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  1. The shell exploding in front of your tank is because you're firing over long distances. It's a WG issue, and it's listed in their patchnotes as a known issue.
  2. P2W? Not at all... And Shimakaze can hit all ships, correct? Asashio cannot.
  3. If you have played over 2000 battles, why is 10 battles an issue? Anyways; The Torpedo Reload Booster sets the reload time of the tubes to 8 seconds. So... Fire torpedoes Activate reload booster 8 seconds later Fire torpedoes
  4. But if you haven't played 10 battles, why are you worried about reload booster?
  5. I'm fairly sure all of those mods are broken.
  6. The spotter wouldn't have spotted them, even if they didn't stop... if they vanish 10 seconds after - the spotter already left the spotting area, and wouldn't be keeping them spotted. If the spotter has eyes on them - and then stop (and not moving = more camo) - then they might have enough camo to avoid getting spotted - at that point, the 10 seconds timer start... So... yeah. And it's not 10 seconds confirmed, don't think WG ever really said it's exactly that, and it can be changed these days with equipment for example.
  7. I think I already said the timer isn't exactly 10 seconds. Wargaming even says so. And after that, they've added boosters to INCREASE that time. I still don't see any issues in that replay. If you want some more insight into what is happened. You're getting spotted at around 11:46 by the T-100 LT. It's keeping you spotted for several seconds. It's not until you LEAVE THIS SPOTTING, that the timer would actually start. So there you go.
  8. Could you at least add time stamps like I asked, if you're posting replay? :) Watched the start. You clearly get blindshotted in a very obvious position twice by the Bat Chat. And you were spotted the second time you get shot later in the battle. Could you stop posting this as "bugs", when it's not. :)
  9. Yup, that's what the link says. Just save Aslains Installer Options.INF, and on another computer, you can use that INF file, + LOADINF program, and the downloaded MODPACK, and you'd get the exact same setup :)
  10. It's probably called "Hit Marker" or something like that. It's showing that you hit your target.
  11. If you could add replays, it would be best. Otherwise it's just you saying things don't work, when they probably work as intended. And right now you're talking about things that doesn't even relate to the modpack.
  12. 50 meters is the circle where everyone gets spotted regardless of how good their camouflage is and if they are behind buildings, rocks, etc.
  13. Again - they "disappear" because are no longer spotted by anyonre. Someone has to keep it spotted, or it'll "vanish" after the timer is up. That's how the system works. If you're spotted "behind a rock", there's an angle where they can actually spot you, or a tiny bit of your tank is sticking out. Some bushes provide no camo as well, "fake bushes" are annoying, but WG thinks thats how to solve certain strong positions. If you have a replay if a "disappearing" tank, I'll gladly look at it, but I don't expect to see anything weird other than no-one is keeping
  14. They would "disappear" (aka, be de-spotted), if they are no longer spotted. Just like any other tank would, if they are not spotted. If you reverse behind a bush, so the bush is no longer transparrent, you are adding that bushs camo to the target you're trying to spot. This isn't bugs, this is just how the spotting system works?
  15. Would have been nice with some timestamps for this particular replay Going to assume it's at like 11:something, when the AMX 30 B fires after you? He likely kept you spotted, since your rear were showing in clear line of sight towards his position, when he hits you at the rock.. and then when you move from there, the time matches the "timer" of being spotted still counting down when they fire after you on the road.. and some of those could be blinds too, due to predictable reversing.
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