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  1. The newest modpack has: - added XVM Player's Panel option: without stats and colors - added XVM Battle Loading option: without stats and colors - added XVM Statistics tab option: without stats and colors
  2. \World of Warships\preferences.xml But it'll contain a whole lot of other stuff too - it's the main settings file for Warships as a whole, used by mods to keep settings saved, as far as I know, the only place. If there's another, I'm sure Aslain will mention it when he sees the thread.
  3. I wrote 0.54% Which is the difference between what you have (67.46%), and 68% (in the screenshot with the 7650 number) And yeah, roughly. The more battles you play, the more accurate the numbers will be. During the first battles on a new tank, the numbers will be way off. You cannot look at the average numbers in the service record though, since it doesn't use all of your battles. (Talking about the ones that say, in your screenshot, 712+187)
  4. Marks are obtained through average combined damage, over many battles. Also takes into account what kind of damage that everyone else does, in the past 14 days. 884 is the combined to retain the current percentage. As your mark rises, the values may change. (Current moving average combined) 7650 is what you would need in one battle, to raise 0.54% in one go. If you do less, you'll gain less than 0.54% in that particular battle.
  5. Mods won't interfere with a mission like that, the mission is run server side, tracking the kills and what not. Look at the mission, and check the conditions. Screenshots might help.
  6. It was posted where I said it was posted, in the changelog :D (it's in the download thread, and in the various threads, like on worldofwarships.com and so on) And he updated just before, at least one panel is added back from what I can see in the changelog.
  7. Try this one: oldskool.battle.friendsmarker_1.1.1.wotmod Remember to delete the old one.
  8. Interesting then But I've poked OldSkool about it, and he's going to make it ignore anonymized players.
  9. Do you have someone named "Dark" on your friendslist? Just to rule that part out, as it might mark them since randomized names can be real names too (for some WG reason)
  10. You're clearly missing the fact that the latest changelog said: "- important into: I'm leaving for 6 days, so don't expect any updates from me until 21st January"
  11. Wargaming removed something that Matchmaking Monitor replied on to figure out the battle type. They'll need to update their program probably. And keep in mind Aslain is gone until the 21st. Also - moved the thread to the correct section
  12. In the "Garage Mods" section, in the bottom third of the modpack list.
  13. Battle Hits Viewer is in the modpack, yes :)
  14. Like I mention in the other post by you, that you never answered: Probably picked the wrong folder to install to? Seems unlikely that nothing world work otherwise.
  15. Well, you're using Stable XVM. The fixes are in the Nightly (Development release). From your logs: XVM build Stable [XVM 8.2.3_3]
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