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  1. From Lesta: "This may be due to the fact that in the patch there were changes in the source of ship parameters and now it contains only stock values."
  2. Detailed Damage Meter, Aslain's Version Checker, Session Stats and other PnF mods stopped working when 12.0 was released because of a game client bug. Lesta is working on it, they estimate it is going to be fixed in 12.3 or 12.4
  3. Post it on the forum https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/330-announcements-and-discussion/
  4. Hakabase's side panels in #08 work fine - for me at least
  5. It's because of a new bug in the game client. Lesta knows about it.
  6. OK. Here you go. I have tweaked the latest version of the mod, as installed by of Aslain's modpack. Replace ..res_mods\gui\unbound2\autospy\adjustable_markers\!as_ship_marker.unbound with the file I attached. The changes are not really trivial: 6 additions and 5 deletions. I have fully commented all my edits, just search for Capt_Oveur in the file. You will have to manually edit the file and set the 5 colors you wanted to be changed at the top of the file to colors that work for you. I have set all five (player's name; enemy ship name; ally ship name; HP and distance) to the color 'gold' (FFCC66). WG recommends using web safe colors, there are websites you can look up their hex values, for example here: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-chart/web-safe-color-chart/ I really hope this will work for you. Aslain will be able to tell you how to preserve it when you are reinstalling the modpack and probably even how to update the mod if it changes in the future. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Cheers! ...Capt_Oveur !as_ship_marker.unbound
  7. OK. I'll look into it. (Have you even tried v2? I helped Aslain to make some minor tweaks, that IMHO added up to a major improvement) Be warned, this will be tedious. AND you'll have to do it again and again for every modpack update. Note: I will try helping him because I feel his pain. The reason I started using mods was because of my bad eyesight: my inability to see what was happening, the resulting debilitating vision fatigue and the headaches. I installed every mod that made some elements bigger, brighter or more colorful or got rid of some purpose made distractions. And that's why I got into modding too: my mods are mostly QoL mods, trying to improve on the not-too-user-friendly UI. They won't help you sink more or win more. But they may save you tons of mouse clicks, let you avoid mistakes by showing you things in Port that could be seen only on many different screens in the standard UI and would enable you to play longer, or, play at all. All this is because unfortunately, Lesta is no better than a low-end studio making C-list horror flicks that rely too much on jump scares. Many features in the game, like typhoon, fire frame, flacks, splashes, screen shakes when taking damage etc. are simple artificial visual distractions that hit players with any kind of visual impairment disproportionately hard.
  8. That button would be pointless now because camos don't actually get mounted up until you take your ship to battle. There is an auto-purchase on/off button already. On top of that camos don't do anything anymore and they cost only credits.
  9. Added Remove Camouflage to Carousel Extended. It's not automatic, but it's only 1 click.
  10. This seems, I mean this sounds, like a unicum player's problem. 😜 I usually don't live to the end of my battles so I rarely hear this annoying piece. Seriousy, IIRC the 'music' after the battle is part of the battle sound effects and not the music files so the volume controls for music do not affect it. It should be possible to mod it, even though some recent Lesta changes made Port sound mods impossible.
  11. Some history: Carousel Filter is a copy of an earlier version of the Carousel Filter bar from Carousel Extended, further modified by Ollin. He was kind enough to maintain Carousel Extended for a period of time while I was away from modding. Then he developed his Ship Management mod and dropped Carousel Extended. When I resumed modding I resurrected Carousel Extended and my other mods that were not taken over by other modders. I did not update Carousel Extended for the release that introduced eco-boosts and skin-only camos and dropped non-combat signals. I thought it was not needed anymore because of these changes in the client, just like mods Demount All, Stingy/Scrooge, signal profiles, camo management, etc. became obsolete. I was wrong. Having gotten some experience with the new features I could see where the pain points were and so I updated Carousel Extended for to work with eco boosts and also added some new features.
  12. While you wait try Carousel Extended! Comes with a scrollable carousel filter
  13. Better late than never! I didn't get around to add armament when planned. However, it was added in v.11.8.0 #06 (13-09-2022) of the modpack.
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