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  1. apparently it is difficult to see colors for me thanks for the info, it will be fixed in the next release
  2. not sure, that must be in the same Json file. make sure you have a reserve file in case you mess up, 1 typo can lead to issues quickly. there is also Repairs by Protanki included in the modpack, that mod allow you to change order in the garage, sadly it is only in RU language.
  3. that is with the battle royale mode? (steel hunt) issue should be fixed in v1.10.1.3 #04 please attach logs so we can test it out. here shows how to do that. https://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/&tab=comments#comment-9
  4. that will be mods\configs\wgmods\mod_repair.json
  5. do not see any issues in the logs and not able to recreate issue, so this will be just a guess try without Region changer (Multiclient) [ GARAGE ] just above the [ SESSION STATISTICS ]
  6. Armor Inspector by Protanki [RU] is doing that, not sure if this is intended or not (to have easier access to it)
  7. it is battle hits causing the CTD, for me it happens randomly like 1 time of 30/40 times opening battle hits
  8. currently testing things out, i recreated the issue a couple times. no idea what it is caused by (yet), it is a combination of mods will take couple hours to find it out
  9. just played a few games in t26e4 with the same config. skins are working, it did not crashed the game for me
  10. it will not cause any crash/bugs, you can delete 1 of the mods if it is really bothering you. will be fixed in the next update.
  11. "it's a conflict PMOD + smart ammo, so remove one of them and it will be fixed. " next time please add logs, that will make searching for issues way easier
  12. recreated the issue today it is caused by the UI scale mod [ Various Mods ] (oldskool.scaling_1.0.8.wotmod) will forward the info to others.
  13. could be few things you need to login on the xvm site again and activate your account https://modxvm.com/ you have used the anonymizer function, xvm will not show any stats then, you have to disable anonymizer and wait for 12 hours (if i remember correctly)
  14. freeze after event should have been fixed since #07 release
  15. if you have issues with Adfly, you can always try the [direct] links and if that give problems there is always WGmods.net https://wgmods.net/46/ a while back, i was not even able to DL anything from adfly in my house, somehow it was fixed after a couple weeks. i always tried to DL with adfly, since i was not able to support aslains work in other forms
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