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  1. False positive. The same was reported on Discord, and the answer was that there, so just reposting that here.
  2. You seem to forget the time it takes is from when you are no longer kept spotted, then the timer starts going down. When you are spotted - it takes 3 seconds - then Sixth Sense pops up (or 2 seconds, if you are using Directive to boost it), and then your Sixth Sense icon shows. Then you might not be out of his spotting right away... and thus, it'll obviously take longer before you're unspotted again. Arty cannot magically see you longer than other tanks can. Just because arty predicts your movement and fires at you after you are unspotted, doesn't mean you are spotted. It's called blind fire. All tanks can and will do it. You could have broken stuff when you were driving. You could have been predictable. You could have been spotted last closer than you thought. There's no "arty magic spotting duration" Non-arty can get a perk that keeps you lit for 2 seconds longer (Designated Target). Custom mods folder has been there for years. (\World of Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods\)
  3. There's no cases where you remain spotted for 18 seconds after the spotter has moved out of range of you. The max is about 10 seconds, from the point he has moved out of range. "Once spotted, a vehicle stays lit up for a minimum duration of 5 seconds which can extend up to 10 seconds after the spotter moves out of spotting range or gets destroyed. The exact duration seems to be random." You can use the custom_mods folder that Aslain has, to have your edit auto-applied every install.
  4. You can still use the option selectable in XVM section. I am.
  5. Yeah. And even if you notice an update for something you use - if it still works fine for you, you can decide not to update. Just keep in mind if you ever encounter a bug - it should be reported using latest modpack and logs from latest modpack
  6. Moved out of Off-Topic.. Attach log files, or this post is pointless.
  7. Vanilla icon was just added, hehe :) So you can pick that now too. If you're using self made icon, you should use the XVM option instead of the non-XVM option though.
  8. You have to select a sixth sense icon for the time being. You cannot use it with vanilla icon right now.
  9. If you aren't using more than those, there isn't any need for frequent updates. If you see one of the mods you use gets updated, you can update if you want. If everything works, noone is making you update.
  10. Given that most mod authors don't update their mods (or don't release them) before the final release of the patch, there won't be a modpack for a test server, nor is there a reason to have one with like 1-2 mods that might be out for test I know WoT has like 1 mod that helps auto-research on Test server.. don't need a modpack for one mod, hehe.
  11. Weird. There is some error stuff in the logs, but not sure they matter. The Vivox message should be there every time you run a replay though, and that particular message can be ignored. Don't know about the other errors prior to that in the logs
  12. That's the button you need to select in the XVM filters, and then remove the tank from reserve.
  13. But is it actually preventing you from watching replays? Vivox is the Voice over IP that World of Tanks uses. And it would make sense that it cannot work in a replay.
  14. Great. Also this? "Shell info during the battle does not work (CTRL and hovering over with the cursor)." If you're still having issues with that, do reply back
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