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  1. hello is the update that post will work for game because the game was updated today
  2. hello is the update for na world of warships mod id out
  3. the game was updated today
  4. hello aslain the new update is not working for me for some reason it does not show all the ships in tech trees
  5. hello aslain the update will not download , I get an error message unable find website
  6. ok thanks for answering my question
  7. Hello Aslain the seeker ship tree that shows all the ships along with the arp ships is not working and I have looked for it in this new update it is not there.
  8. where do I find them at
  9. hello Aslain in my game it does show the tech tree extra ships not at all , I have removed the mod thing 6 times ad reinstalled now 9 time still not tech tree extra ships and it does not show these tabs in my when I install it
  10. hello this now not working and I tried re-install and still not working for some reason