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  1. Indeed - but the preview image in modpack should help, since it has english instructions.
  2. There are two other repair options you could look into just over halfway down the list, repair by izeberg or protanki.
  3. Probably selected a minimap that conflicts with XVM minimap. Please attach log files. (How to is in my signature or sticky thread in this forum section)
  4. You cannot simply skip game loading process... the game has to load. Skipping the video doesn't change game loading. It's just a video showing while the game is loading. Some games might have a video showing that delays you getting into game - but like I already said a few times, this isn't the case in this game.
  5. If we're talking about the same video (video that is showing as soon as you open the game, before you see game loading / logging in.. and then into port) The game is loading while showing the video. Stopping the video didn't change loading time when I tested stopping video, or just letting the video play full length. Edit: The video before this screen:
  6. If you think the video that is displayed before game loading shows up, delays you in entering the game, that is false. I just did timing of it, and there's no difference. Game is loading behind the video. Pressing Esc to close the video, to see game loading, you will just see the progress bar for longer. There is no mod for it, but if one is made, I'm sure it'll be added to modpack
  7. Stop giving me attitude because I ask you a simple question. Introduction made no sense to me. Intro video would have. My login process is: I see introduction/intro video - I can press Esc on that, but that doesn't seem to matter. I see game progress loading. I see logging in. I appear in port. (if there is a daily shipment, I get that screen, then port) And that is without mods.
  8. My question is in the first reply I gave you. You ignored the question, which is: "What introduction?" The patience I told you to have, is you posted initial post - and waited only 24 hours before "giving up" and posting again, giving barely any time for a reply.
  9. Who knows. Could you answer my question?
  10. What introduction? Also - you waited a whole 24 hours before giving up - please have a little more patience.
  11. No, but you can search all you want inside: \World of Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Components_List.txt And the scroll bar would match inside the modpack. Feature inside modpack is impossible until the modpack software itself is updated, and that's not currently possible.
  12. Because it's not updated. And a mod that shows only YOUR equipment and YOUR crew skills would never be banned. Not sure why you'd think that.
  13. Remove "Tooltips Anzahl des Item-Limits erweitern" or get new modpack, you're using #00, it was fixed in #01 (mod was removed in #01)
  14. Remove "Tooltips Count Items Limit Extend", it's in the bottom quarter of the list, in the Garage mods section. Also dropping the note here, even though I poked you on Discord, if someone else reads the thread, they can see this too then.
  15. Dead tanks and hitzone skins shouldn't affect eachother, since one is for dead tanks, and the other is for alive ones, hehe As for your other issue, please attach log files if it should be better looked into.
  16. I'm sure such a mod will be made by someone, but let the update come out first.
  17. Other tank skin mods would conflict with hitzone skins. In game camo shouldn't matter at all. Given the tier of tank you mentioned, it could simply be there isn't any hitzone skins made for those tiers - once place I looked mentioned KoreanRandom's set being primarily for tier 8-10 with a few others added in lower tiers.
  18. Have a look about halfway down the list. If it's not there, if you could attach your "CompList" file from Aslain's folder in your World of Tanks folder, that would help me, help you (if someone else doesn't hit the nail on the head before that)
  19. It's the "ATAC" mod, and it doesn't tell you anything since it's "obf" (obfuscated, basically encrypted so you can't see what's inside, that's something the mod author did, not Aslain)
  20. Uncheck "Create applications shortcut on desktop" It's on the last page of the modpack, where you have the options to clean install, etc.
  21. Are you on Steam? You need to select the World of Warships folder now, and no longer the bin\buildID folder
  22. Split your post into a seperate thread. Please attach log files (If you don't know how to, instructions are in my signature or in the sticky thread in this forum section)
  23. You need an EU account to connect to EU server.
  24. The download threads use the name from the main page now: Download ★ World of Tanks ★ Modpack Download ★ World of Warships ★ Modpack
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