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  1. Can you update the 2.5 load installer to detect exe detection? it only checks old name installation Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_*.exe


    Now its Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v*


    Maybe just detect if first name is Aslains_* then grab exe file from that.

  2. Hello if you play WoT , can you test this installer? ( Note: do not install it, it's empty ) TEST_INSTALLER
  3. Wow. Nice, thanks for the files.
  4. dostum bu son  yaptıgın çalışmıyor.

  5. Hello, for now i advise you to not use the current Translating Application.... i cannot update it anymore ! Since my Rad Studio license expired, i started to port this application to C# Language, if anyone got C# knowledge do not hesitate to contact me on Skype! ( id: beginbegin94 ) Best regards, BeGiN
  6. At the moment the app can load just the same version of cm file When I get home I will keep working on it I'm sorry for this issue... Regards BeGiN
  7. Yes, i'm working on that error , hope i will make it to work today :)
  8. The encoding should work now , mate. :) Thanks for your ideas , all were pretty good and helpful :) If you do have more , feel free to write them here, and i will try to implement them. Regards, BeGiN
  9. Cool :D For me the text files are shown as UTF-8 w/o BOM but i selected that encoding.. :D i have no idea how to see in n++ the real encoding of a text file....
  10. green = implemented red = not implemented Regards, BeGiN.
  11. Hi Lee, and welcome ! ^^ Yea , you could say that :D
  12. Nice idea , mate , will look into the ideas you provided :D Still i don't understand this , tho : " Also maybe add some padding to editboxes. " Can you define the "padding" ?:D Regards.
  13. Developed a new application that could help the future translators! Keep in mind that is the first version and expect some issues ( couldn't find any , until now :) ) Translating Application v1.3 - DOWNLOAD Changelog: v1.3 - Fixed some serious bugs regarding the "Reading access error"' - Showing "Incompatibility" Error if the Source file has less lines than the translation - Code improvements and small bugfixes v1.2 - Fixed encoding selector when saving a translation - Added progress bar when loading source file
  14. Have you tried to run the installer as admin? BeGiN.
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