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  1. Ah, I see, I think. Thank you very much. No glitch. I am a moron. To verify my understanding...I would need to raise my average combined to 1117 to get #2? And you typed 54%. Did you mean 68%?
  2. Can someone explain the numbers? Is the Mod glitching, are the numbers correct, am I just a complete moron? The attached jpg's are of one battle in my St. Emil: I have one mark of excellence and the Max. damage (presumably for the game in which I marked) of 3177. In garage, the Mod shows current at 67.29% [884], past the 65%:855, 85%:1117 and 95%:1480. I have no idea what the numbers for each % level are. They can't total of damage and assisted. The in-game report shows 68%:[7650], which according to the description, is the damage required to reach 68%. As my Max damage is 3177, 7650 makes no sense. Please help!
  3. My platoon-mates and clan-mates really do not like the "UP" reload sound, and I have found no way to lower its volume (confirmed by Aslain). Could we get a more obvious visual cue (more than the timer bar to the side) that you are reloaded, like a red circle flash (one second?) around the cross-hair or something? I tend to get tunnel-vision and it would help. Thanks for your consideration. Alternatively, how about a light fog of color when the gun is reloading, clear when able to shoot. That would be great.
  4. This sucker seems very out-of-date and does not work in new ModPacks. Has it been abandoned?
  5. Yep. SOMETIMES by closing the "unavailable" text, then going to your messages and clicking on the battle results brings it up. Also, another oddity: if I chose to display Premium Tanks by clicking the Premium Tank icon in the lower right, all NON-premium tanks display. If I chose to go the two-step process by clicking the tank icon to select nationality, type, etc. and select the Premium Tanks, I get Premium Tanks displayed. Weird, but manageable.
  6. It SEEMS that it fails if you try to open the results with a tank in battle. Any tank. Will try to keep track. UPDATE: Nope. I was wrong.
  7. anyone else randomly not getting vanilla client battle results? Fairly frequently, upon returning to the garage, the battle results "are not available." :-( UPDATE: I eliminated the modpack 2-tier carousel and went with the game's 2-tier. Still fails. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs 1.6.1.zip
  8. It shouldn't have been. Again, thanks for the help. $ sent via PayPal. I appreciate all you do for us.
  9. OMG. What an idiot I am. I read those settings many times and never really saw/made the connection. The again, I can never find the milk in a refrigerator holding 6 gallons of the stuff. Thanks!
  10. The class icons have previously worked in the past by selecting "Battle Observer/Team HP Bar Style/HP Bar Style: Normal" in your Modpack (and are shown in the second image above). I do not know what else to try. I still get team HP bars as shown in the first image above. Where do I "enable?" Thank you so much for your time and efforts. Help Mr. Wizard! I have narrowed down the issue a bit. The Icon classes in ANY of the "Team HP Pool" do not display. What am I missing?
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