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Info panel issue

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Good afternoon,

  I am sending you this email because I seem to be having an issue seeing the Info Panel self Mod  on the screen when I'm playing in battles. I don't know if the mod is just so far off screen based on the fact that I use a higher definition TV screen to play on. I have included the logs with this email. Please let me know how to fix it or if you need more information, I'll do what I can to help. 


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ok, I understand how some of this works, but I am not very good at doing coding work and sometimes wish I could get someone to teach me how mods like this and others work because I would help update stuff like this in my spare time if the original person quit or whatever, but I am unable to find anyone to teach me how to do mods like this. I have included a SS of my settings tab in-game. 

Screenshot (436).png

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In your preferences.xml file find the two <IPS> NNN.0000 </IPS> lines. One somewhere under <IMPositionX> and the other one under <IMPositionY>.

Delete those two lines and save your preferences.xml. The mod will re-add them next time you start your game client but with the default values of 380 and -250.

That should be on your screen. If it is, you can drag it to the location you want for it. If it's not on your screen try changing the two values manually.446705441_Screenshot(231).thumb.png.cc062d5bdad1d5689c822ec9482bad60.png

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