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  1. I should have just ignored it- then I downloaded the wot mod cleaner like your tag line had in it- ran it and NOW it keeps staying my game is running but its not- Iv'e ctl-alt-del and ran task manager an its not running. Any ideas on that one?
  2. I tried it again with my virus protection off- still the same thing
  3. Aslain's ModPack Version Unknown available Download + Support
  4. I'm stuck like 3 versions back. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and still, when I log in, it's telling me to get the latest version Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. I've retried numerous times but this pop-up keeps appearing. Then if I just say Next- this immediately comes up. I've done a complete new install of WOT to see if it allowed me to install the mod pack but nothing helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Error 183- I do not have that directory in my game folders - Thanks. OK so I forgot Commodo was installed - so I uninstalled it. It's working now. Sorry for the bother
  6. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip I get the above screen when I log into WOT- The stats that I'm using post play seem to be working but no matter what changes I make- I still get this error. Also, For whatever reason, When I go into strongholds or advances- my gun does not load period- its there- but when the ammo loads up as ready to fire- that never happens. I have to close the battle then go in vanilla and it works. It's happened with the Type 5 Heavy, Amx50/100 and STRV S1 so far.
  7. sorry, I thought I did check everything I Needed to do- my bad
  8. After the last patch. I tried to buy a new 100% trained crew but it kept coming up that I didnt have enough gold and there was more than enough. Then this weekend I tried again to get paint for the tank- again, it said I didnt have gold. SO I filed a ticket with WOT. They said to remove the mod pack and I did and tried again and the gold was available. I've attached the log files to this bug. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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