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  1. Hi, sorry I didn't see this till now. The sounds are bound to the voice notification slider in settings. This needs to be above 30 or so for the mod to work right. @DRAGONFIRE_Sr
  2. Resetting the cache would removed any XVM conflicts. Other than that, it could be the sound mod. Gun and engine sounds had a bit of a change the last patch. But the only thing that you are using that was updated/ changed in #8 was XVM. So that is why I suggest that.
  3. XVM tends to cause FPS drops. But your PC should be able to handle it. Can you try to remove your game preferences file and reset your World Of Tanks settings back to default. To perform this, please perform the following: Hold the Windows key and press “R”. In the Run window, type or paste “%APPDATA%\wargaming.net” (without the quotes). Delete the folder named WorldOfTanks. Afterwards, simply launch the game. Also, this will delete all settings. Including login info. That might fix the issue. Other than that, try with G-Sync off. Not sure, but XVM may not like it.
  4. So, just got this mod approved on the world of tanks mod site. https://wgmods.net/2375/ Sample sounds: health bar in your face.wav have gun will shoot.wav hurt kidney.wav Note: Not all sounds are replaced. Pretty hard to get quality sounds for this mod.
  5. @Sparkster23 @pr0zn Needs to attach their logs. It may be a 6th sense issue, and not related to a single mod.
  6. Might be a vanilla issue. I checked, and there was no sixth sense mods installed. (Unless im getting the word wrong...). Could you run the same replay, but without mods? EDIT: Found them here: ----------------- [ De 6de zintuig instellingen ]----------------------- Aangepaste iconen Sauron Geluidsmelding (Vergeet niet om de gebruikersgeluiden in game-opties te selecteren!) Sauron geluid So, its a timing issue with Sauron's 6th sense. Could use another one.
  7. Exit WGC, and then task kill it. Seems to be a bug with WGC.
  8. Thats odd.... Until aslain sees this, try this: Windows+R, then %APPDATA%\Wargaming.net\WorldofTanks Delete anything that says XVM, or WN8. Reinstall the modpack, deleting the dlc cache, and the game cache. See if it works.
  9. Did you try to run it as admin? If so, delete the current version, and redownload it.
  10. Thanks.... Now to spend hours completely redoing all the sound in star trek....
  11. I GOT IT TO WORK!!!! @Aslain res_mods.zip
  12. Here is the project... I think I might be on to something.... I made the sound stop working... star_trek_sound.zip
  13. @Ress @Starbucket Ive tried to make it in Wwise, but it doesnt work Ive even submitted a ticket, and they wont even help....
  14. No, Try to remove that sound mod. Its installed, and might be what is causing the issue.
  15. This is an XVM sound mod: Sound alert (remember to select the user sound in-game options!) Timer #2 sound (10sec duration) Try without that?
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