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  1. Haha, you already posted that here :D Have fun working on those marks!
  2. Is almost at the very bottom of the list.
  3. Merging this into the other thread, also please attach log files
  4. Your messages aren't blocked or deleted.. they're right here. Even the swearing/insulting. Your messages make no sense at all...
  5. Unlikely the sound settings there would cause any issue, it's just the error message above has "OSD" mentioned in relation to that program, which suggests it has some sort of interaction with the game. (Overlay-type thing)
  6. The error message from the modpack about slideshow.dll isn't really important, if the modpack ran it has installed the mod properly. (slideshow stuff is about the preview images in modpack) That ASUS program has something that probably causes the crash somehow I bet.. it's an OSD, so On-Screen Display.. maybe it messes with World of Tanks in a way it doesn't like.. like injecting itself into it? Like Overwolf, except just a different program.
  7. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.6.0.0_08.ini.zip
  8. You should be able to unselect the changes to the panels, so it doesn't show stats, but may be I'm wrong on that.. you can unselect something, but maybe it'll use default then. Not sure.
  9. Except Battle Observer was removed from the modpack a while ago by now, and given he was watching a streamer, it would have to be recent modpack. Probably using the XVM option, but without using any of the player panels. That should create what's in your screenshot.
  10. Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.6.0.0_07.ini.zip
  11. The platoon window after battle says it. Yes. BUT as I explained, when you invite people to platoon while in a battle, you do NOT get the extra credits for that battle. WG said that! Check your detailed battle report - no extra credits because you joined platoon in battle. You need to queue up in platoon to get the bonus. Edit, added this link, have a look in the FAQ: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/1-5-wot-prem-account/
  12. Dynamic Platoon is what you're inviting people to in an ongoing battle :) You are sending them a "dynamic platoon invite" and I'm fairly sure it says that ingame too. Sending invites to all 14 people every battle is spamming, no matter how you put it. And you are NOT getting any bonus from it. The bonus counts from the next battle.. and I bet you leave the platoon and invite someone else in next battle, right?
  13. A mod for spamming others with platoon invites? That won't happen.. Especially due to this: 8. Is the Platoon bonus applicable for dynamic Platoons? No. Platoon bonuses will only work for manually-created Platoons.
  14. My signature isn't related to your case in particular (and it's the wrong file, but don't worry about that for now) :) Hm. I'm not sure how to fix it, maybe Aslain or someone else knows, if you already tried changing the scaling option in Windows again, and if you tried going into that "Change high DPI settings" option when you right click the modpack exe file and disabling the scaling through that, for the modpack only instead of all of Windows.. I don't know.
  15. The Windows Update probably put the scaling back. So look into changing that again, and you can also try right clicking on the modpack file, select the compatibility tab, and "Change high DPI settings"
  16. Aslain11 Aug 15:41 @easy2k2_Assault I'm on vacations and cannot upload the file anywhere else at the moment.
  17. Shouldn't be any issue with them, but please attach log files. (Instructions are in the sticky thread in this forum section, or in my signature)
  18. There's a big difference between the two mods though. One of them adds visual changes to the game. The other one mounts the camouflage you already own to your tanks and helps move it around. Either mod only gives you camo values, if you have camo.
  19. The mod is purely visual. (You found it in the "Texture & Models" section) Otherwise it would be a major hack/cheat, hehe. You'd have to actually hack Wargaming servers to get things for free like that. This mod randomizes camouflage on your tank and on all other players tanks, just to change their looks. It does NOT add camouflage value, you'll need to mount your own camouflage that you already bought for that to happen. And judging by the screenshot, there's no camouflage on the HULL of that tank, which means that it won't get camouflage rating. (The only camouflage I see, is the two on the turret/mantle, unless those weird green dots are supposed to be the hull camo).
  20. Please attach log files, guide on how to is in my signature, or it's a sticky in this forum section too.
  21. You probably want to turn the vanilla option off, so go into the game settings and turn the default things off :)
  22. It was added before you posted... hehe. - added Hangar: Minimalistic
  23. Really? Both me and Aslain only found the same place to submit files, which only allows small files, like 20 MB or so. So would appreciate a private message even, don't really think it's a general discussion thing - and thanks for getting that done :)
  24. Yeah. If you want to start over because the current translation is very lacking, which it should be with 2 years old, you can download the latest english file, and translate away. Remember to change the "en." infront of each line, to "cn." if that's the letters used for Chinese. (Can be done with an easy "search and replace", changing all "en." to "cn.")
  25. Odd, works just fine for me right now.
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