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  1. Quaksen's post in Mod update & settings was marked as the answer   
    The update check might be faulty, you can just click no to getting it if you already have it.
    Yes, you'd have to go through installation again to change things in the modpack, with the game closed.
    The best is selecting to delete previous mods, otherwise if you unselect one, it wouldn't get removed, and you might end up with duplicates being there.
  2. Quaksen's post in mods was marked as the answer   
    Not sure why you'd need to print out the list.
    You can load the mods with LoadINF and the installer INF file, or you can use the .reg file too, to load the previous mod setup, if needed.
    If you need to print out your current mod setup, then open _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log and print it out, or just open it in something that lets you increase the font size?
    Or if you mean the entire mods list, and not just what you had selected, the "Components_List.txt" file
  3. Quaksen's post in Battle Hits Viewer was marked as the answer   
    You get one guess, as to which setting does that. 😛 
  4. Quaksen's post in General Chat was marked as the answer   
    Wargaming removed it in the patch the other day. It's not coming back.
  5. Quaksen's post in McAfee is quarantining the download?? was marked as the answer   
    Just downloaded it, the SHA-256 matches with Aslain's posted.
    The file is fine, McAfree is throwing a false positive fit over it for whatever reason 🙂
    VirusTotal shows:

  6. Quaksen's post in Reticle Pro Mod Not Working was marked as the answer   
    Bottom right of garage you should have the settings menu for one or more mods
  7. Quaksen's post in Network services are not active for this game client. was marked as the answer   
    You never used XVM before? Then you selected an XVM feature and now you have XVM installed.
    You don't need to activate it. Just won't see stats on players without it.
  8. Quaksen's post in Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.16.1.0 #00 was marked as the answer   
    Refresh page. It was fixed before you managed to post 😛 
  9. Quaksen's post in Mods preventing from using Hyperion and Teleport when playing BitzTrager was marked as the answer   
    Generally, you should always use Safe Mode when playing special events like the Waffentrager Event, to avoid issues like that, since most mods won't be made to work with it
  10. Quaksen's post in Add a Filter in the options was marked as the answer   
    Impossible in the current software used.
    You can go into Aslain's folder in your WoT folder.
    There you'll find "Components_List.txt"
    Open that - search away 🙂 
    Location matches modpack - so you can look at scroll bar on the right in both 🙂 
  11. Quaksen's post in Possible bug with mod pack was marked as the answer   
    Known and fixed in next modpack.
    It's XVM that's borked.
  12. Quaksen's post in XVM components get installed even if not selected - only 2 are selected was marked as the answer   
    If you pick one XVM option, you get all of XVM by default, that's just now it is.
    Either don't pick any XVM options at all - or go through and customize all the other options too. Some can be turned off if you look at the XVM options.
  13. Quaksen's post in search function? was marked as the answer   
    Search in components list txt file, its found in Aslains folder in your WoT folder
  14. Quaksen's post in Auto equipment return mod for on slaught was marked as the answer   
    You cant change equip in a battle, so not possible
    Fit things on all tanks youd like to use in Onslaught
  15. Quaksen's post in Looking for two mods was marked as the answer   
    1: Around halfway down the list, Colored Damage Stickers
    2: Not sure if that is a thing anymore? Someone else might know 🙂 
  16. Quaksen's post in Problem was marked as the answer   
    If you look in the image you posted. Game has updated. It's now.
    And the modpack is for
    Have some patience, modpack isn't updated yet. Like the big red banner says here on the site too 😛 
  17. Quaksen's post in Garage customization was marked as the answer   
    Removed until updated. But left in the list, just greyed out.
  18. Quaksen's post in Automatically return crew option box is missing? was marked as the answer   
    WoT+ update “broke” XVMs feature and they didnt fix it yet, as far as I know
  19. Quaksen's post in Error installing Aslain mods was marked as the answer   
    Ahhhh, that might explain it then 😄
    I guess you might have picked a new mod this time, and it finally threw up that error, since most other mods would install normally, apart from it maybe saying that client wasn't detected 😄
    Happy gaming - now with mods! 😉 hehe!
  20. Quaksen's post in how to saving my config to set up on a fresh computer was marked as the answer   
    Have a read here, it explains which file you need from your WoT folder, and the program you need to use on the new computer, with the file you saved.
  21. Quaksen's post in Equipment demounting mod was marked as the answer   
    Yes 🙂
  22. Quaksen's post in A mod to reset all crew skills / perks for the 1.20.1 release was marked as the answer   
    Mod is supposedly being worked on or already ready for release. 🙂 
  23. Quaksen's post in Side panels do not display ships stats was marked as the answer   
    Like the changelog mentions:
    - important info: the Side Panel mods, as well as combat mods that depend on the performance characteristics of ships (i.e. minimap AutoSpy or Battleframe, Info Panel Enemy, Lastomer etc.) will not return until the next version/patch of the game client due to the lack of necessary data.
    - re-added previously removed Side Panels and minimap mods - but be warned, their functionality is slightly limited. Please don't report problems with that mods.
  24. Quaksen's post in What Section in the ModPack has show last known position for tanks on the MiniMap? was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure the options are either:
    Using XVM minimap
    Enable Expanded Minimap in WoT's own settings menu
    Not sure what else 🙂 
    You can search within "components_list.txt" in Aslain's folder. But there's nothing for the word "known" for example.
  25. Quaksen's post in Garage - Missing Inventory was marked as the answer   
    Click that, in the special filter.
    Right click your tank.
    Remove it from reserve.
    (You hid the tank, at some point, by added it to reserve)
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