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  1. Not possible. But you could run two clients. 🙂
  2. You should have a garage menu, I believe? Bottom right corner.
  3. False positive. I downloaded it, I see nothing on my own scan. VirusTotal has 1 hit, and that's just a "low score" hit (and not a detection of anything), and nothing else. You could re-download, but it probably doesn't change anything, if you got it from this website.
  4. You don't need anything fancy. You already have what you're asking for, right on your own computer! 😛 > Start the latest modpack > Soon as the modpack is on the modlist... > A fresh Components_List.txt is created! > Voila! 🙂
  5. Does it switch? Because during countdown and when battle actually starts, can be different. You can manually switch, and it should keep to that setting.. Ctrl+Tab for example, or Ctrl+Click.
  6. You asked for config files, I told you where config files are 😛 If you're talking about the modpack and it's mod list, then it's saved in registry.. but you just run modpack and remove checkbox from something and install as normally. If you for some reason would want to completely reset what the modpack remembers - you would have to pick everything again manually - then uninstall the modpack itself. Otherwise you need to be a little more specific if that still doesn't help.
  7. Maybe you didn't select the mod? Mods not working is usually because you didn't install it, but think you did, or you installed wrong folder. Or maybe you didn't activate XVM. If you still believe something is not working - then provide logs from the new installation, and give info on which mods is not working.
  8. \mods\configs\ \res_mods\configs\ Some are in World of Tanks' AppData folder Or if you mean Aslains' own.. then his folder, in your WoT folder.
  9. Looks like you're using old modpack? You're installing 1.24.1 modpack, game is on 1.25.0 So download a new modpack. 🙂
  10. As simple as this will be: Did you restart your computer? 😛 Otherwise I'm not sure really.. I do hope you turned those back on though, the firewall and antivirus/defender. Was more just if it was telling you something, since false flagging could happen and I think after you pick language, the temp file is create that it runs from or something along those lines.
  11. Maybe you have some antivirus that is interfering with it? After clicking okay on the language, it does take a bit for it to show up, even for me.. like maybe half a minute and it shows the initialization and then the main modpack window right after.
  12. Scroll like 70% down the list, and there is a lot of different choices. Personally like Limpid Stickers.
  13. Isn't that thing from: "Show account statistics next to selected tank"? GARAGE XVM selected item 🙂 But yeah, logs would help here 😄 And also moving this over to WoT section instead.. since its posted in Warships 😛
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