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  1. you can drag the stats box around in the garage with your mouse. big chance you dragged it somewhere you are not able to see it, if you drag it towards the battle button it will be gone. a reinstall of the modpack should reset the position. d:\games\world_of_tanks_eu\mods\configs\oldskool\marksInHangar.json is the file where the X/Y positions are saved for the MOE in hangar.
  2. so team mates can hear that sound during the game? i am using discord for Skirmish fights and whatever i do they can hear my sounds, 6 sense sounds, when i fire, they can hear it all. have to lower my overal sound to 3. even if i play a youtube video they can hear it. think that it is my headset causing the issue and never found a solution for it. (will wear this one out first before getting a different one) my team mates do not have this issue with their headsets.
  3. run the installer again and make sure to select this "without xvm". if you ever decide to install xvm, use the one just above
  4. could you attach the logs, that will allow us to load the exact same config you have installed. here it will show how to make/get them (mainly red text)
  5. could you attack logs, here it will show how to make/get them.
  6. just checked out the logs you posted, i installed the same config. contour is showing correctly for me on the enemy team i do have the eye instead of the regular bulb and for the autoaim i see this error in the python file IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: './res_mods/ so i expect most issues is related to permission issues, try to install the modpack with Admin rights and start the game with admin rights hope that will helps out, else let us know.
  7. excuse me for using English here. are you using UI scaling mod? and what is the resolution of your screen?
  8. some other people also report the same issue, probably xvm servers have issues (again).
  9. no idea why fps limit is not working for you, tested it earlier and 30 fps limit works for me. you could attach logs, maybe there is more info in that.
  10. could you add a screenshot? i played a few event games and 1 team mate complained he was completely blind. so probably more people have the same issue. edit found some news: #2 Constant fog/blur on player screen 1) Login to client 2) Go to "Settings" 3) Select "Battle Notifications" 4) Select "Map Border", if you see the error message - it's normal behaviour 5) Select any checkbox in "Border Type" group 6) Press OK and enjoy the "Mirny - Hope" http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/777133-mirny-hope-event-mechanics-and-gameplay/page__st__180__pid__18767415#entry18767415
  11. was the enemy still alive at the moment your tried to fire? if it was dead it is correct that is got blocked.
  12. yes the logs are correctly attached. i do not know a solution for it, could be the game itself or xvm server having issues (again)
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