyone is reporting the same problem. It could be an issue with War Gaming. If it is, then others will have the same issue as you. If they are, open ticket with customer service. If you are still having issues then you can move to Europe like I did!!!
  3. I haven't heard of that before. I just went to chat and didn't experience the problem.
  4. Try to always remain young at heart. I tell myself each year that age is just a number and I realize that I am perpetually about 14 years old in my mind. Ok....not always 14 but often...haha. I should have been clear and put the question on the meme as it was intended to be a joke and to be from the Church Lady. I loved it when Dana Carvey played her on Saturday Night Live. It was almost as funny as John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and the others back in the late 70's. So...you can see that I have been 14 for about 40 years now. Enjoy the girls!!!! Oh...I am glad that the resident hero Aslain figured out a solution for you.
  5. Sorry that your thread was missed. Since we are now on modpack version and your logs are from, could you please play a battle and then upload new logs generated from the latest modpack version? Also, having the latest modpack installed might solve your problem. In the meantime....why do you want to look at such stuff, young man?
  6. Don't install "Calculatrice de WN8/EFF en bataille [ProTanki]" for now. It is causing problems. If you have problems after, please post new logs.
  7. This is a very small problem, but wanted to report it so it is known. white tracks file not found 404 during install. Thanks for what you do for us.
  8. This is precisely why Aslain's is the best modpack. Aslain tries to do what is right and keep us safe while using his modpack.
  9. you are making progress . Now you need to include your logs. The link in my signature will take you to the information on how to get your logs. There is also other information on what you can do first to fix general problems with the game. Follow the instructions and then if your problem still exists post your logs here for Aslain to inspect. There may be information in the logs to help solve your problem. Without the logs, it could be impossible to solve. Like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  10. Are your crashes only happening in Grand Battles? I have also had a couple of crashes after Grand Battles, but none in random battles. I guess I need to play more tier 8 and 10 to see if I get the same results. I have been playing primarily T9 the last few weeks and therefore don't get Grand Battles. I don't use any gun sounds at all, actually have all game sounds turned off and listen to music. I do have ATAC. I will post any logs after any crashes here.
  11. As Quaksen suggested, a replay would probably help the most. I have 59,541 battles in arty (I know...tankers reading this now have a headache) and the only time I have ever experienced what you have described has been due to an internet connectivity issue. I don't know exactly what the exclamation mark in the place of the ping number is, but I guess it means that the latency is too high for the game to operate in an acceptable manner. Just a guess though. That would definitely cause you to miss shots. Make sure you have server crosshair enabled in the game client. I would also install PMOD Server Crosshair from the modpack. This will show you in game where the server crosshair is aiming as it can be different from the client crosshair aiming point. If you have a slow internet connection you might have to wait a bit for the server crosshair to settle into the same spot as the client side crosshair. I hope this helps you. I didn't see anything that caught my attention in your logs, but by no means am I the most competent at reading logs. Maybe Aslain or Quaksen or one of the other real modders will see something.
  12. Please post your logs. If you aren't sure of how to do this, see my signature below for a link to instructions.
  13. It was worth a try. Please post new logs from the current client and using the current modpack. I am sure someone will be able to help you.
  14. Try everything again after the new modpack is released. Between the micropatch released by WG today and possible updated mods in the modpack, your problem might magically be solved. If not, of course post new logs using the latest modpack and updated client.
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