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  1. #12 bugs: 12) somekind of 6ths sense .bat file gets sandboxed by antivirus @ X:\GAMES\World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\configs (probably the 10s timer) 13) there was a bug(with #10 also) when hitlog information dissapeared, but now it seems that the 'damage received' log also showed only player names, not tank names in the log in the bottom. and when i pressed the Alt key, both hitlogs(given and received) fixed themselves automatically... lulz: seems like all modpacks(except this #12 now) have been partially sandboxed somehow(without any notifications) since (11th nov), so dunno how did it even install all of this stuff...
  2. 11) some tanks have really weird short names on the minimap? and Defender/252u is somekind of zhatch... and some m4a3.. is probably like Jumbo
  3. 5) it probably just says in the options that Radial chat menu might work with Alt key, but it actually does not... 1) and the minimap circles are still messed up (even with #10) 3) and how do i get rid of those 2 lines then
  4. 3) well, now it keeps saying that "Ready to fire in 1 seconds! Shells in the magazine: 2" (and sometimes just "ready to fire!") and then next line says "Reloading, It will take 0 seconds!" (altho not sure if it still says 0 or the actual seconds now...) so how do i get rid of this and just use 1 line as reload message? and the Radial menu probably activates with Alt key then... but it used to pop up with the same left Ctrl with previous modpacks...
  5. omg... 10) which mod was causing the reload spam then lol, because i probably confused them with spot messenger or smth... (because they are under the same settings page...) and it somehow worked again normally(shorter) after i changed something in the modpack selections... and then didnt work at all, after i switched the "C" button option to red in the settings... (so at least the disable function was working again...) 7) and are both spot messenger texts shorter now then... and do they have any difference at all...
  6. 3) so it was probably the "SpotMessenger: OldSkool" that was causing the issue? 7) i switched it to "SpotMessenger: Chirimen" and that fixed the spamming messages issues, but it does not give the same message that is shown on the preview picture and is actually in a complete useless format, because it posts too much text that noone is going to read anyway (aka "I was spotted by the enemy at sector B6", instead of a simple "I'm spotted @B6" 8) and the same mod with russian settings is still there, altho i thought that it will be removed with the Chirimen version... 5) "Radial chat menu" is also still missing" 9) in the tank preview mode, the last tab after "equipment" and "crew" etc is also in russian language and i dont have a clue what it even says (also from 1.5.1 or smth already)
  7. lol... 3) now it even spams the last 0s message 2 times and the game even says that the message(or a 3rd or 4th one) is/are blocked for 0.5 or 5 seconds lol while i actually disabled the C button option in the settings like 2 days ago... so how do i even replace it with a working mod...
  8. 3) i switched the C reload button option off, but now it still spams the same exact 2 defective messages... and it does not post the correct new mod anymore that i selected during the #08 installation... so #08 is like even worse than #07 lol everything else is also the same defective as #07 was (points 1-6)
  9. 1) well, the turquoise is only 50m, but white should be the standing range - aka "Show view range circle while standing" (it only shows yellow, altho i prolly have like skills to boost the default range) and it would be better to have 2 circles, because then you can see what is the driving range when you are standing... (if you want to start driving soon...) 6) normal Dpi comes back when i press Shift+Shift again (to get out of zoom and zoom in again), but it already lost me 1 battle, so it is a bit annoying... (i have mx518 mouse, but it would not explain why does Dpi first change to 200 with Ctrl and then go back to normal with Shift...)
  10. well, i was probably able to switch off the "reload" messages in the "Mods settings" menu in the garage, but the middle part of it is still in russian language, so i dont even have a clue what it's for. and the reload thing was first saying (when pressing "C" to reload!": 1st line: Ready to fire! X shells in the magazine. (while it is reloading, so how is it even ready) 2nd line: Reloading @ sector A5, it will take 0 seconds! (aka 0 seconds every time) but then i found a new mod in the modpack selections and that works fine (with #08)
  11. so the conflicting radial menus are (only shows the repair menu): a) "Show repair panel on center of screen with L.CTRL" b) "Radial (chat) menu" but i guess i did have the 'circle while in motion' enabled... but it does not disappear when standing(and ony shows yellow, not white circle) and still does not explain what is the other, dynamic circle...
  12. ok, so i did some random clicking on the map just for the logs: Aslains_WoT_Logs-07.zip
  13. 6) still takes mouse Dpi all the way down to 200 when u Ctrl-click on the minimap and u are zoomed in with Shift (probably from 1.5 already lol) i get logs soon
  14. 1) it doesnt show any white detection circle anymore 2) does not explain what are the 2 different blue detection circles - aka dynamic and on the move (maybe even shows 1 of them when none of them are selected) 3) when i press C to reload the clip, it starts spamming 2 messages and the last one shows reload time as 0s 4) the reload and spot mod is probably in russian language and normal ppl do not understand what the settings options say 5) the Radial chat menu does not appear at all (only shows the radial equipment fix, so which one can be selected and why are they still spread around over the whole option list if they use the same functionality; this is probably from 1.7.1 already)
  15. 1) 1712 #00 - one map randomly just froze up and i had to close it via task manager...(new logs also taken) Aslains_WoT_Logs4.zip
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