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  1. Maverick308

    9.12 Can't hear when I'm being hit

    Anyone else still having issues with the sounds?
  2. Maverick308

    Reload times shows 0s

    When pressing "C" to tell teammates I'm reloading, the chat message shows up Reloading 0s. So far this has happened in all the tanks I have ran. see attachment for image, or open spoiler _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  3. Maverick308

    Artillery Zoom

    Is it just me, or can we not zoom in as far as we used to when in arty mode?
  4. Maverick308

    Enemy armor calc issue

    I put the missing fonts in my fonts folder, and it is working! Thank you guys!
  5. Maverick308

    Enemy armor calc issue

    I grabbed the file from a buddy. He is having the same issue. The only difference between his mod and mine is he uses the tank wagon dlc. _Aslains_Installer_Options.zip
  6. Maverick308

    Enemy armor calc issue

    When I installed the most recent update, it didn't leave that file in my folder.
  7. Maverick308

    Enemy armor calc issue

    After updating to 3.7.9 and up, when I put my crosshair on the enemy tank in different spots it should show my possible pen / the thickness of their armor (green, yellow, or red). The numbers are showing up as blocks. Enemy_Armor_Calc_Issue.zip

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