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  1. Unfortunately no reaction or change. 😰
  2. I got the problem with pastebin.com since the last 2 or 3 updates. My Kaspersky says, that the file has lost his certificate, so the problem is caused by the company, publishing pastebin.com.
  3. After another download of Ver. #13 and a new installation, the game is running normally and the tank crews are visible again. 🙂
  4. OK, here they are python.log xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  5. Update Ver. #13 didn't solve the problem yet. It isn't possible to change crew-members or change anything on them. Rgds
  6. Hi Aslain, sorry to warm up this thread again, but when I install Your modpack, I observe still the wrong clantag. On WG's clan homepage (https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500022099/) You will see the green bullhead mounted on a red-white-red heraldic shield. The clantag loaded from Your EU tagpack shows only a red bullhead without a heraldic shield. I send You a correct version (.png) of the clantag and request You kindly to put it in the collection. Thank You
  7. In the newest version the problem seems to be fixed. Thynk you.
  8. That maybe, I will have a look in the setup program. The selection of some mods is not always easy because of the length and confusion of the setup options.
  9. Normally the modpack setup (ini?) remembers all chosen mods and settings. Now I found a (wanted or unwanted) exception, the "Safe Shot Oldskool" in the area "Safe Shot". This option I have to select each time I install a new Version of the modpack.
  10. Hi Developer, here are the requested screenshots. Unfortunately they are in german language, but I think you are experienced enough to find what you looking for. I also attached the only replay I could find with the described problem, but when I played the replay on my alt. PC without any mod installed, the milky blue screen is not visible. During the battle I was driving only according the minimap indication (therefore my driving looks rather drunk) and I fired just with the sniper screen. Regards 20201105_1529_japan-J16_ST_B1_33_fjord.zip
  11. Unfortunately I reinstalled #17 without "Night Sky" again, so the logs are overwritten, but I hope I can find replays.
  12. Hi Developer, several days I had no problem with that "milky blue screen" on some maps (Fjords, Abbey and Karelia). Now I got this problem again and I suspect, that the "Night Sky" is responsible for that. Since I removed that mod again, WoT is working normal. I wonder if ther is no other user of this mod who has the same problem. Rgds
  13. Very interesting, I observed a streamer today, who had it in use.
  14. Hi Aslain, I can't find the nightsky anymore, did you remove it? If not, please tell me the area where I can find it in the german language installer. Thanks and greets
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