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  1. Didn't have it until this last patch. Can WG do ANYTHING right???
  2. I installed this mod twice. I am unable to see my tracers and impact of any arty shell. I just uninstalled it till I can find a possible fix or someone else reports the same thing. PS: just ran in vanilla and it appears it is a WG issue. Still am unable to see arty shots. Aslain, feel free to delete this post if you want to. I will leave it up for an FYI to others.
  3. Aslain get better first. Though I detest playing WoT without your mod, I will survive a few days while you rest.
  4. NM! I am an idiot. WoT was still running in my processes. No clue why. FIXED. Delete this post. I keep getting an error. Anyone else? Never had a problem with Alains before. Turns out there are SEVERAL of these messages. No clue.
  5. I am not getting quite a few after battle screens. Shows played and I can view Battle Hits but no results screens. Not all the time but often 3-4 in a row will just not show. Any one else?
  6. I am getting CTD when I try to go back to garage after a batttle but also if the game ends and I dont exit. 3 times in about 2 hours. Updated XVM again, will see if that solves it tomorrow.
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