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  1. Szia Nagymacs, Hogy ityeg a fityeg? Try Hakabase's panels. They were an extension of BADoBEST's, you can tweak it so it looks almost the same. I'm helping Haka maintain it by updating hydro and radar ranges and he did update his mod to show div tags correctly. Üdv!
  2. Yup, you are right! What a glaring oversight. 😜 I'll add it to Carousel Extended when comes out. No point in making changes before WG splits in-battle benefits from camos, retires all economic and special signals and shares how they decided to represent the benefits, the purely cosmetic camos and the remaining signals in the client. AND let me ask all of you to think of ways we could show our appreciation for the countless hours of hard work from two distinguished modders, who made tools that enabled the players to navigate the unmitigated camo mess WG finally decided to sort out. Message them to show your gratitude. Their mods, that they spent a considerable portion of their allotted life time on Earth creating and maintaining, will be dead. Gone. Forgotten. They will get no thanks, no acknowledgement, no nothing from WG. So they should get those from us: Captain Crooked - Camoufage Manager Max Smirnov - mxCamo Thank you!! 👏
  3. In your preferences.xml file find the two <IPS> NNN.0000 </IPS> lines. One somewhere under <IMPositionX> and the other one under <IMPositionY>. Delete those two lines and save your preferences.xml. The mod will re-add them next time you start your game client but with the default values of 380 and -250. That should be on your screen. If it is, you can drag it to the location you want for it. If it's not on your screen try changing the two values manually.
  4. Aslain will fix it in no time. If you are impatient, edit the mod file: "..\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\5450485\res_mods\gui\unbound2\autospy\adv_header_shiplist\!as_adv_header_shiplist.unbound" Note: Use the folder of the latest build, that has the biggest build number. As of now for me it's 5450485 Change the HEADER_TEAMS_DISTANCE constant from 100 to 160. It's at the beginning of the file. Should look like this: (def constant HEADER_TEAMS_DISTANCE 160) Note: 160 will work when there are three caps, like on your screenshot. For four caps you will need a bit bigger number. Make sure your editor does not change the file extension to .txt when you save the file, it must stay .unbound That's it.
  5. Maybe this mod works only with less than 6 CVs in a battle. 😉
  6. WTF is wrong with you? Do you suffer from oppositional defiant disorder? No one can 'make you do things' ? Not even when they are definitely good for you, like broccoli? You must have made your Mom really desperate. Aslain's Version Checker has two parts. Both of them are useful to all players. One is a link button, that will open Aslain's own download page, not inside the game, but in your own browser. Many players worldwide get their Aslain modpacks from fan pages or random mirror sites. Some are malicious. Taking all users to the unadulturated source is a good thing. The other one is Aslain's clickable logo. It opens an info window that shows you the release notes for the latest modpack. Empowering you, by giving you up to date info, so YOU can decide if you want to download the latest modpack or not. What do you have against it, if you in fact are using Aslain's modpack? It is auto-opened ONCE, when a new modpack is released. Won't bother you after that. Before you object, let me explain why this notification is also a good thing. Whenever a new game client is released, some mods survive and need no tweaking. Some do need a little tweaking. Some need major surgeries. And some are killed, as alas, they got broken beyond any help. What it means, is that the mods that make up the modpack will not get updated at the same time. The updates for some will take no time at all, some will follow the client update by a few days, some by a week or more, and some will never show. The release notes for the modpack will tell the players all this, which mods have already been updated and which were not yet. Having read the release notes, the players will be able to make informed decisions whether to download and install the latest modpack release or not. By now you may suspect that it's too good to be true, and there MUST be some benefits from this mod accruing to Aslain. I have to admit, you are on to something. Aslain, not like me, is way too nice to tell anyone to F Off, and will patiently answer the same bloody question from dozens of players again and again, even though the answer my friend, was blowing in the last release notes. (Latest example: Damage meter cannot be moved anymore! Rings a bell?) His very modest hope is that more players will actually read the release notes. His expectations are low, and I sympathize. Having supplied our community with safe mods for years, he still gets urgent messages from users whose stupid anti-virus app incorrectly flags the modpack as infected. Even worse, and just as baseless, are the accusations he gets from time to time, mostly made by seasoned cheaters who got caught and banned, about illegal mods in his modpack, of which there are none. He, and his many satisfied users, facing stiff competition by the corporate sponsored ModStation, can use all the help they can get, so I decided to help them a little with this mod. Both of these visual objects, and what I mean are Aslain's icon and the link button, are small, discreet and unobtrusive. They are located at the bottom of your screen, at its very edge, in dead space, that's not used for anything else, taking up no room from anything useful, barely inside the range of your peripheral vision. What else can you ask for? A foot massage? Seems the tone of your question may deserve some punishment. ModStation maybe?
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about this bug. I found it, it was a rookie mistake. 🥺 Sorry. Fixed it, it will be corrected in the next modpack. Thank you again.
  8. For years WG has repeatedly promised modders that they will allow mods to save data to a local file or even files. There is a way already: PnF mods may save some data in .json files but the only place unbound mods, like AutoSpy's minimap, may store their defaults and configs is in preferences.xml. WoWS was no doubt working on this before it got delayed or canceled, as a new file popped up in the client some time ago, called mods_preferences.xml, but it is empty and cannot be used yet.
  9. 🤣 Because they volunteered us to be lab rats! 🐀They are experimenting on us! 💉 (I don't mind if it works) The mod skips the following videos: ./gui/video/animations/account_leveling_explosion.usm ./gui/video/animations/account_leveling_smoke.usm ./gui/video/animations/sparks.usm ./gui/video/animations/selected_battle_type.usm ./gui/video/animations/almanac_reward_bg_fx.usm ./gui/video/animations/almanac_reward_collect_fx.usm either because of a bug in the player or just to ease the load on the system
  10. So have you played a few in Safe mode? Any crashes? If yes, tried with lower graphics settings? All your drivers are up-to-date? The Ctrl button crash was indeed caused by the Reload Timer mod, but it's been fixed. The Armory, News, etc. crash is not new but there's a workaround: uncheck Game browser hardware acceleration. (I have it checked still no crashes) Did you do a C&R? FWIW I've seen players reporting that a FULL uninstall+CCleaner+reinstall fixed their issues. WG had a page saying they are aware of the client crashing more frequently BUT that page has disappeared. I hope they don't think all crashes were due to Reload Timer and haven't stopped investigating. If Safe mode is OK for you but you have problems with mods, send in logs. Cheers!
  11. Of course that's the 'advice' you gonna get. It does not mean the problem is caused by a mod. Neither WG nor a Modder can tell you "Disable the client" because the client can run without mods but mods cannot run without the client. So it's the exact same advice from the Modders too. It's the first step in determining where the bug is. WG will take action if the problem can be replicated without any mods (there are exceptions, see below) If the problem can be replicated only with one particular mod installed (there are exceptions, see below) if it's a minor issue the mod is labeled with a warning if it's a major issue the mod is removed from the modpack the Modder will try to fix the mod Example for a WG exception: the recent bug causing Score Timer to show up at the wrong spot will not be present without mods (duh) nevertheless it is a bug in the client, actually in the ModAPI, the code WG wrote to be used by certain mods to access the client. WG is working on it. Example for a Modder exception: two mods may work fine on their own but may clash and cause problems when installed at the same time. The Modders may be able to solve it, if not, then Uncle Aslain will send the two mods that refuse to play nice together into their separate corners and won't allow them to play together ever again. So he deserves the 🍻 you promised him!
  12. Hi, That is by design. The mod deletes them from the auto-pop-up after battle messages only, so they won't be rubbed into your face, but if you want to see them for any reason you can find them under the 'NOTIFICATIONS' tab.
  13. It's easy to move it to the left and/or up. In !AS_main_hud.unbound find the RibbonsAppearContainer element: (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = "S")) ) Add a marginRight value to its style: (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = "S") (marginRight = 1000)) ) Play around with the marginBottom and marginRight values. You can use numbers (with no quotation marks) or you can keep using the 🩲 size indicators (with quotation marks) as they are defined in constants.unbound: (def constant XXS 2px) (def constant XS 4px) (def constant S 8px) (def constant SXS 12px) (def constant M 16px) (def constant MS 24px) (def constant L 32px) (def constant LS 40px) (def constant LM 48px) (def constant XL 64px) (def constant XLM 98px) (def constant XXL 128px) (def constant XXLXL 192px) (def constant XXXL 256px) To move it down you have to enter a negative marginBottom value. (I used -250 in the example below.) Depending on how far you want to move it (more or less than ~80 pixels) you may also have to change the other marginBottom value, right above this one, otherwise the kill announcements will move up. Enter a negative marginBottom value that's about 80 pixels smaller (I used -170): (style (align = "right") (marginRight = "MS") (marginBottom = -170) ) (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = -250) (marginRight = 1000)) ) Good luck! (Pls lemme know if it worked for you)
  14. If your anti-virus app flagged, quarantined or deleted the .exe file of Aslain's modpack, because it thinks it is infected with a virus, please follow the steps below to double check the file BEFORE you report it here or somewhere else. You will see it's a false positive. You, like most players, are probably using only one AV app and that may make a mistake, however VirusTotal will verify the file with many AV engines: it used 62 AV engines the last time I submitted a file. So before you inadvertently start a panic by posting a well intentioned but incorrect virus warning about Aslain's modpack and make yourself look like a fool, please follow these steps: Go to the VirusTotal website, upload the file and wait for the results of the scan. Compare the SHA-256 hash value VirusTotal computed with the one Aslain published. If they are not the same, then the modpack you have downloaded is either damaged, corrupted or adulterated, it's not the original file Aslain published. Download the file again from HERE. If the hashes match, then check the results table: There should be no virus detection by any of the AV engines. (Alright, you have gone to VirusTotal and uploaded the file because your AV flagged it, so if it's one of the engines VirusTotal uses it may still flag it as virus detected, but don't be surprised if it does not anymore: the AV company may have cleared the file on their own, or someone already reported the false positive to them.) If one or two AV engines detected a virus in the file while the rest did not, it's really-really high probability that the few were wrong (to think it's infected) and the many were right (that it's clean). If still in doubt, submit the file to your AV app provider. I did it once, and told Bitdefender they are mistakenly flagging Aslain's modpack as infected. They acknowledged it and corrected it on all their customers' PCs worldwide in a few hours. If most or all of the AV engines on VirusTotal flag it as infected, and your AV provider comes back to you and says the file is indeed infected, by all means, go ahead quick and make that post, sound the fire alarm, ping Aslain, ring the church bells, you'll be helping many players!!! p.s. For our convenience, Aslain publishes his modpack as an executable. It's a self extracting compressed file that gets very busy when you double click it: it will create a lot of directories, (some of them temporary), it will also populate them with a lot of files, (some of them also temporary) and some of those files are batch files and some are scripts. Many years ago, this was one of the ways viruses found their way onto your PC. Not anymore, viruses got much more sophisticated, yet AV apps still look at self-extracting executables, that install things, with suspicion. That's kinda justifiable. What's much less justifiable is the use of heuristics and 'reputation' scores some AV engines and even some browsers do in hopes of ID-ing malicious websites and catching malware based on zero day exploits. These are about as useful as kicking the tires on the used car you are thinking of buying, making you feel good while giving no info whatsoever, but they are prone to false positives and are a bit shady as one can buy a way around them. Reputation can be bought by paying one of the major vendors to get your file or site 'certified'. If you don't enroll, reputation can be built up over time. (like buying premium vs. grinding.) Aslain has no money or time to get his modpack certified. The modpack is updated frequently and every new version starts from scratch in building up it's reputation, so they seldom get there. For us, it's about some slightly useful, entertaining or good looking mods for an obscure shooty-boat game. For Aslain, it's his livelihood. He'll do everything he can to keep his modpack clean. And he is quite good. Cheers!
  15. I have been trying to rewrite this mod. It's been a struggle because some variables needed for the calculations to predict the outcome of the battle are not in dataHub, i.e. not readily available in the client. I have found workarounds, so I think I could finish the mod, however yesterday WG told me another modder has done it using the new ModsAPI_v2.0. (Those type of mods are allowed to import game client modules and use non-obfustated objects, game engine methods and Python modules/libraries used by the client. However, those mods are released together with the client, they cannot be tweaked, they are controlled releases and include the modder's digital key, and they are valid for 30 days.) So, do I finish it?
  16. The author of the mod stopped modding a long time ago. AFAIK he was contacted but can't update the mod. I took a look at it, there's nothing wrong with the code of the mod but some variables don't get updated because of changes in the client. I could not fix it so I'm rewriting it. I can't work on it for the next few days (it's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada) I'll pick it up again next week. The ETA is sometime next week IF I can do it at all. Cheers!
  17. I sometimes wondered how southpaws play this game. This is one nice hack! 👍
  18. Well, if you want to mod side panels, you'd better use a modded one. Try Hakabase's for example. You can change it's position in its settings and as a bonus, it will show you radar and hydro ranges.
  19. Side panels by Hakabase and some other mods
  20. Who would've thought? It's now an approved WoWS mod: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/152690-allkapitein-goldmember-picture-only/
  21. WG has not fixed this API bug in 0.10.7, now they are saying it will be fixed in 0.10.8.
  22. There is one more thing you may try, but I dunno if it's gonna work because I don't have a 4K display ☹️ Solution #5?: Use different UI scales for the different resolutions: keep your TV at 4K, but in Settings increase the UI scale to max. Arrange your mods and see if they show up on your HD laptop screen with the UI scale set at minimum.
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