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  1. Workaround (till Aslain gets the chance to fix it) First make sure your game client is not running. Then install all your mods with Aslain's mod pack installer v9.0.0 #01 Then open the file markup.xml in the C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\gui\unbound folder with a text editor. (e.g. Notepad or Notepad++) Find the line <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUD'; {}"/> , and comment it out by putting <!-- in front of it and putting --> after it The next line is <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUDSpectator'; {}"/> , comment out that one too. Should look like this: <!-- <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUD'; {}"/> --> <!-- <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUDSpectator'; {}"/> --> Save markup.xml. (Make sure it is saved with the .xml extension, and not with .txt or something else) Enjoy! Note: If you re-run the installer, you have to edit the markup.xml file again.
  2. Yes, there is. Mods modify the game client. WG is releasing new and new versions of the game client and every new release brings changes, additions and deletions. If something changes in the client that a mod relied on to work, the mod will not work anymore. In most cases the modders will update the broken mods: it may be quick and easy, or it may be difficult, requiring some time, and sometimes it's not even possible. After a new major release the modders, who are hobbyists, will need some time to fix all what the new release has broken.
  3. Let me tell you how this mod came about and why I think the WoWS team is much nicer than the WoT team, even though they are part of the same company. Aslain told me a lot of his WoWS users were asking him to get the 'Gold lock' mod from WoT to WoWS. I looked into it and found it was not really necessary: compared to WoT, what WoWS was doing was really benign. (If WoT is doing something like robbery then WoWS is like a small-time pickpocket) There was no need for heavy handed measures like locking your doubloon account. All I needed to do is to change some defaults the game client was setting (that's why the name of the mod is Stingy by Default) and make sure when you can choose between using doubloons or credits, your options are displayed at the same time instead of separately, and it was done. While some users were assuming this mod would get banned it was approved by the WoWS team in a day. Aslain added it right away and it was included even in ModStation not much later.
  4. Both Gun calibers in inches and Carousel extended are fixed
  5. Fixed it, Aslain will put it in new release. There was a spelling mistake in the name of an object in the client xml files for a long time. No biggie, I found typos in other files too. For some reason the developer corrected it in <block className="SelectModarnizationActionInfotip"> <block className="SelectModernizationActionInfotip">
  6. Where did you read all that? When did I blame you? Why would you say I think I'm better than anyone else? What kind of label are you talking about? How am I harassing people when I'm trying to help? Who would flip? And why? What kind of authorities would be alerted and for what? Hinting at swatting will get you banned from any and all online forums. I never called you a liar. Quite the opposite, I said you came with a real problem. I even offered to help you. I also tried to explain to you why your issue is not modpack related: out of thousands of users you were the only one with this specific problem. A modpack will not cause lock up on one PC only out of thousands it's running on, that is not possible. Nobody can help you if the way you report your problem is not specific enough. I sent you the link to the page with information and step-by-step instructions how to report an issue, you have not done it.
  7. You used some old files? You are like Dr Frankenstein: you have created a monster from some dead parts and brought it back to life! Kill that thing and do a clean reinstall.
  8. Permanent Karmaflage mod by Capt_Oveur The mod displays '666' instead of the player's karma and hides the 'You were reported...' and 'You were complimented...' messages. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/1k5xc9xntyzwx/Permanent_Karmaflage
  9. You don't have to install Game Center, the old launcher still works: Europe http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/eu/files/ilcClx1YzB/WoWS_internet_install_eu.exe NA http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/na/files/MDcyICBcdT/WoWS_internet_install_na.exe
  10. You can install WoWS with the old launcher. It still works: Europe http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/eu/files/ilcClx1YzB/WoWS_internet_install_eu.exe NA http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/na/files/MDcyICBcdT/WoWS_internet_install_na.exe
  11. I don't think that's the case. Compass and the other anime modders are the friendliest bunch I ever met on the web. Sign up for Discord, it's easy and many other groups use it. Please consider: tens of thousands of players use Aslain's modpack. Every individual mod have thousands of users. And then someone like you comes with a problem. A real problem. However, if it had anything to do with the mods or the modpack there would be a lot of complaints about the very same issue from a lot of users. In your case, you are the only one! There's a zero % chance the anime mod has anything to do with your problem. If you post the Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip file, or PM it to me, I will try to help you. Follow these instructions to generate it:
  12. Hi! The anime skins from Compass Rose are in the modpack. I also like SwedishFox: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/88656-all-swedishfox-animeart-skins/ Cheers!
  13. 'Crew perks in battle' by BADoBEST does not show. The name of the 'Kraken' icon was changed in from 'talent_icon_warrior.png' to 'talent_icon_PJW018_WARRIOR.png'. Needs a quick update
  14. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/197703-086x-quick-demount-signals/
  15. You may want to start using 'Gun calibers in millimeters and inches'
  16. I assume you use your NVIDIA card for both video and sound. Do you? Does your motherboard have embedded video and sound? Are you using them? (e.g for a second monitor?) If not did you disable them in BIOS?
  17. What's the unhandled exception you get? Tried with in game music turned off? (I know, sounds weird...)
  18. Quick access to signals shows incorrect number of mounted signals
  19. I'll take a look. No promises though. This was asked for for so long: https://amp.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/7nj3ph/suggestion_for_signal_flags_remove_all_button_and/ The search term was so popular on Reddit it was turned into a link hijack joke: I'm a bit reluctant because this may be a big task to accomplish within the confines WG puts on mods while they could do it really simply and easily - if they wanted to.
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