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  1. i probably get that, but does "leave" also mean stopping on the spot on the 8-9th second, so that the spotter won't spot your movement on the 10-11th second again? because that is excatly what all of the heavy tanks are basically doing then... (even on totally open field...)
  2. ye, the first top bush was regular blind shoot, but it starts from 12.00 after the ebr falls over - i get spotted, then despotted after 10 second timeout, but 50m still shoots me 2 times while i did not even get a new spotted alert. and im only saying this becuz every other tank on every map just dissapears after every 10 seconds and then someone has to spot it again, even on totally open field. and most of the time this happens to huge heavy tanks, while other types just get away with it, because noone even shoots them lol, and they just vanish after the first 10 seconds. so u basically just have a better chance to respot the huge heavy ones (i probably have to plug in my old hdd to get examples of those...) but the main bug still is - if i get a campaign mission fulfilled, it only shows me some "u missed an important event" notification in the bottom right, while it usually opened up the important event screen every time i got it - so now i have to open it manually every time
  3. so what is going on in here (i get shot 2 times in a row in 2 different spots without even being spotted): https://www.upload.ee/files/13156448/replay_last_battle--spottt3.wotreplay.html plus the original main team hp bar on top is still not working for some reason (where it separates the td, light etc tanks into different icons etc...)
  4. ok, i would say that they always diisapear in 100-150 meters then (which is a lot more irl than in the game then....) or someone might even measure the exact distance in the siegfried map if i am near the middle base(near the rock pile, after i have pushed the tree next to it), looking down the center street where the old car sits in the middle, and the tank dissapears even in front of that old car, next to the building that is there... and then dissapears behind that building when i try to respot them again with reversing etc...
  5. i am keeping all of my eyes on it, because i am in the bush, looking straight at them... from 50 meters from the opponent (its prolly 50-80m then, becuz 35 might be too close already... dunno)
  6. yeah i know that, but i probably just think that i have to reverse then - and because it actually does dissapear within 35-50 meters totally randomly after every 10 seconds, then i actually try to respot them with reversing+forwarding into the transparency again, but by that time, they are already gone somewhere else already... but the main point is - how can they even dissapear in the middle of an open field even while moving in the first place !!?? (so that i wouldnt even have to think that i have to reverse+forward again to respot them) so i basically cant even spot them via a transparent bush while they are moving, but i even get spotted behind a rock all the time, lmao!! (plus moving behind a bush too ofc). and most of the times this happens on prokhorovka and in the center street of siegfried line (and behind rock = that big shipwreck map here light tanks can drive up onto it from both sides of the map...)
  7. how do heavy tanks dissapear in the middle of even closer distances then? or does that depend on some random Rng and certain maps too then? like imost of the times i have to reverse back behind the bush after 8 seconds to then drive back into the bush on the 11th second, because otherwise the opponent will just dissapear somewhere on the open field, even if i dont even move inside the bush at all... and when they then get too close by being totally invisible, then i myself will be spotted instead, because i tried to move between the transparent/non-transparent foilage(1-2 meters), lol... and i might even have best examples of this too somewhere...
  8. ok, i actually found the most suspicious one which finally made me post the bug in the first place: https://www.upload.ee/files/13138883/replay_last_battle--nospott22.wotreplay.html so what the heck is even going on in there...
  9. 5-6 seconds after despotted i get shot by some rhm light tank plus almost arty too, so how is it even possible to know where i am moving in the middle of a hilly desert when im not even spotted anymore Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. it happens too often recently, so i cant in any way be spotted for 18+ seconds and not even get an alert for it this logs i first got spotted and then it timed out, but then 2 artys started to shoot me in a totally different position like 20 meters away (behind some building wrecks) and after i moved from that new spot a bit more, i prolly got spotted like 10 more meters away again... so the middle part where they shot me could have easily been the buggy part i can also post some really suspicious situations, becuz this one could have been some guess shots.... and why does the enemy even dissapear in the middle of a totally flat field then? every time after 10 seconds and mostly even some really big heavy tanks, in totally open field... so how can i even be spotted constantly in a medium tank Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. so i have the latest #05 pack, but it still doesnt start a 2nd spot alert when i get despotted after 10-12 seconds and then get "spotted" again like 2-3 seconds later so the enemy team just keeps shooting me, altho i was already despotted by the 10s stuff Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. ok nvm.. prolly have to press 7 to activate the brawl abilities etc...
  13. i installed the new #00 pack and only changed an option that it should zoom in the map into the center with the ctrl button, but now it gives somekind of minimap mod conflict error for minimap and hawg_minimap.wotmod
  14. so #06 doesnt work with the new anime update?
  15. 8) the new segmented/type tank bar at the top never even showed up after the update, even while placing the new settings in game and outside game, so what is wrong with that all the time... in another pc i even downloaded the whole 50gb of files again, just to get all files in fresh, but even that have the same exact top hp bar issues, even after doing the check/repair... (the bar dissapears after every micropatch too, when there is no modpack seen by the game...)
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