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  1. Please include the requested logs. You can see the link in my signature below. Aslain will need these to help solve your problem.
  2. In order to help your problems to be solved, please provide the necessary logs. You can find out how to do this in the link in my signature below. The link will also give you some basic troubleshooting steps that you can do that often solve simple problems. So, read them carefully and if the problem persists feel free to post your logs back in this thread and someone will definitely help you. And please post some screenshots even though you have described your problem. It always helps to make sure everything is clear to the person trying to help you. Good luck!
  3. Directly under the #4 link it states: (link #4 is without adult mods) I rest my case on the topic of boobs being dangerous.... I would dare say that many of the biggest mistakes that men make or could make are related to that man looking at boobs....
  4. You do know that looking at those things for years will cause irreparable damage to your eyesight, right? They are still in the modpack. Maybe you downloaded the modpack from the 4th link---it is a version without adult content. This child safe version is also the version that is on the official WoT Mod Portal. The good, rauchy stuff is only available on this website and in the first 3 links.
  5. I have averaged about 25 battles per day (only in arty) the last week, including 28 yesterday (Saturday) and haven't had any problems at all...and specifically none with either Artillery View, or with Trajectory view. If the problem occurs with the game in safe mode then you know that it definitely is not a mod that is causing the problem. Anytime you have a problem, please attach the required logs for proper diagnosis and problem solving. Also, if the problem can be made more clear with screenshots then those are always a help. Of course, in your case a screenshot wouldn't be of help. But the logs might hold the clue. See my signature below for help on how to get and attach the logs. There is also some good information in the linked info from Aslain on steps that you can follow yourself and possibly fix your problem.
  6. The feature that you are speaking of is part of XVM. You can try asking the question/making the request on the XVM English Forum. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/
  7. Adfly is one of the ways that Aslain is able to provide this modpack for us. But, Aslain also gives everyone the option to download the modpack directly. Next to each link there is a (direct) link. Have you tried any of those? If you choose to use the direct links and bypass Adfly, please consider donating something, anything, to Aslain to support his efforts.
  8. This is a known bug that was listed in the modpack change log to inform all of us before any of us downloaded and installed the modpack: "- updated XVM 7.9.0-dev [9003] (known bugs: battle loading window, battle results window, replays playback) [USE AT OWN RISK!]" We have to be patient and wait on the XVM developers to correct this problem. We also have to make sure that we always read the modpack change logs with each modpack update. Aslain takes a lot of care to keep us informed.
  9. In my case, the problem was caused by an old carousel.xc file in my Aslain's Custom Folder. This xvm file changed in the latest version of xvm. If you have custom settings for the carousel loading automatically from the Custom Folder during installation, you need to update that file with the new one in the current version of xvm. Since you didn't provide any logs, I can't tell if the above situation applies to you or not....it is just what was true in my case. It is always best to include your logs whenever you post about a problem with the modpack. See the link in my signature below if you need assistance.
  10. ZoeBallz, do you have the carousel.xc file with your custom settings in your Aslain's Custom_mods folder (zipped of course) to be installed automatically with each updates? The reason I am asking is because I just corrected the same problem you illustrated in your screenshot in the last 5 minutes. The carousel.xc file in the current version of xvm is different from the previous carousel.xc file. I opened the new carousel.xc file in notepad++, made the changes that I had made to the previous file, saved it and then restarted the client. The carousel was scaled correctly. Then, I replaced the carousel file in my Custom folder, zipped it and all is good. If you don't have a carousel file in the Aslain's Custom folder then I have no idea of what your problem might be.... Edit... I see in your logs that you do not have anything in your Custom Folder being installed...if I read it correctly. So my solution above probably is completely irrelevant. I should stop pretending to know what I am talking about....lol.
  11. I read that your Aslain Log is empty. Does this mean that you ran the Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe and that there isn't anything in the generated zip file? If you haven't ran that archiver, please do and post the zip file here.
  12. There was an update from WG this morning that changed the client version. I am sure that Aslain will have an updated ModPack which is compatible with the latest client. WG does this from time to time and it always causes a short time of problems until Aslain works it all out. I am sure that this update from WG was amazingly important and had to happen.......I am being sarcastic of course. We just have to have a bit of patience and let Aslain work his magic.
  13. Since it only happens when you load with mods, that means that it probably is a mod or a mod setting causing your problem. The logs asked for above are very easy and super fast to create and most likely will contain the information needed to help you to solve your problem. But, without the logs that help isn't possible. But, it is your computer and therefore your choice.
  14. See my signature below. Please provide the required logs which will help someone diagnose your problem and offer a solution.
  15. I stopped getting email notifications a long time ago and I have a gmx account too. I subscribed to this post and just go the new post notification. So your change fixed my problem. Oh...and the emails were never put into spam/junk mail...they were probably delivered into a black hole in sector 9...or to the Dark Star....
  16. Try installing the modpack without Equipment and Skill Icons by DEbranded (Ausrüstungs- und Fähigkeitssymbole von DEbranded auf Deutsch).
  17. I have downloaded both WoT and WoWS modpacks using Chrome and Avira AntiVirus Pro without any problems. No virus warnings etc. Both are clean. I suggest that you have some sort of local issue with a false positive being generated.
  18. There was a micro patch on EU this morning that updated to So wait for the modpack update as well as Asia WG to update and see if everything is sorted out.
  19. If you have recently been banned from WoT in game chat without a warning, it could be due to a bug. Now, it could be that I have been a little salty in chat from time to time, but since I was banned and never got a warning I asked customer service why I was banned. WG Customer service informed me that I was falsely banned due to problem and that developers are currently working to resolve the problem.
  20. Glad that fixed the problem for you. The notes are contained in the descriptions, which you have to enable manually by clicking on the "Show Descriptions" button in the installer. But, descriptions are like instructions....most of us don't need no frickin' instructions.....
  21. It is because you have UI Scale x0.85 selected in the modpack. I have never used this feature before, but I installed it and verified that it is causing your problem. The notes for this mod in the installer state that it is a known problem and considered to be normal behavior when a setting below 1.0 is selected.
  22. I am able to move it around like always....
  23. Please include your logs for someone to diagnose what is happening in your case. For me, the latest modpack without crosshairs is working perfectly.
  24. After each battle, the game will not return to the garage. It becomes stuck on a "logging in" screen. After closing the game, I have to end World of Tanks in the Windows Task Manager in order to play another battle. Thanks for what you do Aslain. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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