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  1. Hi, since i started using some mod i cant use the chat window, i have to use the mouse and click inside it to be able to type. I know i've heard about this before but cant remember which mod is the culprit. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, i enjoyed this feature but it has been non-functional for several months. Any idea if it will be fixed or is it disabled for good? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks, panic if he quit 😉
  4. Hello all, is there no more mods from Racjel?
  5. Last modpack worked fine, why is this not working? is it infected with some virus or other threat?
  6. Did just check one of yesterdays replay and it works so maybe i had to restart or something! Thanks anyway, Quaksen, for fast reply 🙂
  7. Yes of course 🙂 i cant see it colored anymore. Any ideas?
  8. Reticle is just white and does not change to green and red. Any ideas? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Hey! Since last patch i have an annoying issue that is when pressing ALT the game freeze for 2-3 seconds. Any ideas? Attached logs.
  10. Hello, i just updated the latest pack (#22) and after playing a battle the gun sound is gone, ie..no sound when firing. Attached logs.
  11. Ok, will check with him in that case. Thanks a lot for your time!
  12. Yes i am installing as admin and with the option to clean previous mods. Will remove de.champi.wot.safeshotpro_1.03.wotmod 🙂
  13. The thing is, i cant use your archiver as it say "file is missing" and closes. Any suggestions to clean up this mess? i have only used your modpack
  14. Hi, for some reason CHAMPI's 6th Sense Timer mod does not work (i.e. the timer is missing in battle and after being spotted) Any ideas? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. Hello Aslain! First of all, happy birthday! I have a mod i cant find in the installer and need some help identify it (see pic) thx in advance
  16. Seems like YK Stats Special addons are missing too even if that option is ticked in the installer.
  17. All of the sudden clan logos are missing on my tanks and others. Checked installer but i havent ticked any options to remove clan logos Any ideas?
  18. Hi, since todays update the Notification Center in the garage isnt working, shows no info (just blank, see screenshot), no YK stats, and i cant close it and pressing ESC does not work properly either. Not the only one with this issue, see post #2 Update 1.11 - Bugs and Technical Issues - Current Update - World of Tanks official forum UPDATE: after an hour of searching i found the culprit to be the mod scroll_3x.wotmod deleting it notification center works again.
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