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  1. Going blind part or new glasses needed, hehe :D Bottom third of the modpack list. It's moved into a little sub-section called "Extras for Player Panels", since it conflicts with Tank Health Bars by Champi.
  2. Dont use auto mounting consumables, equipment or camo mods as they wont work in frontlines - Impossible when you arent in garage
  3. Should be on the last page before installation starts, I think
  4. Because you're using the non-ShuraBB option. OP was using ShuraBB minimap.
  5. You selected that option in the installer
  6. To begin with, you aren't using XVM's minimap due to this: Minimap images HD minimap ShuraBB (note: will disable XVM minimap) Main main: Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts ALT alt: Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
  7. Attach your custom mods file that you are having issues with, or give a link to dropbox, mediafire or google drive or something.
  8. Team HP Pool Team HP Bar by Armagomen [PMOD] You have that selected. Are you trying to use two different ones? Then one gets unselected, so they don't conflict :) So if you want to use the other options, unselect the above one by armagomen (PMOD) and you should be fine.
  9. The marked in the screenshot isn't a mod. That's WoT's own display. Open the WoT settings and turn them off. Also, what do you mean exactly with the top area not working? The vehicle markers? Under general settings.
  10. The author of Battle Observer is going to the subscription model. And it's removed because of that - and because of the many issues that mod causes. Aslain is NOT going to subscription model. Please read the entire message, instead of taking it out of context :) "- important info: Due to constant problems with incompatibility with many other mods, such as XVM, bugs which it often contains, due to removing the possibility of disabling automatic updates in its latest version of modification, which may cause potential issues and because of plans for switching to paid subscription in near future I am forced to permanently remove Battle Observer mod from my modpack."
  11. After it was deleted, you should be able to restore it from the quarantine section in Kaspersky. But you sorted it in the alternative way :)
  12. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b55295d40b80e3297690b1169e6cc0108c2c934d4b29db1b95ea0b003169059e/detection The newest modpack shows as clean there, so - just compare the SHA-256 numbers.. if they match, your file is fine. Aslain posts the SHA-256 number with the updates.
  13. For whatever reason, Kaspersky is bitching about #02 and #03 modpacks, #01 is fine still. Aslain runs a pretty strict ship when it comes to anything - and false positives (like this one) happens. (It even happens with Windows system files sometimes.. there has been several times where anti-virus software has deleted important system files due to false positives)
  14. Where should the contour icons be? Player panels, or over target markets? or where are you expecting them but not seeing them?
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