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  1. Ricardos

    advance tech tree

    I can see Ital. but still not see polish 50tp tier 8 prem.
  2. Ricardos

    advance tech tree

    Ital. and polish tier 8 prem. not in tree.
  3. Ricardos

    win chance

    team/enemy win8 not working
  4. Ricardos

    batle results

    disabled yk and works fine now.
  5. Ricardos

    batle results

    this is the screen.
  6. Ricardos

    batle results

    come out of game displays battle results not available down loaded 3 times from different locations. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Ricardos

    safe shot

    sorry what is AAI+?
  8. Ricardos

    safe shot

    you have under safe shot block shooting at allies and wreaks, is it possible to just block shooting at allies?
  9. any idea when advance Tecktree will return? and yassen krasen get graphic back.
  10. Ricardos

    win 8 not working in garage

    redid mod and fixed it thank you
  11. Ricardos

    win 8 not working in garage

    no but I do notice that tanks listed are colored as type red=heavy, blue=tank destroyer and so.
  12. Ricardos

    win 8 not working in garage

    think it was #18 looked ok .
  13. win 8 not show in service record/vehicles after update 19
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