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  1. well, i definitely felt some extra movement here and i even disabled the horizontal stab in the default game menu 19) plus the scout minimap just disappeared somewhere and Alt key did not show the health circles on the map anymore (it previously just hid all of the scout icons while pressing the Alt key, but now they were just gone from the start, plus it did not show the health circles either then...) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. well, i already have this "Horizontal stabilization in sniper mode" selected in the game settings, so i thought that i do not need that extra one anymore? and how can i fix the 16) minimap issue
  3. 18) - this probably started to work randomly again... 1) handbrake is still causing issues with non-stop movements to the last direction (sav m43) - so what is the purpose of this mod anyway, if you now even have to counter-act the buggy movement instead of just turning to the desired direction yourself? so its like twice as difficult to play with this
  4. 18) the green voice waves do not appear when pressing Q?
  5. 16) is it even possible to get a small minimap with the spg/scout icons and make it zoomable with the L.Ctrl button? previously i tried it with the first option in the list, but when that only had a big map in the corner, then tried the last zoomable minimap option, but that did not work either 17) the last minimap zoom option also downloads 104mb of HD minimap files, altho i only selected the Spg/scout map from there and unticked all HD minimap options...
  6. 16) well, probably remembered 1 more... even #4 only shows a big minimap in the bottom right corner, altho i just selected on the #4 pack that it should only make it bigger with L. Ctrl i do also have an extra Spg, scout minimap mod (6.3.4), but i think the actual zoom option only worked once, when i selected the map to be zoomed in in the middle of the screen instead of bottom right... and i think that i actually even played like 3-4 games without the extra Spg mod(after #04 pack update), but the minimap was still big the whole time...
  7. ok, but there is also some 2 other files in another folder: X:\xxx\World_of_Tanks_EU\res_mods\\objects atac1.dds atac2.dds and also in the .pyc folder: X:\xxx\World_of_Tanks_EU\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods mod_atac.xml which actually seems to be in some really weird polish-chinese language... which might also cause the issue in the first place?
  8. which file is it in res_mods? and now the #02 pack is also just closing the whole game after pressing the "connect" button... (after the new Wot update....) Aslains_WoT_Logs-crash1.zip
  9. ok, how can i remove that if i need to? also remembered 1 more: 15) country flags are not displayed at all (from #08 already)
  10. 11) if you uninstall this whole modPack*, it will completely remove the default tanks HP bar from the top (where it shows green vs red bars - and wont even return it after the integrity check) 14) it just did not load up the whole map again(1st game with a new tank) and i was only stuck at the loading screen the whole time (and had to relaunch the game to be able to play again) - also took these logs immediately after this bug: Aslains_WoT_Logs-no-map.zip
  11. ok thanks, hitlog was probably fixed with the deletion of the folder here: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm\hitLog but these are still current issues: 6) it does not show any tier numbers next to the health bar (i selected right side, 3-4 times) 7) does not return custom style to depot (altho it specifically says it also returns paint jobs etc) 8) there is no Html list of the installer options, so i can't Ctrl+F any of them 9) lots of options are repeated atleat 2 times(handbrake, chat colors etc), so it's a bit confusing which section you have to pick them from (and what happens if you pick them both, while they are not even at the same place, but rather scattered around over the whole huge list of options) 10) previews do not work for most of the options and some previews do not apply to the selected option (player names area usually) 11) if you uninstall the mod, it will completely remove the default tanks HP bar from the top (where it shows green vs red bars) 12) it deletes the old logs.zip file also after i run the installer again and choose "delete all previous mods/+logs"... 13) it would be very nice if there was a smaller mod pack without most of the sounds and skins, so that it would be a bit easier to choose stuff (except tank wrecks and detected alert sound)
  12. well, the #02 1) is rather annoying, so maybe someone can fix it? (i already did the integrity check also before reinstalling #02) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. 5) it deleted the old logs.zip file(which i also renamed to 111.zip) after i ran the installer again and chose "delete all previous mods".... 1) i also searched through all of the installer options again and figured out that it does not display the "Damage log by kszys" at all and it chose somekind of other hitlog from way down the list instead (and it still does not display the kszys one after "delete all mods") ( 2) i deleted the ragnastats.wtmod file and that seemed to remove the previous stats logger...)
  14. 1) so i updated to #02 from #01 and now i dont see the detailed damage taken hitlog anymore, and instead, there is a smaller hitlog over the damage given log in the bottom left corner... 2) can i delete some battle results loggers separately 1 by 1? because i probably don't need the ragnaXXX logger anymore, but it did not uninstall when i selected some other logger ( 3) the "shot of excellence" number might be the "clickable with a mouse" option, because i was able to drag the number on the left to some other place... ) 4) all of the other bugs from the previous topic are still there (except the handbrake issue perhaps): https://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/15062-modpack-v1613-08-and-09-both-had-same-bugs/
  15. ok, i searched all of the #02 options now during the update, and the "shot of excellence" is basically the number that is on the right side of the "Team HP / #4 Straight" bar. and the same number with it's logo is also stuck on the left side of the screen (in the middle)
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