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  1. Central Repair, you should find it by searching that. You should find the other with “block” as search. if Aslain sees the last thing, maybe that would work, dunno… I assume it doesnt, since its not a thing already 🙂
  2. Central repair was removed on the 1st, and re-added on the 13th.. so you probably installed modpack in between those dates, thus causing it to be unselected, while it was removed... So you need to find it again, and tick it 🙂 (You can search in the ComponentsList.txt file in Aslain's folder, to easier find it)
  3. Unless you look into using Aslain's "Custom Mods" option - it's in his folder in your WoT folder. It has a text file explaining what to do.
  4. Do that, and then make sure these two paths, are the same:
  5. Its not possible in the current software. but, there is a good alternative, go into your WpT folder, where Aslains Modpack folder is, find ComponentsList.txt, search in that, since position would match in modpack 🙂
  6. Open Wargaming Game Center. Click on Game Settings. Click on Show in Folder. Now you'll be in the folder where your game actually that you start in WGC. Match that to the path you pick in the modpack.
  7. Avast seems to be one of the ones that more frequently freak out from time to time Aslain makes sure things are always clean, but he cannot prevent "false positives" before they happen, which is what you've seen 🙂
  8. Pretty sure that is part of XVM's carousel filters - "Non Elite"
  9. Could be due to fonts installation, that's what the other post I looked at had mentioned
  10. - removed until it's fixed: Crew Skill Informer [use Rajce's In Battle Statistics with crew skill enabled] Open Aslains folder in your World of Tanks folder. There you'll find "Components List.txt" You can search in that, and the position will match the modpack list.
  11. Just use one of the other links if you dont know torrent. You also dont have to buy anything ever to use the torrent.
  12. Missing since it's broken and needs an update. It's explained in the changelog 🙂 It'll be back if/when it's fixed.
  13. One of them is part of AutoAim Indication which is currently removed until it's fixed. The other one is still there. "Reload notification in chat"
  14. "- removed until it's fixed: XVM addon: Show Repair Panel on center near the sight w/L.CTRL, AutoAim Indication+, Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages by Tomonik, Central Repairs by Rajcel, YasenKrasen session stats"
  15. “- removed until it's fixed: XVM addon: Show Repair Panel on center near the sight w/L.CTRL” ”Central Repairs by Rajcel”
  16. Do what Aslain said or simply right click the tank and remove it from reverse, like you would add/remove the primary marker
  17. I didn't read into it - but if it's comparable to the Chinese server, then the game is basically the same. Wargaming supplies the company that runs the Chinese server with the same version everyone else has, basically. China does have some Chinese-only things, like China-only tanks. (Waffentrager for example)
  18. if you have that checked, and it doesn't open - then something on your end blocked it opening. If you did not have it checked, then click on; which will then open the description box at the bottom of the modpack list, as well as the preview window, if it again doesn't open - then something on your end blocked it.
  19. The game updated, which is why you'd need a new modpack. I doubt there's a virus in the new one. What message are you seeing?
  20. 🙂 Not sure if you noticed, since it merged the replies together - but I've poked Aslain about excluding chats from cache clearing 🙂
  21. I don't know if they could be excluded. But personally, I've had no issues with just leaving the cache be - very rarely I've done anything to delete things from cache, and when I did, it was just clan icons related, and nothing more. You should be fine not using the option - until it's potentially changed (if it can be) I've poked Aslain about if it's possible to exclude those 🙂
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