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  1. 1) how do i remove the red and green circle version? 2) there is also an issue with the tank HP bar in the bottom - it stays over the ammo loading animation for 6 seconds and does not even change the ammo on the last second at all, so i basically waste 7-9 seconds of reload time every time i dont notice if i have changed the ammo in the beginning of the battle or not.... 3) can you make the "removed mod" like a blank file in the options/installation then, so that i would not lose any of my mods if they are temporarily removed during the micropatch updates, etc?
  2. now i have 2 sets of "spotted players bulbs", but i dont even know how did the 2nd set came on top of the 1st bulbs and how to get rid of the 2nd set then.... 1st set = yellow light bulbs, 2nd set = black and red(or green?) circles
  3. i added "announce C reload", but now it blocks the same exact message for 0.6 seconds lmaooo wtf ? and it now also says before that: " "ready" to fire: shells in the magazine: xx" etc... which is probably still faulty itself, because u obv cant be ready to fire if the autoloader magazine only has 1 shells out of 4 etc... so why does it even announce this bs....
  4. what is it even called and what section is it under? there was also some 'block shooting at wrecks' version without the chat text, but i cant find that one either and can you add some blank modpack files to the "removed" mods then, so that they would not get removed from my selections and when they are added back, the blank mod files will just be replaced with the working ones ?
  5. so i had my settings set up for a long time already, but now the repair ring with the Ctrl key is completely missing from the middle of the screen, so how do i get it back it has actually been so annoying that i cant even remember some of the other settings at all, so i'll just write them up here if i spot them again lol
  6. ok that came back, but there is an issue, where some of the score and spots are shown below the chat and then the chat wont work until u click the Up arrow that is hidden under the dmg score. and this bug has been going on for a while aleady
  7. the ctrl repair wheel from the middle of the screen dissapeared with #4 pack or earlier already? and now it takes much longer to even understand what to press and how to fix the modules and crews etc...
  8. dont have such folder anywhere
  9. 17.01 has now movable hitlog, but when i start to move the upper part(my hits), it jumps into completely random place and when i try to move it the 2nd time, it just dissappears somewhere offscreen or smth - so how do i reset the position so that i could move it atleast once into some random place...
  10. lmao... 6) now i have had an issue 2 times already, where i do not even see any opponent tanks, but i get spotted, i spot tanks and bullets are flying around everywhere and i get killed, own team tanks are visible etc.. never even seen such a huge bug before lol, so what can even cause this kind of stuff this log i even had to restart the pc, because nothing else even closed wot.exe, because i only got a black screen for every app after i pressed "exit" in wot Aslains_WoT_Logs2.zip
  11. 5) can someone also fix the reload notification system? it might be from the year 2000, but we already have autoloaders etc tanks which load each shell for 10-14 seconds etc, but the system says that "ready to fire!", while its still loading the last 3 shells etc, so it will give false information to other players that read it and dont know how many shells the tank should have
  12. ok, the 3) and 4) issue is still there - 4) simply does not show the green skill counter anymore, so there is no point posting a screenshot about something that is not there... (the 3rd issue i kinda solved with the separate .inf installer app...) 2) might be different gpu issue also a bit, because it was like brighter with the moon before, but now its just darker and the moon looks like a sun sometimes, or has just dissapeared somewhere on some maps... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. 1) ok, i probably figured out the issue then - the 16 pack probably came out after i installed a new hdd, so it just installed the modpack on c drive, not d, where i have the game folder... 2) not really sure how did it see all of my options and selections then, because i probably even checked couple of them like night sky etc... which actually might have its own issue, because the moon looks like a sun sometimes and the gamma is a bit weird and darker than before - and thats also why i wrote this issue in that previous thread... 3) and it also has an issue, where it doesnt actually read the options.inf file when i want to install a new pack with the older settings file (because some things get taken out sometimes) 4) the green crew skill counter does not work since dunno when already - only the 2nd white text version works
  14. latest 16 modpack has an issue, where i already installed it, but it says that i have 13 installed and 16 is available lol
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