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  1. The past 2-3 times I had to install the updated modpack, I have had to go through all the tanks that I don't use often and set them to "reserve" again. These settings used to get updated automatically so I didn't have to do this again with each update. Is this a "Tank Carousel XVM" issue? I used to have "Show advanced info on the carousel" checked, but I no longer use that. I'm not sure if the issue started before or after unchecking that. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Mods installed might affect this, but while in battle, look in the top left above your team list, there should be 5 boxes you can click on to change what is displayed. I've not messed with it, but I'm guessing one of those settings will be tank type only... or whatever combo of info you are looking for.
  3. Well, NA customer support page states the 8th... they are currently down for what appears to be the update.
  4. Thank you for posting the "Important announcement" about update v1.11.0. You seem to have better information than WG has. They have the wrong dates listed.
  5. lol... yeah, + only goes so far I will look at those settings, but they sound like they are for they tank symbols on the mini map. I'm looking more for what the "Minimap Zoom" set to very large looks like, but without having to press a button... just being that size standard. With all my settings, it is somewhere between medium and large when set to max. I might just have to go with a lower resolution, but that will mean tweaking everything else to get it to how I like it to look again... thought it would be easier to just adjust the max map size. I'll dig through the settings file again and see if there is a number there for it that I can adjust.
  6. Is there a mod that allows for more mini map size options? I run max resolution and manually adjust the UI scale in the settings file. I am looking for a way to make the mini map at least a little bigger without having to lower the resolution or change the entire UI scale since I have everything else right where I want it. Does such a mod exist and I'm just missing it?
  7. Just bumping since the update notes no longer say "it's an early version, not everything is working" for xvm. Tank Carousel XVM Settings are not working.
  8. I posted the same thing a while back... seems the easiest thing to do is delete the icons. Check my old post about this: *There are some other suggestions on what to try, but they didn't work for me... deleting the icons did.
  9. Correct, I was always missing the battle report when playing the AMX M4 51. The in game version of session stats showed how I had done, but the YK session stats did not show the tank had been played. I saw your reply after updating the modpack and the python.log had already been deleted. I'll see if I can reproduce the problem now that I have updated.
  10. Thanks, I'll try that next time I decide to try the xvm markers/icons. Stopped using it since I couldn't shut them off with only the stuff I wanted selected.
  11. Having a similar issue. AMX M4 51 does not show after battle report and is not counted in the session stats (wins/loss etc...) but the other tanks I played seem to work fine. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Okay, now that I have had a chance to try it, I can be a little more specific. I would like the option to mute the battle communication sounds and not have the glowing icons appear on the battlefield (Field of view) but communication in the chat and on the mini map would still function. Currently, to get all the annoying stuff to not show up, you pretty much have to disable everything, meaning you can't even ping the map.
  13. I would like a way to mute and/or disable then new communication system. All the beeps, voice replies and pop up notifications are very annoying and I don't trust WG to allow us to turn it off.
  14. Who would I contact to request a "Nothing" option? Just odd they get displayed even without the check box selected next to "Floating markings of destroyed vehicles".
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