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  1. Not something I saw on any of the links - but you can always use the direct link. JS would probably mean JavaScript, so it's something related to the ads displayed probably. Could be false positive too. Screenshot of the detailed popup would maybe help, but I don't think anyone else has encountered it - could also be something on your own computer injecting itself onto the website.
  2. Probably just his antivirus bitching about the ad-supported links. The modpack itself has zero issues as always. If you're having issues with the ad-supported links, just use the direct link right next to it.
  3. Safe shot is not a 100% guarantee. It's based on your static crosshair, and if that isn't highlighting a teammate, the shot will be fired in the direction the aim circle is. Your shot exploding on your tank is some WG issue when you're firing over long distances supposedly.
  4. I don't know why yours would be missing. I got 2 rows in 1080p just fine, no issues with my crew.
  5. "On battle results statistics", and "Unanonymizer on battle results" I guess is what you'd need? Try those two. They're close to eachother, at the bottom of the modpack list, in the "GARAGE" section
  6. It's a Wargaming bug currently. Reduce your carousel size or increase your game resolution, you're only on 1366x768. Try one row, otherwise increase resolution.
  7. Go to https://modxvm.com/en/ and activate it. Reset your token in their settings page if activating didn't work, and then activate again. (with game closed)
  8. Weird. Could you please attach log files? (Check my signature below this)
  9. No changes like that has been done to the modpack, whatever was happening, is on your end
  10. If ingame is set correctly, you probably selected auto login in modpack. Would help if you had shared logs :)
  11. Err.. Micropatch is something World of Tanks downloads automatically. The modpack was updated several days ago to work with that. Are you having the crew issue? Do you see the commander? Do you see nothing at all? if this is yes, then you need to update modpack.
  12. For whatever reason, you have it hidden as reserve. Select reserve filter, right click it, remove it from reserve.
  13. Weird. But good it's fixed Maybe you just forgot? Because the "reserve" save file, is on your computer (in AppData) (could have had it as rental and hid it at some point) Something like: \AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm\users\YOURUSERID\tankcarousel as "reserve.dat"
  14. Game on OS drive doens't matter. The reserve button is: When you see the tank without mods, and do not see it with mods. That is the cause. No other explanation that I know of. Everyone else with similar issue, fixed it due to reserve. You probably hid the tank at some point, and forgot about it, that's usually what happens.
  15. Yeah, you do have it set as reserve then. If removing mods makes it show, the tank is set as reserve. So select the reserve filter while mods (XVM) is installed. Right click the tank, remove it from reserve. Done. (I know you said it isn't on reserve.. but literally the ONLY explanation why it's hidden with mods installed, is reserve filter from XVM)
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