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  1. that is a ingame feature now, search the options first page, right side
  2. if you attach logs we can search the cause out, here shows how to make them
  3. i see you have installed Overwolf, some people had simular issues, when they deleted Overwolf the issues where gone. if you keep having the issues, please make/attach new logs after you had the issue
  4. sorry for the English in here. i am not able to recreate the issue, can only see 1 error from xvm looks like a connection issue of some sort.
  5. after some testing i can confirm that NewMultiShow made by JohnTankPL is not working. will make sure Aslain gets this info, thx for the logs.
  6. you can use the session stats if you clean the cache files after events. about the crash, i really have no clue at this point, there are no errors or other obvious issues. you could try to delete Overwolf from WOT, at the start of this month there where some issues with that (game crashes) not sure if they have fixed that properly not able to find the post anymore. inside the Res_mods folder should be a file called "mod_ow.pyc" , try to delete that and see if that helps
  7. could you add the _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf that has xvm installed? seems you removed xvm and then made the logs, so i am not able to get the same xvm config. also for the other issue you posted (left a post behind there earlier)
  8. couple things xvm is missing in the _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf, it is showing that you where using it during the last crashes so i am not able to play/test with same xvm settings. on line 611/632 in your python file i see a certain error, right in between those errors you made a screenshot. 2021-02-23 07:14:01.698: ERROR: File "D:\Mods\World_of_Tanks\SessionStatistics\mod_stat.py", line 1167, in new_onBecomePlayer after searching what it could be caused by, i found some info about the session statistics you are using try during a re-install to clean the sessions
  9. during the install (window to select mods) if you press the "Show Descriptions" button it will show a discription and/or a preview picture this is for Danger lights
  10. did you attach logs somewhere in this post? without them i am not able to test/search it out, not that the chance that i find the cause is high.
  11. correct, that is a feature from xvm, must enable XMQP and have a active account, else it will not show at all.
  12. correct all other damage panels are working, probably the Shtys will be removed next version unless the maker fix it. just uninstall it for now until next release.
  13. did log in to check, my clan info is showing and my general chat is down last time it was not mod related and got fixed after a while, sometimes even a restart helps. to find out if it is mod related attach logs next time, in this link it explains how to do that especially the red text
  14. thanks for the logs, seems to be Damage Panel Shtys only causing it will search it out and make a note of it.
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