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  1. Ah!! Ok! Thanks! Yes, my KV-2 is elite, so I'll accelerate crew training.
  2. I moved my crew from a KV-1 to a KV-2 and I had to add and train a new loader as the crew size increased from 5 to 6 crew. The KV-1 crew each are working on their 3 skill/perk but my new recruit is on 100% working on his first skill. Is there a way to hurry his skills so my team isn't held back?
  3. Ohhhh, ok, that sheds a lot of light on things! Thanks for the heads-up! I appreciate it!
  4. Affirmative, after the first week of a patch it's best to get all updates during the following week and there after when an update is released check it to see if any of the mods I'm using have been updated. If so, grab the modpack?
  5. Ok, I was wondering if people did that. I had been updating every time a new modpack update came out before this last patch and my modpack stopped working with modpack 15. The issue was on my side but I hadn't changed anything, #15 just didn't work. I had updated every time a new pack came out. For the future I want to just use the one that works and go, I'm not really changing a lot of the settings, so why update? Now that my modpack is working again after the game patch, I will more than likely stay on the same one. I did donate last night, I wasn't going to but I guess I could a
  6. How often do you upgrade your modpack? Every time there's a new one? Every other one? Every fifth release? I'm just wondering what others do. I've been doing every update and I want to know if that's the best way to do it or should I be on a different schedule when changing the modpack?
  7. No, I haven't tried as Admin installing or playing. Will try that now.
  8. I downloaded and installed the #14 Mod Pak Update and now when logging in, I get to the login screen to connect to the server. I set it to Auto Login, but at that point it is stays trying to connect. I didn't have time to troubleshoot Tuesday. I came back the next day and #15 was distributed. I downloaded and installed that and the same issue appears. I read the forum and ran the game check/repair, once that completed I'm still stuck connecting. I'm attaching my log files as requested. The only thing that changed was that I added Malwarebytes. I've uninstalled MWB and reinstalled the Mod
  9. I have the same issue but diAslains_WoT_Logs.zipdidn't try safe mode. I uninstalled and was able to play, 15 came out the next day so I installed that and its still not working. I get to conneting to the server and it never connects.
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