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  1. Ah, hmm.. it's a browser it seems, that shouldn't mess with a program you're trying to install, that seems weird. But I'm glad you solved it, not sure anything could be done there. But if it's bundled with other stuff fro Comodo, that would explain that. As for your streaming, if you can load it into something like foobar2000 or another free lightweight media player, that could be an option instead of a browser. (I also noticed Firefox being memory hungry, and I know Chrome is, especially with extensions installed)
  2. What I mean with it is that you have that selected, that that might cause it to not work if you haven't selected the version folder as the MMM programs target :) So what I meant is try to remove that setting in the modpack, or try to change MMM's target folder.
  3. If you need a hand with the zip file, just let me know which option youd like from the mods
  4. The problem with both of those is going to be that the first one would require 40 extra lines to add all of them, and the other one a massive 84 extra lines, for a total of 124 "new mods", which is crazy excessive. I know with some other cases he has added just a few options instead of all of them. You can quite easily use Aslain's Custom Mods folder to install your preferred one. Just place the one you'd like into a properly structured zip file (explanations are in the readme file in the Custom Mods folder), and it'll be installed with each time you run the modpack.
  5. I don't think I did much at all to help, this is all on yourself, so good job! Glad you've made it better!
  6. Ah, hmm, do you want to share what program that was, in case you think that it's something worth looking into to try and prevent? Thought it might not be possible to prevent that from happening.
  7. No, but detection of game folders were introduced. Are you saying it's hanging on that, and nothing happens?
  8. I think it might be related to: Battle replays recording Enable Enable versioned replays folder But I am not sure on that.
  9. The transparency is only the background - and shouldn't affect the highlight at all. I don't know why you didn't get the highlight on the contour icon when you changed that setting.
  10. ??? I don't understand. None of those are related to anything I posted. I'm confused.
  11. It's not that often there's more than one of the same tank, so should be easy enough to find yourself. You can also see kills in various hitlogs. Not sure what else you can do, if you see no difference when changing that setting. I saw the difference. Maybe use a selection where you can see name, instead of only seeing tank+contour if you can't find yourself.
  12. It made my contour icon orange-ish compared to everyone else. Just tried it myself in replay. Not really sure why you need to look at yourself in the playerpanel
  13. \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\battle.xc Line 13: // false - disable highlighting of own vehicle icon and squad. Line 15: "highlightVehicleIcon": false, You can change line 15 to true, and it would maybe do what you want?
  14. There will always be a virus attached to it? Whoever told you that, has no clue, honestly. There's no virus around here. If you got one, it wasn't from Aslain's. If you're worried about the ad-supported link - there's a "direct" link right next to it... like a few pixels to the right of the other one.
  15. Ah, yeah that would explain that :) Happy tanking!
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