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  1. are you using the exact same config as on your other pc? if not you could use this to do that. missing tweaks, what is that exactly? are you missing parts of xvm or other mods? need more info and logs. it could be due to admin rights if you have the exact same config on both pc's
  2. moved the topic to correct section, was posted inside WOT.
  3. seems both mods where outdated, wonder why no one noticed/reported it before. will make sure they get updated next modpack release.
  4. could you attach logs? here it shows how to make/grab them. (mainly red text) it could be just the mod or a conflict, that will be easier to spot with the logs.
  5. could not find anything related to carousel causing it, are you sure the xvm locks where not on? would not be the first time i had that myself
  6. next time could you attach logs (will add link at the bottom on how to provide those) now it added a certain difficulty in trying to recreate the issue, will try a few things out.
  7. 60 fps limit is working for me could you provide logs if you still having this issue here it will show to to make/get them (mainly red text)
  8. will try to explain it, this version inside the WGcenter is "useless", all servers have a different version displayed there. i would even go as far to say it only adds to the confusion instead of helping. inside the game folder World_of_Tanks/mods (see folder number) or open the version.xml, that will display the real version the game is on currently easy step is just to install the modpack, it will show when it is not compatible with the WOT version. hope it made it a bit clearer
  9. the lag could be from a WG issue, depends if you are using AMD processor or not https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/hot-issues/34443/ for the second issue, i think you need to search it in the "custom mods" area since i could not recreate it edit: just recreated errors in python, need more testing
  10. thx for the help BTW, was not easy to find this bug after deleting Received Damage announcer i did not had any issues with selecting a tank after death wonder if safe mode also disables res_mods now and i did send you wrong info
  11. after i was dead i could not select a tank to get back, even a restart did not helped then it got stuck in loading screen when i removed received damage announcer i could load back into the game still need to test with all the other mods added back
  12. it is something inside res_mods, getting closer now try without Received Damage announcer
  13. same here, i just confirmed the issue now just deleting mods by sets will keep searching must be something you all are using
  14. merged 2 topics i just finished a game without any issues, xvm only this is just a wild guess try without tv.protanki.enemyannouncer_2.8.wotmod edit: try without Danger lights
  15. oh boy, not sure where to start, both python and xvm log are full of errors i will try to see if i can pinpoint a mod causing issues, but i cannot make a promise on that FL is not easy to test out and most mods are not working for events. you could try to play in safe mode, that will disable all mods inside the Mods folder, narrowing it down a lot.
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