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  1. MACDEN66

    New crosshairs on your list.

    ok merci. salut
  2. MACDEN66

    New crosshairs on your list.

  3. MACDEN66

    New crosshairs on your list.

    http://wotsite.net/pritsely/9670-zheltyj-pritsel-dlya-world-of-tanks-ot-andre-v.html./http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12339-pritsel-voin-ot-valukhova-dlya-world-of-tanks.html./http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12415-udobnyj-pritsel-ghost-dlya-world-of-tanks.html./http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12254-pritsel-bushmaster-ot-valuhov-dlya-world-of-tanks.html./http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12404-minimalisticheskij-pritsel-assassin-dlya-world-of-tanks.html./http://wotsite.net/pritsely/9363-novye-pritsely-snajperskij-svedenie.html. What do you think about it Aslain , can you have a look please.http://wotsite.net/lampochki-6-chuvstva/12008-ozvuchka-shestogo-chuvstva-iz-igry-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3.html./http://wotsite.net/lampochki-6-chuvstva/8971-mod-shestoe-chuvstvo-oko-saurona-dlya-wot-zvuki.html./ and this two light détection. Many thanks.
  4. MACDEN66

    Crosshair Wolfhound updated or not?

    ok ok it was just a question. But can you introduced a new crosshair of your choose please. Many thanks
  5. http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12253-pritsel-wolfhound-volkodav-dlya-wot.html Hello Aslain , have you updated the crosshair Wolfhound because is not the same on your mod. Thanks.
  6. MACDEN66

    new crosshair for the 9.20 wot

    I do like the list you have got. One crosshair i do like it is the busmaster ot valuhov blue. You can try. Anyway thanks for your info.
  7. Salut Buds, you tell me to try a nice crosshair but witch one, i haven't the link. Can you give it to me please. Many thanks.

  8. MACDEN66

    new crosshair for the 9.20 wot

    witch one? i haven't the link .
  9. Voici le lien. I Hope it will be good in your mod. I do like it. Many thanks.[0.9.20] Minimalistic Sight Blue-Light.
  10. MACDEN66

    eye of sauron

    Hello Aslain. i think it look good.Lampochka Oko Saurona.
  11. http://dlvr.it/PXcvBN ; I don't know if you can put this new crossshair in the game. i really like it. Many thanks.
  12. http://worldof-tanks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/kristalwot_0.9.19.0.rar Hi Aslain ,can you do your best to put this sight in the new pack if you can of course. Many thanks
  13. MACDEN66

    request for crosshair new light blue sight 9.17.1

    je sais que vous aller de votre mieux comme d'habitude. Merci encore
  14. MACDEN66

    request for crosshair new light blue sight 9.17.1

    http://worldof-tanks.com/new-light-blue-sight-for-world-of-tanks/ voila le lien pour Aslain.Merci
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