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  1. But there's "advertising" in the Launcher too? *shrug* And noone is forcing you to read any of it, before clicking play.
  2. Please attach log files as required. (Instructions linked to in my signature or sticky thread in the forum section you posted in.)
  3. Your computer, your rules. Their game, their rules. Wanna play their game, have to play by their rules, or not play it. Right? :) I really don't get your "hate" towards the Game Center... You can turn everything off inside of it, so there's nothing being shared from your computer in terms of helping distribute large updates for example. To each their own.
  4. You might as well get used to the Game Center.. if they're changing Common Test to use it, it won't be too long before they'll switch the regular client to it too, like I think they already did with Warplanes? Not sure about Warships.
  5. It's not the same with Microsoft. You ALWAYS had a choice in browsers. Nothing ever prevented you from using another browser. Are you feeling the performance impact of a program that uses 0% cpu, and barely any memory at all? I doubt it. The ease of logging in, and it's probably more secure too, since I wouldn't trust the "save password" option in the game itself. It's just a different launcher. It's still a launcher. *shrugs* I don't get the issue here.
  6. And then you'll have issues when there's patches, instead of just getting them nice and easy. You use the Launcher, right? Then you'll just use the Game Center instead. Same shit, different name. The program is hardly useless even if it's just WoT being played. You already have an extra program - now you will just have a different extra program and not have the first one. :D
  7. Why is everyone so afraid of the Game Center... I don't get it. Anyways, it wouldn't really be a mod at all, but a seperate program you're asking for? You can probably just make a shortcut to the Worldoftanks.exe file, if you want to start outside of the Game Center, though I don't really get the issue with the Game Center.
  8. The clock might have been removed if it wasn't updated, or you forgot to re-select it. Tank View Directions are NOT returning. That mod will be illegal come June 1st. It was removed in preparation of that. See changelog notes for the first version for 1.5. "- removed permanently due to recent Fair Play Policy update: Minimap Tankview Directions, Direction indicator to the closest enemy, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle. - I'm removing that mods ahead, but they aren't fortidden yet, they will be starting from 1st June. I'm doing it for your own sake, so you won't install them by a mistake by renaming a folder or something, and so you can learn to play without them already now."
  9. Yes. But you need an account on the server you want to play on. Anything you have on EU will not be on NA.
  10. Your game is pretty clearly not installed as that folder... Your game is installed somewhere else, and not as C:\Games\World_of_Warships. You'll need to figure out where you actually installed the game.
  11. RTAN (Real Time Achievement Announcer mod) Top option is "Old style", bottom option is "New style" Top one talks about being similar to Xbox - when you receive achievements on that. Bottom one talks about being a new style.
  12. You need to double click the logs archiver. Attaching the archiver itself doesn't help at all. Hehe. Run the archiver, and attach the zip file it creates.
  13. Next modpack update probably. If the author didn't break his update. He updated it yesterday.
  14. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/481984-1021-crewskillinformer-crews-skills-and-perks-in-battle-window-update-21062018-v121/ Author's thread. You can poke him/them there.
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