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  1. Did you do as Aslain said? You had something seleted, that was removed, and thus the selection changed. So review what you've got selected.
  2. Yeah, just one thing to remember, if you didnt update - and get an issue - you need to install newest modpack first to create newest logs, or Aslain, me or another mod will just ask you to do that
  3. Its not anymore, it was readded again. prior to that it wasnt updated yet it is now!
  4. “If it aint broke, dont fix it” I update if I have issues, or see something I use that was updated. Could be every release or every 10th, depends on the situation
  5. Quaksen

    Search bar

    Until then, you can go into Aslains folder in the WoT folder, youll find “components list” you can search in and position will match.
  6. Marks of Excellence Extended is removed temporarily, which might have caused the selection to shift and pick a different mod in the modpack. The new mod that got selected probably shows that. Probably "Expected Vehicle Values" got selected, a mod by Champi, and you can turn off the top line in Champi's settings menu, bottom right corner of the garage there's a button for that.
  7. I keep forgetting which one does that.. but I think it's XVM? You still see the damage anyways on the same screen, so not a big deal that those are changed.
  8. I think you simply misunderstood the dog tag settings WG provided. One stops the dog tags from showing when you kill someone (popup in the corner) The other one keeps your dog anonymized (popup in their corner, when they kill you)
  9. They always blame mods. And if there's just the slightest hint of a mod, they'll refuse to help. - I guess they should - since they should rule out that factor, they aren't mod support at WG. But surely others have reported this already, it's like they don't pay attention.. hopefully it's fixed soon.
  10. It's a Wargaming issue. It happens without mods. Don't open battle reports. If the window doesn't show - clicking details = freeze = have to restart game.
  11. Halløjsa, tænkte at jeg lige ville høre dig om du kendte noget til denne her Xvm fejl jeg bliver ved med at få.


    Den siger bare Network services unavailable også får jeg denne her error message : Errno 1] _ssl.c:510: error:14077419:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert access denied


    Har du mulighed for at hjælpe for jeg aner sgu ikke hvad jeg skal gøre for at fixe d :0(

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    2. Henrik DK

      Henrik DK

      Jeg ved d :0(, d ser ikke godt ud.....


      Jeg har fået en ide om at d må være når man installere Xvm via mod packen, så tror jeg den lægger nogen Xvm filer et sted på cpuen, som jeg ikke er klar over, i forhold til når man installere Xvm fra Xvm siden, for d føles lidt som om at den ikke kan finde ud af hvilke Xvm filer den skal benytte.


      ved du noget om d ???

    3. Quaksen


      Det burde ikke have noget at sige om du installere XVM via modpack eller ej..

      Resultatet skulle gerne være det samme, ellers er der noget som blokere for installationen via modpack, og så burde andet også blive påvirket

    4. Henrik DK

      Henrik DK

      Den lægger bare ikke filerne samme sted, hvilke også gør d pisse svært at regne ud om man har fået slettet alt , inden man prøver forfra.....


      Men har selv fikset d, d driller stadig lidt, men ved hvad jeg skal gøre for at få styr på d.

  12. Do not look at the version/build number in Wargaming's Game Center. Version in res_mods and mods folders matter. Make sure you've selected the correct game folder.
  13. So not downloading issue but install issue. Tried rebooting? Its a local issue with the error code you get there
  14. You posted in Warships, but I'll move it after this reply. Speedometer for all tanks is part of Auxilium - Auxilium is not updated.
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