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  1. Ok, I uninstalled the mod pack entirely through the uninstall function in Windows, and deleted any files that I saw with Aslain's mop pack name on them. I the reinstalled the current updated mod pack and I'm still getting several ships with no numbers on them, but if I'm reading the installation client correctly then I have certain ships with numbers on them that shouldn't have any numbers on them and ships without number that should have number on them. Just to give you an example, the installation client says for the US Navy Peace Time Hull Number Mod [Tier 6 - 10] Adds hull numbers to bows and sterns of ships Farragut, Mahan (both hulls A, B, and C) Sims, Benson, Fletcher, & Gearing. I don't have ships Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, or Gearing to see if those ships are working, but the numbers are working on Sims, Kidd, Benham, and Monaghan which are all premium ships. It is the same with the Japanese markings too, only working on certain premium ships as well. If you like I can take screen shots of all the ships that the numbers and markings are working on. I wold love to learn how these mods work and what to look at someday as I like trying to help fix things in general. I apologize in advance with the long reply, only trying to give you a clear picture of what ships are working and which ones are not. Thank you for your time in this matter.
  2. Hello [KA]sual, I love the mods and would definitely love for them to work correctly. I will try uninstalling the whole mod pack and starting fresh with a new mod pack installation to see if there might be a mod that is conflicting with your mod.
  3. I have a question regarding the skins from [KA]sual. Are the ship numbering suppose to be visible while in port or only during battles for the different nations? I was trying to ask this question in the forum chat, but with everything going on with the WOT updates I figured it got missed. I have added the logs to this report. I will get screen shots of the different ships I have that the installation window says the skins work for, but from what I have noticed, only the Royal Navy and the Swedish ship numbers seem to be working. I don't have all of the destroyers to see if all ships in each of the nations are having the issue or if it's just the ones I do have. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. ok, I was able to mess with the UI scale in-game under Graphics tab in settings again and get the compass to work again. The compass was there the whole time it just wasn't being displayed because every time I made my resolution better, it would reposition all of the mods to off-screen positions. I have a little bit of experience with moving or placing objects in certain spot of the screen so I was able to get everything positioned correction. Sorry for all the problems I've been giving you over this issue.
  5. I just realized that now my compass mod isn't working like you see in the two pictures I uploaded previously. I believe it's because of the high resolution I'm using it reposition's some of the mods that I'm using like the ship parameters tooltip, or the self info panel that I was able to get back on screen again. Like those mods they were just beneath the screen where I could move them back into view, so i had to mess with the scaling stuff to get the other mods to appear on the screen. Any suggestions on how to get the compass to appear back on my screen? Am I able to mess with the code to reposition the compass so it'll work with my resolution?
  6. I deleted the preferences file, but I was able to get the info panel to work again.
  7. So I started tinkering with the game and my GPU settings to readjust the display resolution, and I figured out that the info panel is still there it is just off screen due to the scaling from the display resolution. Each time I change the display resolution a different mod will disappear like the i. e. compass, or the self info panel, or ship parameters tooltip. I'm not sure what settings it should be set to in order to display all of the mods I have, but still give me a better resolution with my graphics card, or can I have the game rescaled to fit my display and still display all the mods I installed.
  8. Ok, I recently got a new Samsung Q80T TV and I use a HDMI to HDMI cable to connect the TV to my laptop computer. I adjusted the resolution to the 1920x1080 on the TV but the info panel mod still doesn't show up when I'm in a battle. Also my Movable ship parameters mod wouldn't work at the 1920X1080i resolutions. I adjusted the TV resolution back to 3840x2160 and the ship parameters works again. I'm not sure how to adjust the TV to FHD, and I deleted the file, but I don't see any change to the game, seeing as the self info panel still isn't working.
  9. Hello Aslain, Here are the logs and a couple screenshots from the installer and from a battle. I included the installer pic to show that I have it checked so it'll install or update that mod in particular, but then it's not showing up in my battles for some reason. Thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. OK, I've done the check and repair option on the game launcher, so we'll see if it helps at all.
  11. Wanted to see if there has been a fix for this issue. If I sell a ship outside of safe mode it leaves the remnants of the previous ship, but if I sell the previous ship in safe mode it doesn't do that. I love the mods so I don't want to use safe mode unless it won't mess with the mods I've installed.
  12. Installing the new modpack worked for me. But if you can get the Return Commander to ship mod back, It would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I sold a couple of the new European tech tree ships outside of safe mode and the ships didn't disappear like the pictures I submitted with the original bug report. I logged out and logged back in in safe mode and sold another European tech tree ships and they didn't show up like they did in the original bug report.
  14. no it has not been resolved yet, I just downloaded and installed the new update for the new patch and now it shows 0 XP required for the next ship, which is more than what it was doing before the new update.
  15. ok, no problem, was just letting you guys know so you could fix it.
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