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  1. hi aslain...thank you for you re amazing work...i just want to know why you remove the mod Battle Assistant for SPG and if you know this mod comeback on a new modpack ...ty for you re time
  2. i am not very good in english....sorry...can you check for pro arty aim mod please ...ty for you re time
  3. sorry but i dont see nothing about pacth 05...what i see it suppose to be fix in new pacth 05.....sorry my english is very bad
  4. my game freeze after game and i use pacth 05.....
  5. pls same think for me...put back you re arty assistant....
  6. i can not open my new modpack...... i click on but nothing happen....any idea
  7. yep but my game is in french and i dont find in my aslain setting battle observer option...maybe somebody know the translation for Battle Observer in french....sorry for my english
  8. same think for me....and ut annoncer is fuk up...
  9. same problem with new modpack 9.17.1 -no dommage panel -ut annoncer fuk up -many other think
  10. when the modpack for update 9.17......... ty aslain for you re time
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