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  1. Wargaming wouldn't just change policy and ban people instantly. Even for World of Tanks they gave a LONG period of warning. 🙂 So I doubt "a lot of people" will get banned.
  2. Specifically: - Run special application: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (which can be found in the game installation folder or as shortcut on your windows desktop) it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file, attach that file to your thread, it's mandatory !!! I don't need any other logs, only that particular zip file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip can be found in game folder inside Aslains_Modpack directory.
  3. WoT's own Expanded Minimap Features or XVM's minimap in modpack
  4. What you read, clearly states: "or mods that can be downloaded from our official forum." and Aslain's modpack is part of the forum too; https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/698-modpacks/ And if that isn't enough: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/25508-01130-aslains-wows-modpack-installer/?page=238&tab=comments#comment-5746932
  5. When you click "Load the installer" - are you picking the modpack, or by accident, the LOADINF program? It loaded just fine for me. This is what LOADINF shows me; (Yeah I know, didn't test with latest modpack, but that shouldn't matter)
  6. EBR's have the old snapping built-in these days... (the snapping feature that was made illegal - was added to the EBRs, lol) The mod requires highlighting, so it wouldn't help you at all on the EBR. EBR should already do it better by default 🙂
  7. You shouldn't need to mess with that anymore, if you use latest modpack (Also moved your thread out of World of Tanks 😛 )
  8. Ah - hopefully someone knows why that is - path at least seems fine 🙂
  9. When you open the WOTMOD file - it should start with showing the folder "res", then "gui", then whatever else is shown when you find the file in the .pkg For example res\gui\maps\icons
  10. Most of your issues is probably from just continuing through the errors. Restart your computer, before running the modpack, so you don't get the errors. The tank list at the top: That's a WoT thing you need to enable - battle score panel or something to that extend, in WoT's settings menu.
  11. Might be a while... The mod author posted this, Google Translated;
  12. Mod was removed in because it's broken. It hasn't been fixed yet.
  13. Specifically, a "timer" is forbidden. One that counts down. That is no go. This is legal: Reload time indicator (approximate with no countdown). So - no - Deegie's is not a cheating sight 😄 There has been no cheats in this modpack since Fair Play Policy was created - in 2016!
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