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  1. Please GET WELL SOON! We are thinking about you & want to wish you all the best. Candie ^..^
  2. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who creates the mods & of course Aslain for all you do & have done putting this mod pack together. WoT plays so much better with the near endless options to choose from making the game a more personalized experience. With the various visual aspects & choices of things I need to see, how I need to see them, when & where, make the game so much more playable & enjoyable. From reticles to damage results to zoom factors & beyond, the choices of how to see various forms of information are nearly endless. So thank you
  3. Can anyone tell me which mod allows me to draw arrows, lines & directions directly onto the minimap so as to show someone where I want them to go (for example?) Sometimes it's there & other times not. I cannot figure out which mod it is or how to turn it on. I AM DEAF so using Discord or a mic isn't an option for me. I love being able to draw an arrow showing the direction I want a platoon partner to go on the minimap without having to type it. Only being able to show a couple of DOTs on the minimap just doesn't cut it & being able to draw an entire arrow
  4. I always used those same settings for ages without any issues. I had always checked off the following settings: Disable High Details, Disable Exhaust Smoke, Disable Shot Smoke & Flames, Disable Tree Motion Effects. However, when this issue began, I shut them off one at a time to no avail. Currently I have NONE of them checked but Disable Tree Motion Effects. The issue remains so it has to be something INTERFERING with effect of seeing my shells hit. I also updated my GPU drivers. (This is done regularly) I have also used the Check & Repair option fr
  5. I cannot see my shells hitting any targets at all. I can hit a tank, wall, fence, etc. but only see the damage & never the shells impact. Unless I do damage, I cannot tell if any of my shells even hit their mark. No bounces, ricochets or any marks to show I've hit anything despite having several of the HIT SPOT MARKERS selected. It is like I missed entirely when I know I have hit. I've also removed the HIT SPOT MARKERS completely (Green for pen, Purple or Red for Bounce) but to no avail, no matter what I choose or remove, I can't see my shells connecting. One of
  6. Whenever I press the BACKSPACE IN-GAME to see what consumables & equipment I have on my tank, several of the new equipment choices appear only as a RED BOX which includes the words; TEXTURE NOT FOUND so I cannot tell what equipment that represents. I have included pics showing the RED BOXes & what should be shown. See pics: The Turbo & Improved Hardening equipment choices (as well as others) show up ONLY as RED BOXes with TEXTURE NOT FOUND written inside. Several other pieces of equipment are also effected & only show the RED BOX. Please look
  7. Are you saying it is NOT possible to create such a mod for this, to make such a change? Or are you saying there is NO mod that can do anything like this currently? I really have no idea how any of this is done, IIRC means nothing to me & I am a complete neophobe when it comes to any of this. I have asked WoT multiple times over the years & they always say they'll send my request to the developers but they've never addressed any of my requests. One more thing... Thank you so much for the time & effort you put in to making my gaming experience WOND
  8. Is there a mod where you can change the thicknesses of the lines used around the silhouette of a spotted tank or reticle to make it thicker & more pronounced? The same goes for circles & shapes around the base or anywhere the line is either thin or w/ various colour schemes behind them. I have difficult seeing lines around certain objects, depending on their colour & the background colour. Does anyone else have this same issue? E.g.: The RED silhouette surrounding enemy tanks in general and/or whenever it's behind foliage, I find it difficult to distinguish the edge of
  9. When will the new update be done / here? I find it so hard to play WoT with no zoom out or information at my fingertips. How I see things MAKES MY GAME playable, enjoyable, wonderful. No Mod Pack makes Candie a sad girl :( Hurry Aslain, save us all & bring us your update pleeeeeease... Thank you Aslain, you make WoT so much better; you're the bestest.
  10. I'm sick of being spun around 180 degrees upon being shot dead in WoT. As soon as I die, my tank is suddenly & rapidly spun around to face the opposite direction, which is often confusing & I miss out on what happened at the moment I was shot dead. I feel I'm missing out on what happened as I died. Most of the time, I want to see who shot me & from where & it's frustrating me to no end. I have spoken to WoT about this (in fact to several people there) & according to each of them, it has always been this way, there is no special reason it does this & s
  11. As soon as a game ends, a game Stat report usually pops up to show you how you did, but it is not coming up. Instead it says it can't show me. "Sorry Unavailable" However, if you click the button (in the lower right hand corner) to manually check your game stats, the system goes into a continuous loop claiming it's retrieving the files but never does; forever. You have NO choice but to Ctrl Alt Del, choose task manager & close WoT so you can restart WoT. Otherwise so far, WoT & your mod pack are working well. Thank you for your efforts, the hard w
  12. When I am shot, (either bounced, critical damaged or penned) I can't tell. There is no indication of my being shot except that when I look at the damage done on the display (from the mod pack) it shows the damage, bounces, pens etc. & lists from whom they came. So many times, I have been reduced to almost no EXP & couldn't figure out why, or how, since while I was shooting in sniper mode & could see shells coming at me, but as far as I knew, they never hit me. There's nothing to say I've been hit so when I'm in sniper mode, I have no idea if I have been damaged.
  13. You were right & I was wrong, its cause its tier, IX, normally you don't get to have accelerated crew training cause you have to research the next vehicle to do so, which is why it wasn't earning anything. It is now, they gave me the accelerated training when they moved me up, don't know why, but I still have to earn enough Exp to research the Sheridan. This is what confused me. Now it is earning credits. Yayyy I was wrong, you were right so thank you for sticking to your guns, it made me think this through & now I get it.
  14. what??? NO NO NO, if I uncheck the accelerated training, it will all go to Conversion, then I have to spend gold to change it into free Exp I can use anywhere, while keeping it checked trains my crew but also adds to the Exp my tanks makes towards researching other tanks. ALL of my tanks have this checked and make Exp for Research, every single one of my 174 tanks & they are all contributing to the Exp I can use to research the next tank in line. The ONLY reason I would uncheck the accelerated Crew Training is to build Exp into the Conversion, however, there is still some that goes
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