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  1. So i noticed last night 7 games where every worked. all colored, mini-map enlarged, wn8 chance, damage log. I played close to 30 matches and recall 5-7 of them the xvm worked, the rest were as if i was playing vanilla....some mods were working but not all. edit1: I am doing the appdata wiping and reinstalling v03 mod-pack right now. edit2: i am not playing this game with any AV except windows defender. Computer is wired in when i play and unplugged when i am not. but this isnt main discussion. I redid the appdata and redid the install and it still is appearing like the pictures i sent to you. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip edit3: weird how i am in game and the notification says aslains is up to date but the xvm says services inactive. i click link and go to xvm site and it show i have 10 days remaining. i only have one account and one login name, so i updated stats and activated services then closed the web page. edit4: here is the new zip after wiping appdata, reinstalling, activating services on xvm site and playing 5 games all with the same issues as before. going out for a few hours bbl and will log in to game and check. running ccleaner and defraggler.
  2. I am missing xvm coloring of names on panel, 3d icon is reversed, xvm win chance, and wn8-vs-wn8, damage log i do to enemy, map doesnt enlarge on l.ctrl...whole bunch of stuff. I reinstalled game fresh. installed modpack fresh v03. everything worked fine for that night. Came home from work next day and logged in and everything was messed up. i dont know what i did or didnt do. Aslains XVM.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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