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  1. There's a calender showing in your garage too that you can click on it.
  2. Quaksen


    The feature that lets you draw on the minimap? It's an XVM feature, when you have XMQP enabled on the XVM website. Yes, it's legal. Everything in the modpack is.
  3. Attach log files please, after experiencing that it was supposed to pop-up but didn't. (Mine pops up just fine though)
  4. That makes it even more weird. You could try to compare network settings on the two, beyond that, I don't know really. Hope WG might have some answers when they reply to you.
  5. Wargaming's own word is: "Legal: White dead tanks: makes destroyed tanks more visible by making them totally white" The modpack has been compliant with Fair Play Policy for just over 3 years now (since day 1 of introduction of FPP)
  6. Well, it has just been weekend, they should get back to you today. And no, not really. Try to make sure you don't have two firewalls or internet security software running, you mentioned turning Windows ones off, but if you have another one, that might still be on.
  7. It's probably best you share the screenshots and such with Wargaming support, so they can help you out. I would suggest double checking that you don't have something blocking the connection.
  8. Very unlikely the modpack has anything to do with those pages not being able to open. It's either temporary issue at WG's server, or you have some internet security software that blocks web access from the game.
  9. They don't. It's a bug that makes it display like that - hence why Aslain said the author knows about it.
  10. Quaksen


    Read the big red banner on the website. There's no need to enlarge your font and make a weird background color.
  11. Micropatch broke XVM, you can delete this for now, to play without XVM: \World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\\com.modxvm.xfw\
  12. Yeah. It's a brand new feature that you can select the actual crosshair ingame. It's not something that has been around for many years, it's new with the latest Warships version Like Aslain said, a few descriptions might not have been changed yet.
  13. Please attach log files. See my signature for the link to a guide on how to.
  14. Probably something blocked the connection to the update check in the program itself. There's a multitude of ways you can get notified about updates: Checking the download thread Follow the download thread for email notification Checking the Discord channel #modpack-wot Follow the modpack's thread on worldoftanks.eu/worldoftanks.com/worldoftanks.ru
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