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  1. i do not have any issues loading into battle, must add i am not a wows player. however, i did see unselected the "remove all previous installed mods", could be the issue.
  2. also on WG page https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/hot-issues/35419/ sometimes i have the issue myself, like yesterday just before clan fights... it did take me 20 minutes to start the game, today no clan fights and no issue
  3. correction: was having a error this morning not sure why i forgot that.
  4. think it is removed by accident, will notify Aslain about this.
  5. koreanrandom hitzone is not updated for a while now, so all new tanks are not included and newer tanks are often the more popular ones. like czech heavy line, italian heavy, polish heavy etc those do not have any hitzones to show
  6. confirmed, hit marker is not working at all. will be removed unless someone can fix it.
  7. xvm has disabled OTM, so you will only see vanilla over target markers.
  8. indeed, no custom icons above the tanks, just default/vanilla now.
  9. you have to make adjustments in the game itself. xvm has no OTM anymore at the moment.
  10. you could try without xvm. i could not recreate the issue myself, but enough people have the same CTD so it must be something the community is all using or the game itself. Pmod is also a mod that is more used overall
  11. xvm team has disabled otm, so you will have to do small adjustments with the game options. normally xvm will disable the default game settings and apply their own config over it, now you will only have default settings to play with.
  12. confirmed, will be fixed somewhere down the line for now you can click next to skip it and thx for the info.
  13. confirmed, will be removed and hope fixed later on
  14. please attach logs here it will explain how to get/make them. (mainly red text)
  15. if you want to try out different settings while able to go back, make sure to copy the _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf somewhere. you can find that file here World_of_Tanks_\Aslain_Modpack\_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf with that and the loadinf you can load your old config, we always use it to load configs from other users during bug hunting.
  16. there are no clear indications in the python log that would explain this issue only error that is in the python is some conflict with MOE extended and/or RTAN v1 (protanki) (2022-08-27 17:14:15 time stamp) you could try to install RTAN v2 (gto) and see if the issues are gone.
  17. not sure, it looks like the size you mentioned is to small, mine is 20.7 MB you could try this, delete the Aslains_HDR_GoldPremiumTanks_TIM_1. then run the installer as admin and try to install it again.
  18. are the other mods you installed working fine? also please attach logs, here it will explain how to get/make them (mainly red text)
  19. it is adviced to play frontline without mods. however maybe i can find something if you could attach logs here it will explain how to get/make them (mainly red text)
  20. issue was caused by replaysmanager_3.6.2 this should be fixed in modpack release v1.17.1.3 #02
  21. so far the testing did not delivered any results. i can recreate it and got so far, not xvm alone not racjel mods alone not YK alone not yk + xvm not Garage Mastery alone did see same report on protanki and comparing 2 configs (yours and 1 from discord) i did see both are using last hit and efficiency from protanki so if you are still playing FL could you try without last hits once? edit: was not last hit issue
  22. i could not recreate it at all, so no clue at the moment.
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