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  1. I have tried installing only non xvm mods and they are all working fine. So only xvm related mods are not working for me. idk why. :-( will keep trying to figure it out
  2. I know the installer works fine, it always have been so far, 99 % it is my computer. I recently changed internet provider, maybe its that? I will try installing with antivirus turned off and run it as administrator.
  3. I have used your modpack for years now, and this is the first time this is happening. Most of the mods selected in installer are not working for me. Like crew autoreturn, session stats, etc.... When I try to create aslain log.zip file that folder is empty. Please help! _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf python.log
  4. Damage received log is not working properly. As you can see in the screenshot it only records not penetrating hits. According to it i did not receive a single hit that damaged me, yet i am dead. :-) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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