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  1. 8) the new segmented/type tank bar at the top never even showed up after the update, even while placing the new settings in game and outside game, so what is wrong with that all the time... in another pc i even downloaded the whole 50gb of files again, just to get all files in fresh, but even that have the same exact top hp bar issues, even after doing the check/repair... (the bar dissapears after every micropatch too, when there is no modpack seen by the game...)
  2. 6) when a tank is destroyed, it now somehow gives the same exact sound for both teams(like a radio going static), but it was like a different sound for the enemy team before, so why has this changed suddenly... now it basically sounds like you are going to lose every battle, because all of the tanks 'lose the radio signal' now... 7) there was probably 1 more thing, but i can't even remember it atm...
  3. 4) probably came back with #17, but all of the other issues are still there... (i probably did not re-check the 3rd one tho) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip 5) apparently it did not even close the game client now, so here is logs with wot.exe closed... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. 1) i dont have any time to create a topic or logs, but the new 1.12 pack does not even count alive tanks properly - it always shows +1 tank for some team in totally random order and when the last one is also destroyed, it still shows that 1 tank is alive lol (in the top team HP bar) 2) it does not show the colorful team scores for Ranked Battles most of the times and only like once in 15-20 battles or smth... so i cant even tell what position gives you chevrons and what position loses a chevron etc... just because it doesnt show the overall score table with colorful arrows etc....
  5. 1.1 and 1.2 pack didn't show the new 15m circle on the minimap, so i had to re-select it every time again in the menus (and later just installed it via the modpack again...) and now its new 1.3 update...
  6. i have some weird blue icons next to some totally random players and i'm not even sure what it is, so how do i remove it (it looks like the green friends marker, but this one is like blue)
  7. so i have a question: can you add somekind of notification somewhere that says when would a full pack be available for download again, so that i would not have to go through the options list manually again to reselect the options that were removed from an initial comp pack... because when the source marks this note down, then the other ones don't have to keep track of what is going on with the pack again in the first place... - aka the most clear way to do this, would be to add a "Full pack recovered!" note in the corresponding pack's release notes like these here... https://aslain.com/i
  8. so i've tested 3 "different" gun sounds already, but they all sound exactly the same - somekind of ridiculous "thunder" and "realistic" "sounds", which just spews out completely ridiculous burp/fart sound, which doesn't even sound like a gun at all, lmao...
  9. i obviously would have not posted the issue here if i had already found it, lol but now i checked even more of them and it was probably the "Extras on player panels"->"Player panel Pro by Champi (altho even the Friends Marker was visible next to the thicccc Hp bars) the minimap markers are still really tiny tho and it still removed the main team Hp bar from the top when the modpack was not working after the fresh 10.1 update
  10. the Hp bars are still there in #03 and why were they even added in the first place when it only blocks all of the other useful information
  11. new #00 modpack added some really weird/colorful Hp bars behind every player, so how do i get rid of that? (i only had the Alt button option selected before and this one is covering all of the other Dmg log etc info also) and it also removed the "Crew Experience by Spoter" mod plus the minimap markers are also really tiny now...
  12. ok, and there is no engine sounds either?
  13. latest modpack installed, but game just keeps loading after coming back into the garage from the server Aslains_WoT_Logs-waffel1.zip
  14. 3+) it always messes up the view order of other players after my own tank has been shot - aka when i want to view/speactate other players in my team 1 mouse click sometimes makes 2-3 clicks or smth and sometimes none at all or smth and its a bit annoying to shuffle through all of the names if i dont even know how many clicks it makes.... this only happens when a modpack is active, so it's definitely and issue with the modpack itself - and this has been going on for a year atleast already... (i just didnt notice it before because i had the modpack installed most of the times)
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