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  1. Exactly the same thing here. Plus, I can't close program with icon or Alt-F4. Found a way by moving WOT to 'New Desktop' and then closing in using Task Manager.
  2. Just had same issue, can't find any solution so far... besides PC restart...
  3. Thanks Aslain. Removed Hitzones and so far all good. Shame, as I like to have hitzones ON... Maybe will try again the other ones (although those always bug different tanks camos for me...) Will report back if the issue arise again.
  4. Just to add... it happens just as "Loading Interface..." shows up after clicking "Battle"... screen freezes and after 2 sec I'm back on my desktop. Hope you'll get a chance to check my log.
  5. Hi Aslain, Since few updates, every few battles, even more often lately, game just exits when launching new battle. It happens no matter the tank, no matter the map, in random battles (not sure about other types). Any ideas, please? Log attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Yea, you were right... same issue with other modpacks... Guess I'm stuck with it, unless I decide to go with no modpacks at all.
  7. Thinking about stooping using this modpack cause of the issue... just before I delete the modpack and try something else - @Aslain, is there a way of keeping/backing up current configuration of mods I use, if I ever decide to go back?
  8. This is still ON, real pain in the arse. Can't believe so few people report issue.
  9. [EDIT] nvm... ah well, guess have to change modpacks.
  10. [EDIT] Never mind... it's not XVM carousel.
  11. Seriously, you don't see anything in logs that people send Aslain? Loosing on exp bonuses...
  12. Any progress on this one? REALLY annoying. :-/
  13. Same here, only current battle results are available, have to wait for it to finish to work. None of the previous battles results are working. All I get is - "Sorry, detailed battle results unavailable." No idea which mod could be causing that, but pointing at XVM?
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