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  1. Quaksen

    virus in mod

    Not lucky, just using better software than Windows Defender most likely
  2. Safe shot only blocks shots if your client crosshair is on the target.. like if you hold down right click and look around, safeshot won't find a target, since you're not looking at one. Could you perhaps add some screenshots? And definently attach log files, which is the most important thing to do. (See signature on how to)
  3. Quaksen

    Search function

    Funny how search feature is requested again and again.. but it's not used on the website to see the previous requests, and the answer is still: Not happening. Not in any near future at least.
  4. Please attach log files as well, see my signature on how to.
  5. Quaksen

    shell speed

    Do you have some examples of tanks and their speed differences?
  6. Quaksen

    Keep XVM configuration across installations

    If you're talking about personal edits you've done to the config files, you can look into the "custom mods" folder that is in the Aslain's modpack folder in your World of Tanks folder. If you're talking about selections in just the modpack, they should be remembered between each installation - unless you use "Uninstall" which would wipe the remembered selections.
  7. Quaksen

    Game crashes

    "Shimada_sama's kanon lyde", den der, Tankkiller
  8. Quaksen

    mods do as they please

    Please attach log files. (See my signature on how to) And try to give some examples of what is there, that shouldn't be there.
  9. Hmm :) Maybe it was the other way around. Either way, it should be fixed with the update, since Aslain knows about it already.
  10. Select the XVM Sight Shell Speed, or wait for the modpack update, the game updates tonight anyways :)
  11. Quaksen


    Select the XVM Sight Shell Speed, or wait for the modpack update, the game updates tonight anyways :)
  12. Quaksen

    virus in mod

    Read the above posts.. it's a false positive.
  13. Quaksen

    virus in mod

    It's a false positive. This note is from WoT, but it still applies. It's just Windows Defender being stupid. (Overly aggressive with their heuristics most likely)
  14. Quaksen

    Arty mod packs

    Something like that has always been a cheat mod, so it hasn't been here.
  15. Quaksen

    Install problem

    Right click your shortcut to the game, and go to Properties, and check where the game is installed. Otherwise you can search your computer for the "worldoftanks.exe" file, and you should find the installation folder too.
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