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  1. RacJel's mod doesn't work either. It just won't show up in a battle. I have PM'ed him.
  2. Hi just wanted to share that neither of the in battle statistic mods works Thanks
  3. Yeah, I really appreciate the hard work he put into keeping the mod updated. And I wouldn’t be able to play the game without it
  4. Happens to me as well. It’s on WG’s side not Aslains modpack.
  5. Try clicking statistics and then back to results, it worked for me yesterday.
  6. Seems like i just created a post with this issue, except that they don't show when pressing ALT. merge or delete it sorry
  7. I've noticed that HP bars pressing ALT doesnt work. Anyone else having this issue or is it me? Thanks
  8. Unfortunately Yasen doesn’t seem to work but this is still an awesome solution! Thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks for the info, i will download the latest nightly as well
  10. I just wanted to update you that in spite of a completely new computer, clean install etc this issue is still present. Too bad, quite annoying....
  11. What do you think about the "Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle" mod? Is it safe to use? http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441147-1301-spotted-vehicle-direction-on-aim-circle/
  12. A following question, does the folder have to have the exact name as the original installation of WoT? If not, can I edit the inf file?
  13. Is it possible to keep settings I have selected in the installer when I make clean install of Windows on another computer? thanks
  14. Unfortunately the logs doesn’t show any irregularities. So I guess I have to restart the client every 10 games :)
  15. Thanks! I’ll check this tool! The problem is that you can set your clock after these lags, always after 10-12 battles. Always the same. But if Aslain has it too im certain he will find a fix, if it is mod related.
  16. Thanks i will check it out and get back to you. And unfortunately it didn’t show any irregularities. It seems less frequent on EU2. Perhaps you can try it as well?
  17. I’ve tried everything, running basically mod free and these lags still occur.
  18. Yes I know but I’m used to have it in a particular position and I have added several macros that makes the stats panel rather long. I tried another solution and installed the default xvm hitlog, which are uglier but can have the header position changed by the simple edit to Y.
  19. Yes I thats correct. But the problem is that I have racjels ingame panel over that exact position. Before I could make a simple change in the template file and change Y to 85/65, making that edit now doesn’t move the header position.
  20. Where can I change the header position? After the latest update the position is too high and overlaps Racjels ingame stats. thanks
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